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Indie Spotlight

The latest edition of the Indie Spotlight contains all of the recent independent horror news sent our way. In this feature, we have a look at a Behind the Mask Leslie Vernon action figure, details on an upcoming screening of Teller’s Play Dead, multiple trailers, and more:

Behind the Mask’s Leslie Vernon Action Figure: “This Rhode Island based toy company has their first line of licensed product out that will surely be a surprise to quite a few horror fans out there. Based on the character from the 2006 movie “Behind the Mask, The Rise of Leslie Vernon”. They have just released their 7” action figure and limited edition reproductions of the mask & scythe props from the movie.

It’s one of the best horror movies in the last 10 years and we’re very excited to have this as our first license says president Neal DeConte who started the company
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Kevin Durand to Play John Mark Byers in Devil’s Knot

For anyone who has followed the story of the West Memphis Three over the past two decades or watched any of the Paradise Lost documentaries, it has been very interesting to see a narrative film based on the events slowly starting to take shape. Canadian director Atom Egoyan will be the first to tackle the subject as a feature, calling the story "a piece of American mythology." His film The Devil's Knot is still currently in the process of filling out the sizable cast, mixing A-list actors like Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon with unknowns like drama student James Hamrick, who landed the role of Damien Echols. Now this week they have found one of the other key pieces of the puzzle in casting John Mark Byers, father of one of the murdered boys and a one-time suspect in the murder. According to Variety, Canadian actor Kevin Durand will play Mark Byers,
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Interview: A Moment with ‘West of Memphis’ Subject John Mark Byers

I interview a lot of people — it’s part and parcel to the job of entertainment journalism. It’s not generally my favorite thing, as I’m almost always more interested in writing about my film experience and discussing said experience with the screenwriters, whom I rarely find myself in a room with. More often than not I’m visiting an actor who has spent the better part of the day repeating themselves and building up a frothy disdain for the questions I’m trying to avoid, but eventually going to have to ask. There has been very little, if any, gravity to my interview experience. They’re mostly non-events. …until last week. I had no expectation that I would be sitting across from the step-father of a brutally murdered child when I arrived in Santa Barbara on the twenty sixth. To be honest I could think of few things I’d want less, and
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Five: Documentary recommendations

Jay Cheel of The Documentary Blog gives us his top five documentary recommendations.

1. Salesman (1969) – Directors: David Maysles, Albert Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin

The Maysles Brothers are considered by many to be pioneers in the Cinema Verite movement, or as they prefer to say…their own ’Direct Cinema’ style. Saleman is a prime example of their knack at remaining almost completely un-intrusive while still capturing beautiful images and honest moments. The film follows a small group of Boston bible salesman as they try to meet their quotas by any means necessary. When the main subject, Paul ‘The Badger’ Brennan starts to lose his touch, he struggles to remain on top of his sales while sharing stories on the road with his salesmen buddies.

Also check out: John LandisSlasher. A documentary about a rambunctious used car salesmen.

2. Grizzly Man (2005) - Director: Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog’s ‘Grizzly Man’ compiles recorded video of
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