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  • (1950) Stage: Wrote (earliest Broadway credit; w/'Jo Swerling' (q)) "Guys and Dolls", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music / lyrics by Frank Loesser. Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. Musical Director: Irving Actman. Music arranged by George Bassman and Ted Royal. Vocal arrangements / vocal direction by Herbert Greene. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Assistant Designer to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey and Trew Hocker. Dances / Musical Numbers Staged by Michael Kidd. Directed by George S. Kaufman. 46th Street Theatre: 24 Nov 1950-26 Nov 1953 (1200). Cast: Robert Alda (as "Sky Masterson"; Broadway debut), Isabel Bigley, Vivian Blaine (as "Miss Adelaide"), Sam Levene (as "Nathan Detroit"), Pat Rooney (as "Arvide Abernathy"), Wana Allison, Forrest Bonshire, Douglas Deane, Geraldine Delaney, Charles Drake, Barbara Ferguson, Tony Gardell, Peter Gennaro, Bern Hoffman, Lee Joyce, Stubby Kaye (as "Nicely-Nicely Johnson"; Broadway debut), Beverly Lawrence, Marcia Maier, Christine Matsios, Paul Migan, Joe Milan, Carl Nicholas, Margery Oldroyd, Mission Band, Netta Packer, Tom Pedi (as "Harry the Horse"), Eddie Phillips, B.S. Pully, Paul Reed, Harry Lee Rogers, Don Russell, Hal Saunders, Bud Schwab, Johnny Silver, Earle Styres, Beverly Tassoni, Merritt Thompson, Ruth Vernon, Onna White (as "Dancer"). Produced by Feuer & Martin. NOTES: (1) On hiatus during much of the summer of 1953. (2) Winner of five 1951 Tony Awards, including Robert Alda for Best Actor. (3) Filmed as Guys and Dolls (1955) .
  • (1951) Stage: Wrote (uncredited, w/Preston Sturges) book for "Make a Wish" on Broadway. Musical. Music / lyrics / vocal arrangements by Hugh Martin. Based on "The Good Fairy" by Ferenc Molnár. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang (credited as Phil Lang) and Allan Small. Vocal Direction: Buster Davis. Dance Music Arranged by Richard Pribor. Scenic / Costume Design by 'Raoul Pène Du Bois'. Choreographed by Gower Champion. Directed by John C. Wilson. Winter Garden Theatre: 18 Apr 1951-14 Jul 1951 (102 performances). Cast: Nanette Fabray (as "Janette"), Gene Bayliss, Ray Borden, Aleen Buchanan, Dean Campbell, Melville Cooper (as "Marius Frigo"), Dick Crowley, Robert Davis, Ray Dorian, Stephen Douglass, Mary Finney, Helen Gallagher (as "Poupette"), Ed Gombos, Mary Harmon, Eda Heinemann (as "Dr. Didier"), Carol Hendricks, David Huenergardt, Anne Humphrey, Janie Janvier, Margaret Jeanne, Lynn Joelson, Lida Loehring, Harold Lang, John Laverty, Carol Lee, Phil Leeds (as "Dr. Francel"), Douglas Luther, Sylvia Manon, Ellen Martin, Mike Mason, Beverly McFadden, Don McKay, Claire Mitchell, Peggy O'Hara, LeRoi Operti (as "Felix Labiche"), Rica Owen, Ernie Preston, Jack Purcell, Charlotte Ray, Richard Reed, Sue Scott, Bob Shaver, Thelma Tadlock, Norma Thornton, Kenneth Urmston, David Vogel, Victor Voley, Howard Wendell, Ken Whelan. Produced by Harry Rigby, Jule Styne and Alexander H. Cohen.
  • (1951) Stage: Directed "Two on the Aisle" on Broadway. Musical revue. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics / sketches by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Genevieve Pitot. Vocal arrangements by / Musical Director Herbert Greene. "Schneider's Miracle" by Nat Hiken and Billy Friedberg. Musical Staging by Ted Cappy. "Dog Show" choreographed by Ruthanna Boris. Mark Hellinger Theatre: 19 Jul 1951-15 Mar 1952 (276 performances + 1 preview). Cast: Dolores Gray (as "The Girl" / "Wife" / "A Vaudevillian" / "Br³nnhilde" / "Specialty Performer" / "Wifey" / "She" / "Miss Travers"), Bert Lahr (as "Lefty Hogan" / "Captain Universe" / "The Clown" / "A Vaudevillian" / "Siegfried" / "Schneider" / "Specialty Performer" / "Lovey" / "Close Friend" / "Him" / "Mr. Murdock"), John Allen (as "Passer-by" / "Singing Ensemble"), Jeanette Aquilina (as "Maid" / "Little Girl" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Arthur Arney (as "Conductor" / "Denizen of Venus" / "Singing Ensemble"), Margery Beddow (as "Rhine Maiden" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Fred Bryan (as "Specialty Singer" / "Singing Ensemble"), Betty Buday (as "Lover" / "Dalmatian" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Gloria Danyl (as "The Other Woman" / "Clown's Assistant" / "Rhine Maiden" / "Cocker Spaniel" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Bob Emmett (as "3rd Suitor" / "The Man" / "Traveller" / "Judge" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Dorothy Etheridge (as "Specialty Dancer" / "Pekinese"), Gregg Evans (as "Russian Wolfhound" / "Showgirl"), Jerry Fries (as "Specialty Dancer" / "Trainer for Wolfhounds" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Gallagher (as "Conductor" / "Cameraman" / "Hitchcock" / "Inspector"), Doris Goodwin (as "Dalmatian" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Richard Gray (as "Cameraman" / "Hodgkins" / "Policeman"), Gordon Hamilton (as "Manager for Poodle" / Singing Ensemble"), John Kelly (as "2nd Suitor" / "Urchin" / "Trainer for Dalmations"), Walter Kattwinkel; credited as Walter Kelvin; as "Conductor" / "Radio Voice" / "Passer-by" / "Singing Ensemble"), Rosemary Kittelton (as "Russian Wolfhound" / "Showgirl"), Larry Laurence (as "Hotchkiss" / "Conductor"), Alan LeRoy (as "Producer" / "Man on Bench"), Vera Lee (as "Specialty Dancer" / "Clown's Assistant" / "Rhine Maiden" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Paul Lyday (as "Lover" / "Trainer for Pekinese" / "Singing Ensemble"), Colette Marchand (as "Girl" / "Specialty Dancer" / "French Poodle"), Leila Martin (as "Passer-by" / "Singing Ensemble"), Jane Mason (as "Cocker Spaniel" / "Dancing Ensemble"), J.C. McCord (as "Specialty Dancer" / "There Never Was A Baby Like My Baby" Dancer" / "The American"), James McCracken (as "Voice"), Kathryn Mylorie (as "Queen Chlorophyl" / "Specialty Singer" / "Miss Flaherty"), Dell Parker (as "Clown's Assistant" / "Russian Wolfhound" / "Showgirl"), Stanley Prager (as "Conductor" / "Higgins" / "The Dragon" / "Piper"), John Raye (as "Denizen of Venus" / "Singing Ensemble"), Elliott Reid (as "Announcer" / "Husband" / "Performer - "Here's What You Said" / "Hubby" / "He"), Victor Reilley (as "Urchin" / "Trainer for Cocker Spaniels" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Frank Reynolds (as "1st Suitor" / "Urchin" / "Passer-by" / "Dancing Ensemble"), Arthur Rubin (as "Conductor"), Mira Stefan (as "Russian Wolfhound" / "Singing Ensemble"), Patricia Tobin (as "Mrs. Higgleston" / "Singing Ensemble"), Jeanne Tyler (as "Clown's Assistant" / "Russian Wolfhound" / "Showgirl"), Charlotte Van Lein (as "Russian Wolfhound" / "Showgirl"). Understudies: John Allen (as "Specialty Singer"), Perry Bruskin (as "Conductor" / "Higgins" / "Piper" / "The Dragon"), Betty Buday (as "French Poodle" / "Girl" / "Specialty Dancer"), Bob Emmett (as "Cameraman" / "Conductor" / "Hitchcock" / "Inspector" / "Specialty Dancer" / "The American"), Robert Gallagher (as "Announcer" / "He" / "Hubby" , "Husband" / "Performer - "Here's What You Said"), Walter Kelvin (as "Man on Bench" / "Producer"), Vera Lee (as "French Poodle" / "Girl" / "Specialty Dancer"), Loney Lewis (as "A Vaudevillian" / "Captain Universe" / "Close Friend" / "Him" / "Lefty Hogan" / "Lovey" / "Mr. Murdock" / "Schneider" / "Siegfried" / "Specialty Performer" / "The Clown"), Jane Mason (as "Little Girl" / "Maid") and Betty O'Neil (as "A Vaudevillian" / "Br³nnhilde" / "Miss Travers" / "She" / "Specialty Performer" / "The Girl/Wife/Wifey"). Produced by Arthur Lesser.
  • (1952) Stage: Wrote (w/Charles O'Neal, based on his novel) book for / directed "Three Wishes for Jamie" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music / lyrics by Ralph Blane. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Choral arrangements by William Ellfeldt. Choreographed by Ted Cappy, Herbert Ross and Eugene Loring. Mark Hellinger Theatre (moved to The Plymouth Theatre from 27 May 1952-lose): 21 Mar 1952-7 Jun 1952 (92 performances). Cast: Leigh Allen, Doris Atkinson, Estelle Aza, Marian Baird, Robert Baird, Buddy Bryan, Michele Burke, Walter Burke (as "Power O'Malley"), James Capp, Jerry Cardoni, Alfred Catal, Billy Chapin, Wilton Clary, Peter Conlow, Royal Dano (as "Jess Proddy"), Ann Deasy, Donn Driver, Clifford Fearl, Pud Flanagan, Dick Foote, George Foster, Marie Gibson, Robert Halliday, Mary Haywood, Anne Jeffreys, Malcolm Keen, Joan Kibrig, Robert Lamont, Elizabeth Logue, Mildred Ann Mauldin, Ralph Morgan (as "Father Kerrigan"), Jeff Morrow (as "Randal Devlin"), Jerry Newby, Greg O'Brien, Grania O'Malley, Nancy Price, Charlotte Rae (as "Tirsa Shanahan"), John Raitt, June Reimer, Ann Richards, Janet Sayers, Jackie Scholle, Richard Scott, Robert St. Clair, Joe Stember, Donald Thrall, Tafi Towers, Richard Vine, Martin Walker, Bert Wheeler (as "Owen Roe Tavish"), Sandra Zell. Produced by Albert Lewis and Arthur Lewis.
  • (1953) Stage: Wrote book for / directed "Can-Can", produced on Broadway. Musical Comedy. Music and lyrics by Cole Porter. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Genevieve Pitot. Additional Orchestrations by Robert Noeltner. Dances / Musical Numbers Staged by Michael Kidd. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Shubert Theatre: 7 May 1953-25 Jun 1955 (892 performances). Cast: Lilo, Hans Conried, Peter Cookson, Gwen Verdon, C.K. Alexander, Sheila Arnold, Meredith Baylis, Ralph Beaumont, Socrates Birsky, Michael Cavallaro, Mary Ann Cohan, David Collyer, Joe Cusanelli, Michael De Marco, Shelah Hackett, Ina Hahn, Ferdinand Hilt, Clarence Hoffman, Jean Kraemer, Dania Krupska, Al Lanti, Vera Lee, Phil Leeds, Bert May, Tom Panko, Arthur Partington, Robert Penn, Eddie Phillips, Richard Purdy, Beverly Purvin, Erik Rhodes, Arthur Rubin, Michael Scrittorale, Jon Silo, Beverly Tassoni, David Thomas, Pat Turner, Ruth Vernon, Deedee Wood. Produced by Feuer & Martin.
  • (1953) Stage: Directed "Reclining Figure" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Harry Kurnitz. Lyceum Theatre (moved to The Holiday Theatre from 25 Dec 1954-close): 7 Oct 1954-15 Jan 1955 (116 performances). Produced by Henry M. Margolis and Martin Gabel. Produced in association with Peter Cusick.
  • (1955) Stage: Wrote (w/George S. Kaufman, Leueen MacGrath) book for "Silk Stockings" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Cole Porter. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Cy Feuer. Imperial Theatre: 24 Feb 1955-14 Apr 1956 (478 performances). Cast: Don Ameche (as "Steve Canfield"), Hildegard Knef (as "Ninotchka"), George Tobias (as "Commissar Markovitch"), Lee Barry, Estelle Aza, Gretchen Wyler, Martin Allen, Tommy Andrew, Barbara Bostock, Leon Belasco, Paul Best, Bruce Hoy, Marcel Hillaire, Walter Kelvin, Devra Kline, Henry Lascoe, Win Mayo, Pat McBride, Alexandra Moss, Julie Newmar (as "Vera"), David Opatoshu, Louis Polacek, John Ray, Carol Risser, Arthur Rubin, Stanley Simmonds, Philip Sterling, Carol Stevens, Arthur Ulisse, Onna White. Produced by Feuer & Martin. Associate Producer: Monty Shaff and Arthur Lewis.
  • (1955) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for "Guys and Dolls" on Broadway. Musical comedy (revival). Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. Lyrics / music by Frank Loesser. Musical Director: Frederick Dvonch. Orchestral Arrangements by: George Bassman and Ted Royal. Vocal Arranger / Direction by: Herbert Greene. Choreographed by Onna White. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Costumes Supervised by: Frank Spencer. Directed by Philip Mathias. City Center: 20 Apr 1955-31 May 1955 (16 performances). Cast: Tom Ahearne, Ellen Beach, Joe Bernard, Sonya Besant, Ken Emery, Clifford Fearl, Albert Fiorella, Helen Gallagher, Louise Golden, Sheila Hayden, Diana Hunter, Norma Kaiser, Robert Karl, Loys Lozano, Marcia Maier, Frank Marasco, Leila Martin, Walter Matthau (as "Nathan Detroit"), Paul Migan, Al Nesor (as "Benny Southstreet"), Lou Nova, Tom Panko, Tom Pedi (as "Harry the Horse"), Tom Powell, Regis Powers, Victor Reilley, Michelle Reiner, Seth Riggs, Bob Rippy, Harry Lee Rogers, Ray Shaw, Oggie Small, Elaine Spaulding, Evans Thornton, Kate Tomlinson, Kirsten Valbor, Murray Vines, Ralph Vucci, Jane Wagner, Marc West, Martin Wolfson (as "Arvide Abernathy"). Produced by New York City Center Light Opera Company (William Hammerstein: General Director).
  • (1956) Stage: Directed "Happy Hunting" on Broadway). Musical comedy. Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Music by Harold Karr. Lyrics by Matt Dubey. Musical Director: Jay Blackton. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Dance arrangements by Roger Adams. Additional orchestrations by Joe Glover, Don Walker and Seymour Ginzler. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner (also producer). Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Hair styles by Ronald De Mann. Majestic Theatre: 6 Dec 1956-30 Nov 1957 (412 performances). Cast: Fernando Lamas (as "Duke of Granada"), Ethel Merman (as "Liz Livingstone"), Leon Belasco, Renato Cibelli, Mary Finney, Virginia Gibson, Gordon Polk, Olive Templeton, Peggy Acheson, Delbert Anderson, Bob Bakanic, Edward Becker, Marilynn Bradley, Warren J. Brown, Betty Carr, Alice Clift, Madeleine Clive, David Collyer, John Craig, Jack Dabdoub, Florence Dunlap, Clifford Fearl, Jane Fischer, Mitchell M. Gregg, John Harmon, Robert C. Held, Jim Hutchison, Deedy Irwin, Jane Johnston, Roberta Keith, Dick Korthaze, Jean Kraemer, Mara Landi, John Leslie, Eugene Louis, George Martin (as "Freddy, a photographer" / "Albert, a groom" / "Dancer"), Betty McGuire, Svetlana McLee, Moe, Jim Moore, Patti Nestor, Carl Nicholas, Wendy Nickerson, Estelle Parsons (as "Mary Mills, a reporter" / "Singer"), Noella Peloquin, Ginny Perlowin, Lowell Purvis, Fleur Raup, Seth Riggs, Mary Roche, Charles Rule, Sigyn, Kelley Stephens, Jay Velie, Don Weissmuller, Gene Wesson, Helene Whitney, Roy Wilson, Mark Zeller.
  • (1958) Stage: "Say, Darling". Comedy.
  • (1959) Stage: "First Impressions". Musical comedy.
  • (1959) Stage: Directed "Golden Fleecing" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by Lorenzo Semple Jr.. Incidental music by Dana Suesse. Henry Miller's Theatre: 15 Oct 1959-26 Dec 1959 (84 performances). Cast: Tom Poston (as "Lt. Ferguson Howard"), Bob Carraway (as "Ens. Beauregard Gilliam"), Mickey Deems, Robert Elston (as "Jackson Eldridge"), Constance Ford (as "Ann Knutsen"), Red Granger, Alfred Hese (as "A Waiter"), Buck Kartalian, Richard Kendrick, John Myhers, Suzanne Pleshette (as "Julie"), Ralph Stantley, John Thomas. Understudy: Pirie MacDonald. Produced by Courtney Burr and Gilbert Miller. NOTE: Filmed as The Honeymoon Machine (1961).
  • (1961) Stage: (w/Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert) the book for Frank Loesser's musical score, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1964) Stage: Directed "What Makes Sammy Run?" on Broadway. Musical. Book by Budd Schulberg (based on his novel) and Stuart Schulberg. Music / lyrics by Ervin Drake. Musical Director / Vocal Arrangements by Lehman Engel. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by Arnold Goland. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Herbert Senn and Helen Pond. Costume Design by Noel Taylor. Assistant to Mr. Senn and Miss Pond: Robert Brand and David Reppa. 54th Street Theatre: 27 Feb 1964-12 Jun 1965 (540 performances + 3 previews). Cast: Diaan Ainslee, Robert Alda (as "Al Manhaim"), Darrell J. Askey, Mace Barrett, Jean L. Blanchard, Lillian Bozinoff, Nancy Carnegie, George Coe, Natalie Costa, Graciela Daniele, John Dorrin, Richard France, Arny Freeman, Barbara Gine, Marco Gomez, Lavinia Hamilton, Judith Hastings, Buck Heller, Nat Horne, Sally Ann Howes (as "Kit Sargent"), Walter Klavun, Jack Kresy, Steve Lawrence (as "Sammy Glick"), Bernice Massi, Bob Maxwell, Edward McNally, Barry Newman (as "Sheik Orsini"), Bella Shalom, Jamie Simmons, Ralph Stantley, Richard Terry, Maralyn Thoma, Ralph Vucci. Produced by Joseph Cates and Cates Brothers. Produced in association with Beresford Productions, Ltd.
  • (1965) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for "Guys and Dolls" on Broadway. Musical comedy (revival). Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. Music / lyrics by Frank Loesser. Original Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Scenic Design adapted by Peter Wolf. Costume Design by Frank Thompson. Lighting Design by Peggy Clark. Choreographed by Ralph Beaumont. Directed by Gus Schirmer. City Center: 28 Apr 1965-9 May 1965 (15 performances). Cast: Anita Gillette (as "Sarah Brown"), Alan King (as "Nathan Detroit"), Sheila MacRae (as "Miss Adelaide"), Jerry Orbach (as "Sky Masterson"), Rita Agnese, Ken Ayres, Ed Becker, Walter P. Brown, Frank Campanella (as "Lt. Brannigan"), Ginna Carr, Suzanne Channel, Frank Coppola, Jack DeLeon, Dorothy D'Honau, Joey Faye, Tina Faye, Shelley Frankel, Joy Franz, Leslie Franzos, Ginny Gan, Luigi Gasparinetti, Altovise Gore, Fernando Grahal, Shari Greene, Victor R. Helou, Maria Hero, Mark Holliday, Maureen Hopkins, Daniel Joel, Joan Kruger, Jake LaMotta (as "Big Jule"), Violetta Landek, Henry Lawrence, Phillip Lucas, Jim Lynn, Carlos Macri, Stuart Mann, Clarence Nordstrom, Mitchell Nutick, Paul Owsley, John Peck, Tom Pedi (as "Harry the Horse"), Michael Quinn, Charles Reeder, Darrell Sandeen, Arthur Santry, Jeanne Schlegel, Marc Scott, Vern Shinnal, Maria Strattin, Ronald Stratton, Claire Waring. Produced by New York City Center Light Opera Company (Jean Dalrymple: Director).
  • (1957) Unsold pilot: Wrote / produced a sitcom pilot for NBC called "You Know Me, Al" based on the Ring Lardner stories about a strong-armed but weak-brained baseball pitcher, played by Dick York.
  • (1965) Unsold pilot: Produced a sitcom pilot for ABC called "My Man St. John", about a billionaire (Burl Ives) who hires a tutor for his kids and finds the man he hired could care less about his wealth and influence.
  • (2/28/2011-4/24/2011) Stage: Wrote (w/Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert) the book for Frank Loesser's musical score, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on Broadway in New York City with Daniel Radcliffe (as "J. Pierrepont Finch"), John Larroquette (Broadway debut), Tammy Blanchard, Christopher J. Hanke and Rose Hemingway (Broadway debut) in the cast. Shepherd Mead wrote the novel. Rob Ashford was the director / choreographer.
  • (3/10/95-7/14/96) Stage: Wrote (w/Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert) the book for Frank Loesser's musical score, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway. Based on the novel by Shepherd Mead, music orchestration by Danny Troob, musical direction / vocal arrangements by Ted Sperling, additional orchestrations by David Siegel and Robert Ginzler, dance arrangements by Jeanine Tesori, incidental music arrangements by Ted Sperling, choreography by Wayne Cilento, assistant choreographer Lisa LeGuillou, directed by Des McAnuff. Richard Rodgers Theatre (564 total performances, including 16 previews beginning March 10, 1995). Cast: Matthew Broderick (as "J. Pierrepont Finch"), Jeff Blumenkrantz, Ronn Carroll, Victoria Clark, Jonathan Freeman, Luba Mason, Megan Mullally (as "Rosemary Pilkington"), Gerry Vichi, Lillias White, Randl Ask, Kevin Bogue (as "Security Guard" / "Wicket" / "Ensemble"), Maria Calabrese, Walter Cronkite (as "Voice of the Narrator" [recorded voice only]), Tom Flynn, Jack Hayes, Rebecca Holt, Jay Aubrey Jones, Nancy Lemenager, Kristi Lynes, Martin Moran, Aiko Nakasone, William Ryall, Jerome Vivona, Carla Renata (as Carla Renata Williams). Produced by Dodger Theatricals (Des McAnuff, Michael Daevid (as Michael David), Robin de Levita, Rocco Landesman, Ed Strong), Kardana Productions, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The Nederlander Organization (James Nederlander Sr. (as James M. Nederlander): Chairman. Robert E. Nederlander: President. James L. Nederlander: Vice-President); Associate Producer: Whistlin' Dixie.
  • (3/16/92-10/11/92) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for "Guys and Dolls," a musical revival; from a story by / characters by Damon Runyon; based upon the play of the same name, produced on Broadway. Music / lyrics by Frank Loesser; dance music by Mark Hummel; choreography by Christopher Chadman; directed by Jerry Zaks; with the previews and opening night cast including: Jossie DeGuzman (billed as Josie de Guzman; as "Sarah Brown"); Peter Gallagher (as "Sky Masterson"); Nathan Lane (as "Nathan Detroit"); Faith Prince (as "Miss Adelaide"); Robert Michael Baker (as "Drunk"); Walter Bobbie (as "Nicely-Nicely Johnson"). Martin Beck Theatre (renamed the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in 2003), New York City.
  • (2013-14 Season) Stage: Wrote (w/Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert) the book for Frank Loesser's musical score, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", a musical comedy revival; music / lyrics by Frank Loesser, based on the novel by Shepherd Mead, choreography by Brenda Didler. Cast: John Keating. Porchlight Music Theatre, Chicago, IL.
  • (1958) Stage: Wrote book for "Can Can," musical comedy revival; performed at the Hanna Theatre, Cleveland, OH, with Geneviève Aumont in the cast.
  • (10/69) Stage: Directed Jay Presson Allen's translation of Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grédy's play, "Forty Carats," with Barbara Rush; Scott McKay; Stephen Collins; Gene Blakely; Eileen Letchworth; Imogene Bliss; Sylvia Grand; Art Barnett; Doris Ingraham; William Cox; Audrey Christie in the cast; set design by Will Steven Armstrong; costume design by Sara Brook; produced by David Merrick; at the Hanna Theatre, Cleveland, OH.
  • (1957) Stage: Wrote book for "Can-Can," performed at the Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, NJ, with Evelyn Page and Ted Scott in the cast; directed by Frank Carrington and Agnes Morgan.
  • (6/66) Stage: Stage: Wrote (w/Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert) the book for Frank Loesser's musical score, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME.
  • (8/68) Stage: Wrote "Cactus Flower," performed at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME, with Craig Stevens and Alexis Smith in the cast.
  • (8/73) Stage: Wrote book for the musical, "Can-Can," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME, with Elaine Cancilla in the cast. Cole Porter was composer and lyricist.
  • (9/78) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for "Guys and Dolls", performed at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, ME, with Julius LaRosa and Jo Sullivan in the cast. Based on the story by Damon Runyon. Frank Loesser was composer.
  • Album: "Abe Burrows Sings?" (Columbia).
  • (12/17/99-2/20/00) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for the musical, "Guys and Dolls," in The Arena Stage Theatre production at the Fichlander Theater in Washington, DC. Frank Loesser was lyricist. Charles Randolph Wright was director.
  • (10/13/70-11/21/70) Stage: Directed Jay Presson Allen's adaptation of Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Grédy's play, "Forty Carats," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, with Barbara Rush in the cast.
  • (2004-05 season) Stage: Wrote (w/Jo Swerling) book for "Guys and Dolls," at the Long Wharf Theatre (Mainstage) in New Haven, CT. Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. Frank Loesser was composer and lyricist. Kim Rubinstein was director. Daniel Pelzig was choreographer. Jamie Schmidt was musical director. G.W. Mercier was set and costume designer. Robert Wierzal was lighting designer. Nick Borisjuk was sound designer.

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