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  • Played the role of Stalin in the television documentary "Hammer and Sickle".
  • (2003) TV commercial for LendingTree.com
  • (December 2007) TV commercial for American Express credit card
  • (2009) TV commercial for Geico Insurance
  • (June 2013) TV commercial for 2014 Ford Focus ST (black OR white photography)
  • (September 28 to October 16, 1988) He played Mr. McGillicuddy's man in W.S. Gilbert's play, "Engaged," in a Brown-Forman Classics in Context Festival production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville, Kentucky with Emily Heebner (Maggie Macfarlane); Henry Dardenne (Angus Macalister); Adale O'Brien (Mrs. Macfarlane); William McNulty (Belvawney); Lizbeth Mackay (Belinda Treherne); Ray Fry (Mr. Symperson); Robertson Dean (Cheviot Hill); Jonathan Bolt (Major McGillicuddy); Michael Dempsey (Mr. McGillicuddy's man); Barbara Gulan (Minnie Symperson) and Mary Evans Lott (Parker) in the cast. Gloria Muzio was director.
  • (November 25 to December 31, 1988) He played a party guest and town person in Barbara Field's adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel, "A Christmas Carol," was performed in a Holiday Favorites production at the Actors Theatre of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky with Suzanna Hay (Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Cratchit); Steve Wise (Charles Dickens); Vaughn McBride (John Dickens, Lean Charity Man, Ghost of Christmas Present); Ben Parker and Victor Jory (Henry Dickens, Young Ebenezer, Peter Cratchit, Simon); Mark Sawyer-Dailey (Bob Cratchit); Bob Morrisey (Fred, Man with Snuffbox, Cook); Bob Burrus (Round Charity Man, Mr. Fezziwig, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come); Ray Fry (Scrooge); Andy Backer (Marley, Joe the Beetler); Adale O'Brien (Ghost of Christmas Past, Woman with Flower); Sharyn Jensen (Fan, Skater, Belinda Cratchit): Henry Dardenne (Ebenezer Scrooge); Susan Riley Stevens (Belle, Mrs. Fred, Charwoman); William Mark Mineart (Dick Wilkins, Topper, Undertaker); Tracey Ellis (Clovia Fezziwig, Martha Cratchit, Thin Sister); Bradley Bartholomai (Tiny Tim, Ignorance); Moira Brennan (Saffronia Fezziwig, Giggling Sister, Laundress); Suzanne Greenfield (Want); Laura Carson, Gretchen Claggett, Michael Dempsey, M. Carl Kaufman were party people and town people; in the cast. Frazier W. Marsh was director.

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