The Evil (1978) / Twice Dead (1988) Double Feature

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The Evil (1978)

Directed by: Gus Triskonis

Starring: Richard Crenna, Joanna Pettet, Victor Buono, Andrew Prine and Cassie Yates.

In Gus Trikonis' The Evil, psychologist C.J. Arnold (Richard Crenna) and his wife Caroline (Joanna Pettet) buy a dilapidated mansion with a dark past in the hopes of restoring the estate and turning it into a drug rehabilitation clinic. With the help of some of his students and current patients, the doctor begins work on the mansion - but things take a nasty turn when an ancient spirit starts attacking people. When he opens a secret door in the basement of the house, the psychologist inadvertently releases the malevolent presence...and all hell breaks loose.

In terms of B-Movie ranking, The Evil isn't all that bad. The film takes an admittedly strong stance on the importance of sticking to a more classic ghost story rather than a sleazy, gory filled B-movie romp.
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