Film Review: ‘Flood Streets’ Paints Enlightening Portrait of New Orleans

Chicago – With their town ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and their neighborhood under government-ordered quarantine, one New Orleans couple decided to combine their artistic strengths into one cohesive project. Their goal was to portray their beloved city in a way that was strikingly different from the representation popularized by HBO’s “Treme.”

Rating: 3.5/5.0

The result is “Flood Streets,” a small gem of a film that captures a period fifteen months after the catastrophe where life is in a state of temporary flux. Screenwriter Helen Krieger structures her script as a series of vignettes loosely based off her own short stories, which were directly inspired by her experiences as a real estate agent surveying the post-flood housing market.

Read Matt Fagerholm’s full review of “Flood Streets” in our reviews section.

Krieger’s husband, director/co-star Joseph Meissner, proves to be her ideal collaborator. Together, they have staged an enduring portrait of
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