Paul Kaye interview: Dennis Pennis, Game Of Thrones, Zapped

Louisa Mellor Oct 19, 2017

We chatted to actor Paul Kaye about playing wizards, the musical Matilda, and his move from celebrity satire to serious drama…

Main image credit: Jordan Katz-Kaye

“Bitterness, really” is Paul Kaye’s explanation of what drove his satirical red-carpet interviewer Dennis Pennis in the nineties. “I’d hit thirty, I’d sort of failed as a musician, I’d failed as an artist I felt at the time.” Ambushing Hollywood’s elite in the persona of a brash, punk nuisance wasn’t Kaye’s first choice for stardom, he admits. “It wasn’t how I expected to forge a career. Of all the things I thought I’d end up doing, it wasn’t that.”

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Trained in theatre design, in his twenties Kaye worked as an illustrator
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Vaping on Screen: A Growing Trend?

Vaping is a trend that has grown massively in popularity over the course of the past few years, and it seems like more people than ever have chosen to take up the trend. This is largely to do with the indoor smoking ban, along with more knowledge of just how much damage smoking can do. Even more recently, the trend has been picked up by the entertainment industry, and there are many examples of on-screen vaping.

Historical trends of smoking on screen

The idea of smoking on screen is not new. Even in older films, smoking has been used as a way to portray class in many different ways. For example, you will often see a villain with a cigarette between his teeth, or a rich man smoking a cigar. Both of these are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both use the same idea. With the emergence of
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Lgbt Punk Rock Musical Spidarlings to be unleashed by Troma

After five years in the making - Queer Punk Rock Musical "Spidarlings" is finally completed and about to be unleashed by Troma Entertainment. The film stars Sophia Disgrace ("Grindsploitation"), Rahel Kapsaski ("Soul Looting") and Lee Mark Jones (formerly Gypsy Lee Pistolero of The Gypsy Pistoleros) among a cult cast including Rusty Goffe ("Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory", "Star Wars"), infamous Hentai/Manga artist Toshio Maeda ("La Blue Girl"), June Brown ("EastEnders") and the creator of "The Toxic Avenger" himself, Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman. "Spidarlings" deals with social issues such as the British Welfare system, gender fluidity, poverty and the life of sex workers in the UK.  Along the way there are musical numbers, pugs, drag queens, giant spiders, chainsaws, acid fueled animation sequences and plenty...

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Troma’s Lgbt horror musical Spidarlings to premiere in July

Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment have announced that it has acquired the distribution rights to Spidarlings, director Salem Kapsaki’s Lgbt punk rock horror musical, and have set its world premiere for July 1st on the streaming channel Troma Now. Take a look at the poster and trailer for the film, which features a cast that includes Rusty Goffe, Lyn Ruth Miller, June Brown, Toshio Maeda

Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days…Their Landlord is trying to terrorize them and strange things seem to be going on at “Juicy Girls”, the place where Matilda works…but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start.

Spidarlings will premiere on July 1st on Troma Now.
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Happy 90th June Brown! A celebration of Dot Cotton, EastEnders' coiffured queen

She’s been playing Albert Square’s chain-smoking misery guts for the past 32 years. Long may she reign

Gossiping, chain smoking and preaching the word of the Lord: Dot Branning (formerly Cotton) is Albert Square’s self-appointed conscience. And as June Brown turns 90, she remains the backbone of the soap that made her famous 32 years ago. Her character has survived everything EastEnders has thrown at her, including endless shifts in the launderette, the death of her beloved son Nick and kidney cancer. Scandals keep on spinning around her, and while her eyesight is failing her strength, humour and (sometimes unwanted) advice never does.

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Watch the trailer for animated Raymond Briggs adaptation Ethel & Ernest

The first trailer has arrived online for the upcoming animated feature Ethel & Ernest, which is based on the award-winning book by author and illustrator Raymond Briggs and features the voice talents of Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn, Luke Treadaway, Pam Feris, June Brown, Virginia McKenna, Roger Allam and Peter Wright; take a look below after the official synopsis…

Heart-warming, humorous and bittersweet, the film follows the lives of lady’s maid Ethel and milkman Ernest from their first chance meeting in 1928, through the birth of their son Raymond in 1934, to their deaths, within months of each other, in 1971.

From the socially stratified 1920s to the moon landing of 1969, the film depicts, through Ethel and Ernest’s eyes, the most defining moments of the 20th Century: the darkness of the Great Depression, the build up to World War II, the trials of the war years, the euphoria of Ve Day and the
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‘Doomwatch: Series 1-3 – The Remaining Episodes’ DVD Review

If the BBC realised how beloved their old shows would become, they might have taken greater care of them. And while Doomwatch: Series 1-3 – The Remaining Episodes may not feature every episode of the show thanks to the BBC’s archiving issues, it still stands up as a very good boxset. For fans of the show, the fact that it now includes unaired episode Sex and Violence may be the best news yet…

Doomwatch is the nickname for the Department of Measurement of Scientific work. A team headed by the Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Spencer Quist (John Paul). Their job is to keep the government and private sector research companies in check and protect the environment from pollution and disasters.

While there is a definite feel of old school Doctor Who show quality about Doomwatch (both feature low-budget set designs and special effects) the quality of this particular
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Doomwatch: revisiting a UK 'sci-fact' classic




Ground-breaking, intelligent, prescient 1970s drama Doomwatch, now out on DVD, is a British television classic...

Playing on the public's fear that 'this could actually happen', Doomwatch had a veneer of credibility unusual in the escapist television drama landscape of the late 60s/early 70s. This spring sees the most comprehensive haul of Doomwatch episodes released on DVD for the first time. The nickname for the "Department for the Observation and Measurement of Scientific Work", the series first appeared on BBC1 on Monday 9th February 1970 at 9.40pm. It followed half an hour of comedy from Kenneth Williams, which must have surely heightened its dramatic impact.

The series would run in tandem with the early Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who; the first episode made its debut two days after part two of Doctor Who And The Silurians. The two shows undoubtedly shared a synergy of ideas - not to mention cast and crew.
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Why The Graham Norton Show is so special




Why are movie publicists so keen to plonk their stars on Graham Norton's sofa? Because of this...

When it comes to the UK film junket circuit, publicists inevitably get limited time with the talent involved in a major movie. Thus, when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice comes along later this month, the demands on Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in particular will not be small. They’ll be expected to attend the film’s premiere, do a press conference, and do interviews with selected outlets.

And then there’s a strong chance they’ll end up on Graham Norton’s sofa.

I’ve been following Graham Norton’s chat shows since his earlier work on Channel Four, and his manner with his guests has rarely left me ever less than entertained while watching his programme. But I do think that The Graham Norton Show is something special,
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June Brown's 300k EastEnders deal

June Brown has signed a new £300,000 deal with 'EastEnders'. The 88-year-old actress' lucrative contract will keep her on the show - in which she plays Dot Branning - until she's 90 and reportedly makes her the second highest-paid 'EastEnders' star, after Steve McFadden. A source told The Sun: ''This is great news for June, great news for the bosses and great news for 'EastEnders' fans. Both the top brass and obviously June herself are aware that she is not getting any younger but she is still very agile for her age and simply wants to go on as long as
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June Brown wants more EastEnders scenes

June Brown wants to appear in more 'EastEnders' scenes. The 88-year-old actress - who has played Dot Branning in the BBC One soap since 1985 - has revealed she wants to be involved in more storylines as it helps to keep her mind active. She said: ''I potter in and out and do a scene now and again. ''It's been very hard not to open my big mouth. I would like to do more, my mind needs occupying all the time. If it isn't, it goes all over the place.'' However, until recently Dot was in prison for failing to call an ambulance while
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June Brown reveals she's going deaf

June Brown has no plans to quit 'EastEnders' despite the fact she's going deaf. The 88-year-old actress, who stars as Dot Cotton on the BBC soap, has insisted she has no intention of walking away from the much-loved character after announcing news of her ailment during a Q&A on Saturday (15.08.15) with her friend and 'EastEnders' veteran Barbara Windsor, 78. Barbara - who played Peggy Mitchell for sixteen years - brought her former co-star to the stage, as June explained: ''Are you talking to me, Babs? ''Tell me, because I am deaf you see and it is very hard for me to
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Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn to voice animation 'Ethel & Ernest'

  • ScreenDaily
Voice cast of Raymond Briggs’ adaptation also includes Luke Treadaway and Virginia McKenna.

Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent and Brenda Blethyn are to voice the lead characters of Ethel & Ernest, a new hand-drawn animated feature based on Raymond Briggs’ classic graphic novel and tribute to his parents.

Production is underway on the film, set for theatrical release in 2016, and the cast also includes Luke Treadaway as Raymond, Olivier award winner for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and star of Fortitude; Virginia McKenna (Born Free, A Town Like Alice), June Brown (EastEnders), Pam Ferris (Matilda), Simon Day and Roger Allam.

The film will also showcase the voice of 11-year-old Harry Collett as young Raymond, who provides the voice of Buzzbee in Disney Junior’s animated series The Hive.

Ethel & Ernest marks the feature debut of Roger Mainwood, who worked as an animator on Briggs’ classic short The Snowman and was lead animator on the 2012 sequel, [link
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June Brown is going blind

June Brown is losing her sight, but needs to work due to a financial crisis. The 88-year-old 'Eastenders' actress - who has played Dot Cotton on the show for 30 years - has revealed that her sight is now so poor that the vision in one eye is sometimes reduced to looking like the cross-hairs of a rifle. June said: ''I see things in my eyes now. My eyes are not very good. In the left occasionally I do get this small circle with what looks like cross-wires. I do pray about my sight - maybe it will return.'' June went on to
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Gemma Oaten up for Strictly

June Brown is losing her sight, but needs to work due to a financial crisis. The 88-year-old 'Eastenders' actress - who has played Dot Cotton on the show for 30 years - has revealed that her sight is now so poor that the vision in one eye is sometimes reduced to looking like the cross-hairs of a rifle. June said: ''I see things in my eyes now. My eyes are not very good. In the left occasionally I do get this small circle with what looks like cross-wires. I do pray about my sight - maybe it will return.'' June went on to
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10 Times The Worlds Of Doctor Who And EastEnders Collided


EastEnders turns 30 years old this week and it’s the prerogative of a Doctor Who fan to somehow make it all about us.

It’s true that Doctor Who and EastEnders have quite a fair bit in common, though. They’re both long running dramas, for starters (although obviously one of them has been running longer than the other… *ahem*….), and as such they’ve become two of the BBC’s most formidable flagship franchises. What’s more, characters in EastEnders have even been known to regenerate, too. How many times has a character left and come back again with a new face? See, it’s not so different from Doctor Who after all…

After three decades on our screens, Albert Square has played host to a plethora of acting talent and many of its stars have popped up in Doctor Who over the years, too. As well as
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EastEnders: First look at the cast on Graham Norton

A special EastEnders-themed edition of The Graham Norton Show is to air next week, as part of the show's 30th anniversary.

Norton will be joined by a lineup of the show's best-known stars, including June Brown, Pam St Clement, Adam Woodyatt, Letitia Dean, Kellie Bright, John Altman, Jessie Wallace, Shane Richie, Danny Dyer and newest signing Richard Blackwood.

Watch three clips from the special Graham Norton Show below:

Graham asks Adam Woodyatt, Letitia Dean, Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer if they know who killed Lucy Beale. They assure him they don't, so they ask Lucy Beale herself.

Graham introduces Adam Woodyatt, Letitia Dean, Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer to their very own miniature dolls from an EastEnders model village in Torquay.

Graham gets a lesson in how to receive an EastEnders slap from Pam St Clement and he practices his technique with Danny Dyer, Shane Richie and a surprise
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Doctor Who and Eastenders: a history of soap and space

From the Queen Vic to the Tardis. As Eastenders prepares to mark its 30th anniversary, we look back at its encounters with Doctor Who...

Back in the mid-eighties an actor who played "Third Assistant" in a Doctor Who story called The Savages (1966) and the director of another Doctor Who adventure, The Underwater Menace (1967), came together to create one of the BBC’s most successful television shows.

And when they got together, it was murder. Well, not quite. (Though the first episode did feature a victim who would later die, fact fans.) But what they did create was Eastenders.

Broadcast on February the 19th 1985 (in between episodes one and two of The Two Doctors), this creation of Who alumni would go on to share numerous links with the long-running science-fiction for years to come. Even its time-slot owes much to the adventures of everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan.

In an interview in
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Zoe Ball to present EastEnders aftermath show

Zoe Ball is to present a live ''aftermath'' show from the 'EastEnders' set after Lucy Beale's killer is revealed. The 'Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two' host will be joined by 'Newsround' anchor Ore Oduba and former 'EastEnders' actor Joe Swash on Albert Square following the dramatic live episode on February 20, when Lucy's killer is set to be unveiled. In addition to Zoe's live show, beloved 'EastEnders' stars including June Brown (Dot Cotton), Pam St. Clement (Pat Butcher), Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale) and Kellie Bright (Linda Carter) are to appear on a special edition of 'The Graham Norton Show' on the
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The Voice UK: Get all the details of Saturday's blind auditions

It's week four of blind auditions on The Voice and the show ain't messing around - we're getting fifteen acts taking to the stage this week in a bid to win an all-important chair spin from the coaches.

And if you want to know a little bit more about those 15 hopefuls, you're in luck, because we have all their pictures, song details and info. Read on for everything you need to know before Saturday night...

1. Tim Arnold - 39, London

Song: 'Running Up That Hill' - Kate Bush

What you need to know: Tim's mum is Polly Perkins who played Rose Cotton in EastEnders - June Brown is a close family friend. Tim also had a taste of success with Britpop band Jocasta in the '90s, but they were dropped on the day their album came out (way harsh). He's still working on music and recently recorded with Gary Kemp.
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