She Freak (DVD Review)

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She Freak (DVD Review)
It’s not often that I’ll sit down and watch much retro horror, and She Freak is a prime example of why I avoid it. The back of the DVD case proclaims the movie to be “a barbarous experience,” and it’s not lying. Every one of the movie’s 82 minutes is practically excruciating.

Claire Brennan stars as Jade Cochran, the main character and titular She Freak. Tired of her uninspiring dead-end job as a waitress at the local dive diner, she uproots and leaves for the glamorous job of, wait for it, waitress at a traveling carnival. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the new job to become just as dead-end and depressing as her previous one, so she begins looking for love and finds it in the form of the owner of the carnival’s freak show. The freak show she despises. You can see where this is going.
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