Oscar-Nominated Film Series: Stone (Thrillingly) Assassinates Truth While Investigating Kennedy Assassination

'JFK' movie with Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison 'JFK' assassination movie: Gripping political drama gives added meaning to 'Rewriting History' If it's an Oliver Stone film, it must be bombastic, sentimental, clunky, and controversial. With the exception of "clunky," JFK is all of the above. It is also riveting, earnest, dishonest, moving, irritating, paranoid, and, more frequently than one might expect, outright brilliant. In sum, Oliver Stone's 1991 political thriller about a determined district attorney's investigation of the assassination of U.S. president John F. Kennedy is a slick piece of propaganda that mostly works both dramatically and cinematically. If only some of the facts hadn't gotten trampled on the way to film illustriousness. With the exception of John Williams' overemphatic score – Oliver Stone films need anything but overemphasis – JFK's technical and artistic details are put in place to extraordinary effect. Joe Hutshing and Pietro Scalia's editing
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[Home Invasion] New Blu-ray Releases For October 14, 2014

There’s a lot of limited releases coming out this year. This week, specialty film distributor “Twilight Time” is dropping a bunch of rare titles. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights for September 14, 2014:

The Blob. United States. Screen Archives Entertainment Exclusive /Limited Edition to 5000. Twilight Time. 1988.


Remake of the 1958 horror sci-fi about a deadly blob which is the spawn of a secret government germ warfare project which consumes everyone in its path. Teenagers try in vain to warn the townsfolk, who refuse to take them seriously, while government agents try to cover up the evidence and confine the creature. (Source)

Penny Dreadful: The Complete First Season. United States. Paramount Pictures. 2014.


In Victorian London, figures such as explorer Sir Malcolm Murray, American gunslinger Ethan Chandler, enigmatic medium Vanessa Ives, and others combat supernatural forces. Murray is searching for his adult daughter, now a vampire,
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Bluray Review: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Anniversary 4-Disc Collector’s Edition Bluray

Dark Sky Films’ 40th Anniversary 4-disc Collector’s Edition

We’ve all experienced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in different ways. For some of us, it came later in life (my embarrassing introduction to the original film can be read here) and for some it was an odd yet interesting experience (during our interview with Bill Moseley a while back, he mentioned seeing it as a double feature with Enter The Dragon). Whatever situation you went through while seeing Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece, one thing cannot be denied: it’s a film that is unparalleled by any other film. A rare perfect film, full of performances that were given under the worst conditions possible, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has not lost a single amount of its edge over the 40 years that have passed since it’s 1974 release. During a recent celebration of the film’s milestone anniversary, Icons’ head honcho Rob G.
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Fear of Falling: Rome Review

Fear of Falling: Rome Review
Director Jonathan Demme captures the team of Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory staging a new adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s “The Master Builder.”

The dynamic duo behind My Dinner with Andre and Vanya on 42nd Street take on another classic of the stage in their big-screen Henrik Ibsen adaptation, Fear of Falling.

With Jonathan Demme replacing the late Louis Malle at the helm, this terrifically performed version of The Master Builder -- based on a screenplay by Wallace Shawn, from his own translation of the Norwegian text -- channels the rage, joy and delusions of an aging architect’s final days, where a ghost from his past (played by the exuberant Lisa Joyce) guides him to the great beyond. Premiering in the Rome Film Festival’s experimental CinemaXXI section, this dense and occasionally poetic chamber piece should appeal to very upscale audiences both at fests and -- despite production values
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UTA's Wayne Fitterman Joins Wme

UTA's Wayne Fitterman Joins Wme
Physical production agent Wayne Fitterman has joined Wme as a partner. The veteran rep was head of UTA's production department and will lead Wme's corresponding division starting today. Fitterman is bringing 46 clients to his new agency, including Oscar-winning cinematographers Robert Elswit (There Will Be Blood) and Andrew Lesnie (The Lord of the Rings), producer Ron Bozman (The Silence of the Lambs), production designer Grant Major (The Lord of the Rings), costume designers Jenny Beavan (A Room With a View) and Mark Bridges (The Artist), editor Anne Coates (Lawrence of Arabia) and visual effects supervisor Jim Rygiel (The Lord

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Teri McMinn Talks Meathooks, Chainsaws, and Massacres

As any horror fan worth their salt knows, back in 1974, a little film was released (or unleashed) upon the public with the off-putting yet intriguing title, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Most horror folks have heard all the stories about the film including The Dinner Scene shoot and about the deal with Bryanston, which led to years of legal wrangling. The cast has, to one degree or another, stayed in the public eye and director Tobe Hooper, Dp Daniel Pearl and Production Manager Ron Bozman all moved on to other films, even an Oscar win.

But one cast member has remained mysteriously quiet. And she is the most iconic of them all – Pam, the girl on the hook. Every TCM poster has her image along with Gunnar Hansen’s Leatherface, but no one really knew what happened to her once the film was wrapped. Now, Teri McMinn, who so memorably played Pam,
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2009 Walt Disney Pictures Preview: ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic,’ ‘Up,’ ‘The Proposal,’ ‘Surrogates,’ ‘Old Dogs,’ More

Chicago – This 11-image slideshow contains official press images and schedule information for the recently announced slate of films to be released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2009 including new films starring Isla Fisher, Bruce Willis, Robin Williams, John Travolta, Ryan Reynolds, Josh Duhamel, and the newest Pixar film.

These 2009 Walt Disney Pictures include “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience,” “Race to Witch Mountain,” “Hannah Montana The Movie,” “earth,” “Up,” “The Proposal,” “G-Force,” “When in Rome,” “Surrogates,” “Toy Story in Disney Digital 3-D,” “Disney’s A Christmas Carol,” “Old Dogs,” and “The Princess and the Frog”. Not all films have images released, but release details and dates were announced for the entire 2009 slate.

The release dates, cast lists, and filmmaker information for these Walt Disney Pictures films can be found below in chronological order, followed by a slideshow of available images.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Cast: Isla Fisher,
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Win! Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Limited Edition on DVD

Just in time for a Halloween we have a copy of the three disc special edition of Texas Chain Saw Massacre to give away on DVD to My Hollywood News Members. This is a steel box 'Ultimate Limited Edition' of the movie to be given away to a lucky member. All you have to do is login to My Hollywood News and join our Horror group before Halloween (October 31st). The first name out of the hat after that date wins the DVD.

First released to a shocked public in 1974, Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a terrifyingly dark tale, based (very loosely) on factual events. This controversial, brilliantly atmospheric, occasionally darkly funny film tells of the tragedy that befalls a group of five teenagers one summer afternoon. A blueprint for a generation of film-makers and undiminished by time, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of
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Dancy, Ritter in the bag for 'Shopaholic'

Dancy, Ritter in the bag for 'Shopaholic'
Hugh Dancy and Krysten Ritter have joined Isla Fisher in Disney's romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic, which P.J. Hogan is directing and Jerry Bruckheimer is producing.

Based on the best-selling novels by Sophie Kinsella, the movie centers on a compulsive shopper (Fisher) in Manhattan up to her neck in debt who becomes a financial-advice columnist.

Dancy stars as the editor of the financial magazine where Fisher works. Ritter plays Fisher's best friend.

Tim Firth, Tracey Jackson and Kayla Alpert worked on the script.

The movie is scheduled to go before cameras next month in New York and Connecticut.

Mike Stenson, Chad Oman and Ron Bozman are executive producing. Jason Reed oversees for the studio.

Shopaholic makes the third movie Dancy has done for Bruckheimer, following King Arthur and Black Hawk Down. His other credits include Ella Enchanted and The Jane Austen Book Club. He is repped by WMA and Untitled.

Ritter, repped by Innovative, appears in 27 Dresses.

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