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Blu-ray Cover Art & Release Details for The Velvet Vampire, Time Walker, Up From The Depths & More

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Over the next two months, Scream Factory’s releases include five Blu-rays limited to 1,000 units apiece. Each release will highlight an obscure and underseen sci-fi, horror, or fantasy film from the ’70s and ’80s, and the cover artwork and details on each Blu-ray have been revealed.

Deathstalker Double Feature (August 30th): “Deathstalker (1983)

Deathstalker (Richard Hill) is a mighty warrior chosen to battle the evil forces of a medieval kingdom who sets off on a journey to the most challenging tournament in the land. To the winner will go the throne of the evil wizard, the ultimate mystical power and the love of the beautiful Princess Codille (Barbi Benton). But first Deathstalker must prove himself worthy of his legacy . . . and treachery lurks at every turn.

Deathstalker II (1987)

Deathstalker II (John Terlesky) has a mission: to save the kingdom from the wicked grip of the immoral wizard Jerak and his queen Sultana,
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Happy 86th Birthday Clint Eastwood! Here Are His Ten Best Films

Article by Jim Batts, Dana Jung, and Tom Stockman

Happy Birthday to one of We Are Movie Geeks favorite stars. Clint Eastwood was born on this day in 1930, making him 86 years old. The actor and two-time Oscar winning director hasn’t let his age slow him down a bit. Sully, his new movie as a director, opens in September.

We posted a list in 2011 of his ten best directorial efforts Here

Clint Eastwood has appeared in 68 films in his six (!) decades as an actor, and here, according to We Are Movie Geeks, are his ten best:

Honorable Mention: Honkytonk Man

By the 1980s, Clint Eastwood was one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. With his own production company, directorial skills, and economic clout, Eastwood was able to make smaller, more personal films. A perfect example is the underrated Honkytonk Man, which also happens to be one of Eastwood’s finest performances.
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Time Machine: Veterans Wallach and Coppola - Godfather 3 in Common - Are Special Oscar Honorees

Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson on the Oscars' Red Carpet Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson at the Academy Awards Eli Wallach and wife Anne Jackson are seen above arriving at the 2011 Academy Awards ceremony, held on Sunday, Feb. 27, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The 95-year-old Wallach had received an Honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards in November 2010. See also: "Doris Day Inexplicably Snubbed by Academy," "Maureen O'Hara Honorary Oscar," "Honorary Oscars: Mary Pickford, Greta Garbo Among Rare Women Recipients," and "Hayao Miyazaki Getting Honorary Oscar." Delayed film debut The Actors Studio-trained Eli Wallach was to have made his film debut in Fred Zinnemann's Academy Award-winning 1953 blockbuster From Here to Eternity. Ultimately, however, Frank Sinatra – then a has-been following a string of box office duds – was cast for a pittance, getting beaten to a pulp by a pre-stardom Ernest Borgnine. For his bloodied efforts, Sinatra went on
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Awfully Good: Dolly Dearest + Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Video)

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Before there was Annabelle, there was...Chucky. Then some other killer doll movies. But after that there was totally... Dolly Dearest (1991) Director: Maria Lease Stars: Denise Crosby, Rip Torn, Sam Bottoms A family moves to Mexico to open a toy factory next to a recently unearthed satanic tomb. What Could Go Wrong? Dolly Dearest was a minor straight-to-video horror flick at best. I remember watching it late one night on TV hoping for an entertaining Child's...
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The Noteworthy: "88:88", The Films of Joaquim Pinto, Photogénie #2

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Edited by Adam Cook

Above: a sneak peak of Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice, via our Tumblr. A wealth of content from the Melbourne International Film Festival's newly launched Critics Campus has been published here and here. For Rolling Stone, filmmaker James Gray writes on Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now on the occasion of its 35th anniversary:

"The film is indeed self-consciously mythic, and with its transcendent imagery, it enters the cosmic realm. Captain Willard is an enigmatic hero, and we need the narration (written by Dispatches author Michael Herr) to help us know him. Surely the man has his dark side: he kills a wounded Vietnamese woman and hacks Colonel Kurtz to death. But by the end, Willard retains enough of his soul to protect the innocent, childlike Lance (Sam Bottoms), and here we see that the human connection endures. The film's experience expands in this moment,
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This Is the End: James Gray on 'Apocalypse Now'

This Is the End: James Gray on 'Apocalypse Now'
August is upon us, which invariably means withering heat and a hell of a lot of bad cinema. Worn out by the time the dog days hit, the studios enter hibernation mode, concerned mostly with counting their early summer blockbuster returns (or licking their wounds). There's hope around the corner — the fall festivals loom — but that moment isn't here yet. The last month of summer is usually barren.

Except when it isn't.

Related: Remembering Marlon Brando, by Jack Nicholson

It certainly wasn't 35 years ago — August 15, 1979, to be exact, when Francis Ford Coppola
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Upcoming to Netflix Watch Instantly: 'World War Z,' 'Oldboy,' 'Rudy' and More

Curious to know what movies and TV shows are coming to Netflix Watch Instantly over the next few weeks? Get a head start and mark your calendars using the list below, just released to us by Netflix.  Avail 6.1 Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest, Sam Bottoms, Laurence Fishburne Francis Ford Coppola's 1979 masterpiece follows Capt. Willard as he journeys upriver during the Vietnam War in search of the mysterious, and totally insane, Col. Kurtz. This redux version has been reedited with new footage and a fade-to-black ending.   Barbershop (2002) Ice Cube, Anthony Anderson, Cedric the Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve, Troy Garity Director Tim Story's ensemble comedy depicts a day in the life...

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Top 5: Movies made under Outrageous conditions

5) The Wizard of Oz

It shocks people to know that The Wizard of Oz is actually a remake of hundreds of other “wizards of oz.” It was adapted from a theater production, starring Fred Stone. Ray Bolger was set to play the Tin man, but decided he wanted to play the Scarecrow after his idol Stone, so he switched the role with Buddy Ebsen. The Tin man costume was made out of aluminum, which Ebsen was allergic to and ended up almost suffocating him, so he was rushed to the hospital while his role now became Jack Haley’s. Haley wasn’t told why Ebsen had to leave but the costume was changed to aluminum paste. And after all this humility (since Ebsen had said it was the most humiliating moment of his life), Ebsen’s vocal are still in the movie- he sings most of the songs, while Haley
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Timothy Bottoms: The Hollywood Interview

Timothy Bottoms Gets His Pound Of Flesh


Alex Simon

Timothy Bottoms became an overnight sensation at the height of the so-called “Easy Riders and Raging Bulls” era, after landing the leading role in The Last Picture Show (1971), Peter Bogdanovich’s film about the social and sexual rites of small town Texans in the early 1950s. Internationally acclaimed for his portrait of Sonny, a sensitive kid struggling to find his way in the harsh landscape of post-war America, the then-twenty year-old Bottoms suddenly found himself not only in-demand as a rising young star, but a major celebrity, as well, with younger brothers Sam (who co-starred in The Last Picture Show), Joseph and Ben following in their older brother’s footsteps, making names for themselves on stage and screen. Bottoms reprised the role of Sonny for Picture Show's 1990 sequel, Texasville.

After another triumphant turn with the lead in James BridgesThe Paper Chase
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Top Ten Tuesday: The Best Of Clint Eastwood (The Actor)

When J. Edgar was released last Fall, We Are Movie Geeks published our Top Ten Tuesday article on Clint Eastwood’s best films as director. With word that Eastwood has come out of acting retirement, it’s time for another Top Ten list, this time of movies that Clint has starred in. Trouble With The Curve is currently filming and stars Clint as an ailing baseball scout in his twilight years who takes his daughter (played by Amy Adams) on the road for one last recruiting trip. This will be Clint’s first acting role since Gran Torino in 2008.

Super-8 Clint Eastwood Movie Madness will be a great way to celebrate the life and films of this legendary American actor. It takes place February 7th at the Way Out Club in St. Louis (2525 Jefferson in South City). Condensed versions of these memorable Clint Eastwood films will be shown on a
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Films To Watch Before You Die #42 - Apocalypse Now (1979)

D.J. Haza presents the next entry in his series of films to watch before you die...

Apocalypse Now, 1979.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Starring Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne, Sam Bottoms, Frederic Forrest and Harrison Ford.

Apocalypse Now is Francis Ford Coppola’s epic tale of the Vietnamese War. The story follows Us Army Special Operations Officer Captain Benjamin L. Willard (Sheen) as he is sent into the Cambodian jungle to track down and kill the presumed insane Special Forces Colonel Walter E. Kurtz (Brando).

As Willard and his small crew make their way through the remote jungle and passed many dangerous areas they meet with a variety of interesting characters. When being escorted to the opening of the Nung River by air cavalry attack helicopters controlled by Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (Duvall) they witness several of Kilgore’s men surfing amidst enemy fire.
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Quick Shooter: A Clint Eastwood Profile (Part 3)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood in the third of a five-part feature (read parts one and two)...

“You’ve got to keep stretching out and trying other stuff,” observed actor and director Clint Eastwood. “I could have chosen a lot of scripts that were different than Bronco Billy [1980], that were less of a challenge but it was worth trying.” The native of San Francisco, California explains, “It’s about the American Dream, and Billy’s dream that he fought so hard for. It’s all the context of this outdated Wild West show that has absolutely no chance of being a hit. But it’s sweet. It’s pure.” The subject matter resembles the work of two legendary Hollywood filmmakers. “My first thought was that Frank Capra [It’s a Wonderful Life] or Preston Sturges [Sullivan’s Travels] might have done it in their heyday. It has some values that were interesting to
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Quick Shooter: A Clint Eastwood Profile (Part 2)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood in the second of a five-part feature (read part one here)...

“After Hang ’em High [1968], I acted in several pictures without being actively involved in their production,” recalled California filmmaker Clint Eastwood. “Then I found myself making my directorial debut directing second unit on a picture of Don Siegel’s.” The action crime thriller introduced audience members to the actor’s signature role of no nonsense Police Inspector Harry Callahan. “Don had the flu and I replaced him for the sequence where Harry tries to convince the would-be-suicide not to jump into the void. That turned out Ok, because, for lack of space on the window ledge, the only place to perch me was on the crane. I shot this scene, then another one, and I began to think more seriously about directing.” The helmer of Dirty Harry (1971) had a
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The Outlaw Josey Wales Blu-ray Review

Clint Eastwood’s career as a director has gone through many stages, from “hey, he’s an actor, that’s not bad” to underground favorite, to Oscar winner, to the foremost prestige picture-maker of the modern era. But while the prestige films seem to float from memory, it’s fair to say that Eastwood’s legacy will reflect heavily on his westerns. And the first film he made that can be called a masterpiece is The Outlaw Josey Wales. Warner Brothers new Blu-ray of the film cements its place as one of the great westerns. Our review of The Outlaw Josey Wales on Blu-ray follows after the jump. Eastwood plays the titular Wales, who joins up with the South after Northerners burn his house and kill his wife and child. He was a bushwhacker, fighting with Quantrill, and when the war comes to an end his squad is rounded up
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Apocalypse Now Blu-ray review

Was it not for his aversion to numerous varieties of poisonous bugs - and the thought of travelling to anywhere that might contain said creepy crawlies - George Lucas may never have created the Star Wars franchise that so many of us know and love; and the world as we have known it since 1977 may have been a very different place indeed. You see, George's friend and fellow film school student Francis Ford Coppola had earmarked him to direct an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness, transplanted into the still raw setting of the Vietnam War by writer John Milius.

George, however, passed on the offer and instead went back to tinkering with his long gestating space opera, leaving Coppola to pick up the directorial reins on the movie that took top spot in Shadowlocked's Top 100 Movies Of The 1970s, the incomparable Apocalypse Now.

Ironically, had Coppola had his way,
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Apocalypse Now Trailer Online

Apocalypse Now Trailer Online
Love the smell of napalm in the morning? Have we got a treat for you. Francis Ford Coppola's trippy Vietnam masterpiece, Apocalypse Now, is back in cinemas this month, freshly restored and complete with a snappy new trailer (below). It's been given a brand new sheen by its director and offers anyone who missed the Redux version the chance to catch Captain Willard's boat ride on the big screen.For anyone who's been waiting for Chuck Norris to bust them out of a jungle detention centre for the past 32 years, Apocalypse Now sees Martin Sheen's Us Army captain Benjamin Willard accepting a morally murky and dangerous mission to head into off-limits Cambodia and kill a rogue Green Beret, Marlon Brando's Colonel Kurtz.Along the way, there's disorientating snatches of combat, big cats, Kilgore and thundering choppers. Wagner, surfing in the Mekong and Playboy bunnies. Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest,
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DVD and Blu-Ray Releases for January 18, 2010

Hey Fiends! Happy Monday! Got another list of flicks on the format of your choice.

Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Triple Feature (Attack of the Crab Monsters / War of the Satellites / Not of This Earth)

Format: DVD


Three Films Produced And Directed By Honorary Academy Award Recipient And King Of B-Movies, Roger Corman: With All New Film Transfers From The Negative!

In Attack Of The Crab Monsters, a group of scientists become marooned on an island while investigating the disappearance of researchers who were looking into atomic activity in the Pacific. They quickly fall prey to giant, mutant crustaceans that have the ability to absorb the minds of their prey. Starring Russell Johnson (Gilligans Island), Richard Garland and Mel Welles (Little Shop Of Horrors).

An alien comes to Earth, masquerading as a human, to scout our planet for a new blood source in Not Of This Earth. He needs
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Up From the Depths (1979) & Demon in Paradise (1987)

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While Roger Corman, as either a director or producer, can deliver entertaining movies on a stunningly low budget, the law of averages demands that he comes out with a few clunkers. Even the best directors in Hollywood make a stinker now and then, so why shouldn't we expect the same from the King of the B's? And if you're wondering about the number of turkeys Corman has under his belt, think about his massive film catalog (close to 400 producing credits alone). And the budget from most of those films wouldn't cover the weekly catering cost on a major studio production.

Besides, even a Corman turkey can have moments of fun. Up from the Depths and Demon in Paradise, the latest double feature in the Corman Cult Classic series, aren't near as good as some of the earlier Shout! Factory releases, but you won't clawing your eyes out, either.

Both films
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The Man and His Dream: A Francis Ford Coppola Profile (Part 3)

Trevor Hogg profiles the career of legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola in the third of a five-part feature... read parts one and two.

“The success of The Godfather [1972] went to my head like a rush of perfume. I thought I couldn’t do anything wrong,” admitted Oscar-winning director Francis Ford Coppola who decided to produce a $23 million romantic fantasy. “One from the Heart [1982] suffered from the perception of me as some wild, egomaniac Donald Trump type of guy, and once they think about you that way, it’s just so many months before you’re brought down.” A middle class couple (Frederic Forrest and Teri Garr) split up and head off to Las Vegas where they encounter fanciful lovers. “I wanted to take a fable-like story and treat it almost the way [Walt] Disney would approach a story in his animated films,” explained the filmmaker. “If we had made the movie in Las Vegas,
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Apocalypse Now: Full Disclosure Edition Blu-Ray Review

Finally, the definitive Apocalypse Now! Francis Ford Coppola’s mess of a masterpiece is one of those films worth poring over, examining and dissecting, and this format and new supplements make for a heady package. Martin Sheen stars as Captain Benjamin Willard, who along with a boatload of soldiers (Albert Hall, Laurence Fishburne, Sam Bottoms, and Fredrick Forrest) traverse Vietnam on the hunt for Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), who’s gone native and Willard’s mission states that they don’t really want him bringing Kurtz back alive. Along the way, they meet a number of different people, including Lt. Colonel Kilgore (Robert Duvall), Playboy bunnies (including Colleen Camp), and other assorted characters, more so in the Redux version, which includes the famously deleted French colonists. My review of the Apocalypse Now Full Disclosure edition on Blu-ray follows after the jump.

Sheen’s Willard is a mess. Having done his tour of duty,
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