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10 Worst Uses Of Face Paint In Wrestling

Face paint is an old and well-known element of the pro-wrestling world. Throughout different generations, there have been several memorable performers who did their best work with their faces painted, including (but in no way limited to) guys like Jim Hellwig (Ultimate Warrior), Steve Borden (Sting), and Bill Eadie and Barry Darsow (Ax and Smash of Demolition).

Just like masks, the paint helps to extend a wrestler’s visual style and personality above the shoulders, and care needs to be taken to pull it off right. A good piece can enhance a character and present more cosmetic options than masks. A bad piece, however, can completely nullify them.

Without a doubt, there have been some ugly face paints, but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Aja Kong springs to mind… she will not be on this list.

This is simply a collection of the ten more poorly-conceived,
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The Icon: Looking Back On The Career of Sting

Kieran Fisher looks back on the career of Sting following his retirement from in-ring competition…

After an illustrious 30-year career, Sting is expected to retire from professional wrestling, following an injury picked up against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions last year. The Icon’s decision to call it quits comes as no surprise, but it is upsetting for fans who were hoping to see him don the face paint and brandish the bat one last time to end his short-lived WWE career on a high with a victorious Wrestlemania moment. That being said, The Stinger’s impact on the business has been monumental; as one of the biggest stars the industry ever produced, he’ll go down in history as one of the immortals, placed in the upper echelons of wrestling’s most revered legends. However, despite his status in the business, his career was one beleaguered with more mishandling than triumph.
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‘Sting: Into the Light’ Review (WWE)

Other than The Undertaker there are few wrestlers as iconic as Sting. Even to this day he is the face of WCW and seen as one of its most loyal superstars. Now that he’s finally made his move into WWE, we can finally get his story in his own words in Sting: Into the Light.

Featuring the normal style of documentary and selected matches Sting: Into the Light gives us a look into the life of Sting and lets us see the man behind the face paint. We get to hear about how he got into the business in his own words as well as hear him talk about some of the most iconic matches that he has been a part of. Don’t expect any Tna footage here though, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. While his time in Tna is dulled down somewhat, it is mentioned.
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16 Rare Photos Of Sting That WWE Don’t Want You To See

Sting has finally made his debut in the WWE, yet this is a man with a long and storied history. It should come as little surprise that there’s a whole load of Sting photos that WWE don’t want you to see. He’s got a past and that won’t fit in well with McMahon revisionist history.

The other thing about the following candid photos, is that they show Sting without his face paint. WWE want to portray an enigmatic icon, but in reality Sting is just the bible loving Steve Borden. He’s an ordinary dude and there’s almost no mystique to him in the real world.

Now aged 55, Borden isn’t going to be appearing on WWE television all that much. He’s in for a few appearances and one big match with Triple H at WrestleMania 31.

If things go well, there’s a chance he’ll do more matches,
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Indie Spotlight

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We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes a trailer for The Devil’s Hand and Motivational Growth, screening details from Cub, the short film lineup from Screamfest, first details on The Nightmare, and more:

The Devil’s Hand Trailer and Release Date Announced: “When six girls are born on the sixth day of the sixth month to different mothers in the small, devout village of New Bethlehem an ancient prophecy is set in motion — on their 18th birthday one of the girls will become the Devil’s Hand. As the day approaches and one by one the young women begin to disappear, terror overtakes the quiet community and those remaining girls band together to uncover who or what is behind these treacherous acts.

The Devil’s Hand will be available OnDemand and open in theaters
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Gravedigger Set for Release in November by Shami Media Group

A project we've been talking about for a while now, Doug Bollinger's Gravedigger, has been acquired by Shami Media Group, Inc., for worldwide distribution in November; and we have all the details right here!

From the Press Release:

Gravedigger is set to ax the horror genre worldwide! Shami Media Group, Inc., a distribution, marketing, and media leader in worldwide film distribution, recently acquired the film and has set a DVD/VOD release date of November 18, 2014.

Gravedigger was shot in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, a few months after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The movie features a unique cast including TV personalities, professional sports players, reality stars, and rock legends. The original soundtrack is by guitar rock lord Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Guns N’ Roses. Gravedigger, nominated for multiple awards, has won two for Best Thriller Film and Best Actor, Keith Collins.

The film is directed by Doug Bollinger,
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10 Sting Matches You Must Watch On WWE Network

Steve Borden, known to the wrestling world as Sting, is a certifiable legend with an interesting factor that makes him different from all the other wrestling greats of the past 30 years: He’s never worked for Vince McMahon.

All the other Nwa/WCW legends like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and Lex Luger worked for Vince McMahon at some point or another. However, Sting was always hesitant to sign with WWE because he was concerned with the way he would be portrayed on Vince’s show.

However, that all changed a few months back when Vince McMahon and Sting began negotiations for the Stinger to appear on WWE television. While it doesn’t appear that a wrestling contract has been signed yet, Sting will appear in the new WWE 2K15 game and has made some promotional appearances under the WWE name.

So, with that in mind,
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Sting’s WWE Debut: 10 Best Possible Feuds

Ever since Sting’s contract with Tna iMPACT Wrestling expired at the beginning of the year, the inevitable rumours of the Icon’s move to World Wrestling Entertainment have became ever more prominent.

In the past the Stinger has shown apprehension to jumping ship, and casting back to 2001 when Vince MacMahon bought out Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, Sting claimed the reason he didn’t make the move to the WWE was because he didn’t know how his future would be handled.

However, times have changed, Steve Borden is now 55 years old, and after an incredible run in Tna, where he picked up the Tna Heavyweight Championship four times, his legacy continues. Now more than ever, Sting’s fans are calling for him to finally give the fans what they want – debut in the WWE.

After month’s of speculation over if Sting had or hand
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Sting Confirmed As WWE 2K15 Pre Order Bonus

2K Games

It is now all but official that Sting will be WWE 2K15′s pre-order bonus and marketed ‘legend’ selling point. The Figure Four Newsletter confirms this news, noting that Sting will follow in the role previously occupied by Brock Lesnar, Mike Tyson and most recently The Ultimate Warrior. The ‘WWE Sting promo‘ video being cast for last week was indeed the WWE 2K15 video game commercials. This will feature numerous actors dressed as Sting in some sort of orchestra, acting on the connotations of his enigmatic personality.

2K15′s Sting deal and the promo video are separate from the WWE. This is a relationship between Steve Borden and 2K games, with the video game company employing an agency to shoot the Sting promo. However, like the Ultimate Warrior in 2014, Sting’s involvement with 2K is expected to prelude a deal with the WWE itself. His arrangement with 2K is something that suits WWE,
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WWE: 10 Non-Wrestling Roles For Sting


So it looks like Sting, the biggest name in professional wrestling that WWE has never worked with, will finally be signing a deal with the company. After years of fantasy booking from the fans, and the many rumours and speculations that have spread throughout many a forum and gossip column, Sting will eventually make his presence known in the WWE Universe.

For many with nostalgia glasses, it’s a dream scenario finally come true. However, the reality of the situation acts as a blunt shot to the head. Sting, real name Steve Borden, is a fifty-five year old man, and his prime years have unfortunately left him.

The Stinger we know and love from our childhood and young adulthood died along with WCW, and while Sting’s time in Tna lead to a revive that gave quite a few decent matches, it’s more than apparent that present day
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Sting Makes WWE Television Debut – Speaks About Ultimate Warrior


In a quietly historic moment, Sting “Steve Borden” worked his first appearance for WWE in the past week.

Borden appeared on the Ultimate Warrior “Greatest Matches” special exclusive to the WWE Network as one of the guest stars who spoke about his memories of Jim Hellwig. His comments were recorded in the days after Warrior’s death last Tuesday, chronically speaking on the Warrior special after comments from Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

Sting spoke about his favourite Warrior memory, reminiscing about the time Warrior put tuna and orange in a blender and said; “I got my protein and vitamin C all in one.”

Sting and Warrior’s career began at the same time when they were recruited by Rick Bassman in the 80s. Their big break came soon after when they started working for Jerry Jarrett in the mid 1980s as the Power Team USA before turning heel and
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Sting: 5 Awesome Matches And 5 That Sucked

The Man Called Sting is heavily rumored to be joining WWE soon. A longtime loyal WCW icon, Sting is notable for being the biggest star to never work for the company. It appears that’s all about to change, and Sting will be able to have his last run on the big stage before a proper send-off and Hall of Fame induction.

The man born Steve Borden broke into the business in 1985 as Steve “Flash” Borden, one half of Powerteam U.S.A. His partner was Jim “The Justice” Hellwig, who would go on to become 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee The Ultimate Warrior. The two bounced around the territories for a bit before settling in Mid-South as The Blade Runners (Sting and Rock), one of the many generic Road Warrior ripoffs. It wasn’t long before Rock went his own way, heading down to World Class and
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WWE: 10 Steps To Booking Sting vs The Undertaker At WrestleMania 31

#22 is Brock Lesnar. Will #23 be Sting?

Just a quick note at the very top of this before we continue: No, it is by no means confirmed that Undertaker vs Sting will happen at Wrestlemania 31 in Santa Clara and based on some of the feedback I received to the precursor to this article last month, let me preface this by saying that there is by no means a guarantee that WWE will take an approach even remotely close to what I’m about to suggest, should this match be in the works at all.

My background in writing comes from TV drama, so, naturally, I tend to sway towards what I’ve learned about telling a story on screen. It’s not always 100% adequate for WWE’s brand of entertainment and I firmly believe both mediums can borrow from the other. With that said, I hope what I write might inspire some ideas of your own.
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Trailer Park Vol.10 – Transformers in the West are Quiet Ones

Welcome to the tenth installment of Trailer Park, our regular look at the latest trailers to hit the interwebs. This “volume” is features a bevy of trailers and a handful of TV spots (oh how the Americans love their Superbowl Ads) for a wide selection of forthcoming releases, including Transformers 4, Seth MacFarlane’s newest cinematic outing, another Hammer horror and more!

Transformers: Age of Extinction

A Million Ways to Die in the West

Seth MacFarlane directs, produces, co-writes and plays the role of the cowardly sheep farmer Albert in A Million Ways to Die in the West. After Albert backs out of a gunfight, his fickle girlfriend leaves him for another man. When a mysterious and beautiful woman rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin to fall in love. But when her husband, a notorious outlaw, arrives seeking revenge,the farmer must put his newfound courage to the test.
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Indie Spotlight

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes first details on Chainsaw Sally: The Animated Series, release information for Toxin, Patrick: Evil Awakens, and Rabid Love, a trailer for One Please, and much more:

Chainsaw Sally Animated Series: “Horror’s anti-heroine, Chainsaw Sally, to be the center of a brand new animated television series. The series will be a spinoff of The Chainsaw Sally Show starring April Monique Burril and created by JimmyO Burril. The Burrils are directly involved with the show.

Chainsaw Sally is lovable and brutal; the epitome of what a vigilante should be in the horror realm. Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and Fatality Films are elated to make this dream a reality in the coming months. Horror fans watch out – we’re determined to change the way you think about horror programming.
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First Trailer and Artwork Unearthed for Gravedigger

It's been nearly a year since we last told you about the indie flick Gravedigger so we're more than overdue for an update! Get set to dig on the newest bit of artwork and the very first trailer, and look for more on this one soon.

From the Press Release:

Bury your guilt! A vigilante serial killer is stalking, killing, and burying those he has judged guilty; and anyone in this corrupt beach town could be next!

Filmed in New Jersey, the disturbing, twisted shock-fest Gravedigger is a sinister collaboration among the minds of award-winning actor Keith Collins (Stuck in the Middle, The Meat Puppet), Doug Bollinger (Waltzing Anna), Brandon Ruckdashel (Co-ed Confidential), and the eerie ink of NY Emmy Award-winning writer Joseph Pepitone and Billy Pepitone (Stuck in the Middle). It also includes original music from guitar rock genius Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses). This intense horror/thriller
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WWE: Sting Signs Deal?

Sting has finally signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment according to Rob Feinstein of Rf Video.

Despite reports elsewhere claiming that Sting will make a decision on joining the WWE in the next two weeks, Feinstein instead suggests the former World Championship Wrestling and Tna legend is finally working with Vince McMahon after literally years of on again off again negotiations and speculation.

Feinstein posted an update on his Facebook page that read;

I was just informed Sting has signed a deal with WWE in the last 24 hours. I still think personally he will show up after Mania since it seems like Undertaker vs Brock is what they are aiming for. Reminds me when everyone thought Brock would debut in Miami but they waited for Raw.

Although this remains 100% unconfirmed it is the nearest we have come to actually having Steve Borden under the WWE banner and if these
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Indie News Bits: Gravedigger, From Above, Escaping the Dead, Jersey Devil, and More!

  • Cinelinx
The past few days hase seen my inbox fill up with all sorts of Indie Beat stories and that's a great thing! So today, I've rounded them all up into one convenient spot for you to enjoy. So come inside to check out some movie trailers, posters, release dates, and more from the world of independent film!

Here at Cinelinx we like to talk about all aspects of filmmaking and movie news. To that end, we have Indie Beat where we highlight some of the latest news, trailers, and PR releases from the indie filmmaker scene. So if you're an independent filmmaker and want some coverage on our site, be sure to drop us a line at .

* The first official trailer for the Danish zombie apocalypse movie, Escaping the Dead, has been released.

The film has its starting point in a typical day for the lead character,
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WWE: 10 Matches Brock Lesnar Needs To Have Before He Quits

After Brock Lesnar destroyed the Big Show at the recent Royal Rumble PPV, rumours suggest that the former Ufc Heavyweight Champion has his eyes on ending the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania. With Brock’s limited schedule, The Beast’s matches are usually few and far between. After having recent battles with John Cena, Hhh and Cm Punk, only a select few names get to test their mettle against Lesnar.

Given how he abruptly walked out on the WWE in 2004, not to mention those recent rumours of a Ufc return, it remains to be seen just how many WWE matches Brock has left in the tank. Of course, given the big dollars and comfortable workload that his current deal involves, he’d be a fool to not keep his relationship with the E ticking along as long as he can.

Whether Brock’s competitive edge gets the better of him
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WWE Want Sting & Goldberg At WrestleMania 30

According to reports surfacing this weekend, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has his eyes set on two of wrestling’s biggest names for 2014′s WrestleMania PPV from New Orleans.

According to’s exclusive newsletter the company is keen to bring both Sting and Bill Goldberg into the WWE fold in time for the 30th anniversary of the “grandaddy of them all” after it became apparent that Hulk Hogan wasn’t returning.

It certainly isn’t the first time any of these former giants of WCW have been mentioned in regards to a big WrestleMania match but it is believed that WWE is closer than ever to securing them for a deal.

The closest Vince ever came to getting Sting to agree to a short term run was back in 2011 when the WWE began running a series of mysterious vignettes that many fans and so-called Smarks believed would lead
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