What Prop 19? The Future of California's Marijuana Industry

Dreams of legalized marijuana in California went up in smoke this week as Proposition 19, the state's legalization measure, failed to pass with over 40% of the vote. What happens now to the state's pot industry?

The failure of the measure can be attributed partially to marijuana growers in the so-called Emerald Triangle (Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties), where entire towns rely on weed cultivation for revenue. As we explained previously, these growers are invested in keeping the status quo for the marijuana industry in California--they fear that legalization could cause them to be shut out as industrial-scale growers take over.

These growers need to be educated, says Tom Angell, a spokesman for the Yes on 19 campaign. "There was a lot of short-sightedness there. People were worried this might hurt their bottom line, and they failed to properly appreciate that with a little bit of work and planning, they could be in an even better position,
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