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Hollywood royalty by Anne-Katrin Titze

Penélope Cruz as Macarena Granada in Fernando Trueba's The Queen Of Spain is presented an Oscar by Cary Grant

In my conversation with Fernando Trueba at the W Hotel Union Square in New York, he paid tribute to Emilio Ruiz del Río, who also worked with Stanley Kubrick (Spartacus), David Lean (Lawrence Of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago), Nicholas Ray (King Of Kings), John Milius (Conan The Barbarian), and Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth). Fernando's latest, The Queen Of Spain (La Reina De España) stars Penélope Cruz who was also his The Girl Of Your Dreams (La Niña De Tus Ojos) with Antonio Resines, Santiago Segura, Rosa Maria Sardà, Jorge Sanz, Jesús Bonilla, and Loles León, who all return here.

Penélope Cruz as Queen Isabella of Castile with John Scott (Clive Revill): "He is not John Ford but he is inspired by him."

In The Queen Of Spain, Mandy Patinkin,
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The Queen Of Spain review [Berlinale]: Dir. Fernando Trueba (2017)

The Queen Of Spain review: Penelope Cruz reunites with her Belle Epoque director Fernando Trueba for this madcap comedy which features an interesting international cast.

The Queen Of Spain review by Paul Heath at the Berlin Film Festival, 2017.

Queen Of Spain review

Told primarily in its native tongue, but with some English, mostly coming from the American actors in the picture, Trueba’s film is set in 1950s Spain where returning actress Macarena Granada (Cruz) is welcomed home to shoot a Hollywood-financed historical production. We’re introduced to the actress and via reels of archived footage from the day, some real, some enhanced with Cruz’s likeness skillfully inserted. We’re painted an instant picture of Granada’s life up-to-now, both private and professional before quickly shifting to the then present-day and the character of Blas Fontiveros (Antonio Resines), who has also returned home after a long period of time missing.
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Tiff 2010 Top 10 New Faces: #2. Carolina Bang

#2. Carolina Bang --- A Sad Trumpet Ballad This crazy Spanish film from Álex de la Iglesia gets more “bang” for the buck with Carolina Bang. Having worked in mostly Spanish television, she'll next be seen in Jesús Bonilla's La daga de Rasputín with The Last Circus a.k.a A Sad Trumpet Ballad, she plays a character that is a highly symbolic one – one could read her as representing the actual country of Spain with the two mad clowns fighting over its political possession of it. Love how here cleavage, disintegrated mascara and looks of genuine fear.
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