2013 Bradford International Film Festival: Official Film List

The Bradford International Film Festival is typically an underground-friendly fest. This year appears to be no exception with two very special experimental film retrospectives, as well as a few modern underground-type flicks.

The 19th annual Biff will roll on April 11-21 at several locations around Bradford and Leeds in England, including the National Media Museum, Hebden Bridge Picture House, Hyde Park Picture House and other venues.

Biff is hosting a tribute to Stan Brakhage this year by screening the prolific filmmaker’s magnum opus, Dog Star Man, as well as a selection of his short films, from 1963′s legendary Mothlight to 1994′s Black Ice. There’s also going to be an epic-sized tribute/retrospective of experimental films from Austria, a country with a proud avant-garde filmmaking tradition that’s typically overlooked.

From Austria, Biff is, of course, screening two works from one of the experimental film world’s biggest masters,
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Blu-ray Release: The Lord of the Rings Extended Singles

Blu-ray Release Date: Aug. 28, 2012

Price: Blu-ray $34.99 each

Studio: Warner Home Video

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Warner finally split up Peter Jackson’s (The Frighteners) acclaimed The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions on Blu-ray, for fans who only want one or two of the movies and haven’t yet bought the trilogy set.

The extended versions of the Oscar-winning fantasy films, starring Elijah Wood (Treasure Island), Viggo Mortensen (A Dangerous Method) and Sean Astin (The Goonies) and based on the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, have been available in the high-definition format since June 2011 but only in the three-movie set. That collection also contains a heap of featurettes, commentaries and documentaries, including the detailed behind-the-scenes movies by filmmaker Costa Botes. All of those also are in the single sets, which each have five discs and roughly nine hours of special features (standard-definition) as well as the extended films.
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The Ru? Fan Appreciation Instant DVD Collection Giveaway

First off, I have to tell you that this page may load slow. We're making an awful lot of calls to the Amazon Api here, and that's bound to monkey with things. If you have no idea what that means... it's shiny. Please note also that, for the same reason, you may find, depending on traffic, that not all of the Amazon details will load properly. I apologize for that, it's just the nature of the beast, and the fact that the Api wasn't really meant for such things. If you refresh, it will probably fix.

You may have heard me mention this giveaway quite a while ago, and it's taken me a long time to figure out what sort of format to put things in, and I kept added things. Eventually it became too much to really give any kind of run down on the items, so I decided
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Toronto 2011. Real to Reel + Mavericks Previews

  • MUBI
There are a couple of reasons for revisiting the Toronto International Film Festival's lineup for its documentary program, Real to Reel. One of them is Aj Schnack's interview with Thom Powers, Tiff's Documentary and Mavericks Programmer, posted just hours after the Mavericks lineup was announced on Tuesday. Discussing the highlights of both programs, they touch on another reason: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory is making all sorts of headlines. Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's third film chronicling the odyssey of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr, aka the West Memphis Three, through the labyrinth of the Us legal system, follows Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996) and Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000). All three films deal with what Powers calls in his Programmer's Note "an 18-year-old murder case that has become an iconic example of a legal witch hunt." In 1993, when all three men were still teens,
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Brad Pitt, George Clooney lead list of A-listers headed to Tiff 2011 – Awards Alley

By Sean O’Connell Brad Pitt, Keira Knightley, George Clooney, Carey Mulligan, Rachel Weisz, Gerard Butler and Ryan Gosling are heading to Toronto for the 36tht international film festival, which kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 8.

The fest today confirmed the hundreds of celebrities that will be attending the can’t-miss event, promoting films and making the rounds as the annual awards season starts to take shape.

Davis Guggenheim, Francis Ford Coppola, Alexander Payne, Luc Besson, Oren Moverman, Malgoska Szumowska, Bennett Miller, Sarah Polley, Jessica Yu, Michael Winterbottom and Werner Herzog are just a few of the filmmakers who have confirmed their attendance.

Celebrities making the trek include Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, Clive Owen, Jon Hamm, Shahid Kapoor, Michael Fassbender, Michelle Yeoh, Freida Pinto, Glenn Close, Matthew Goode, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Salma Hayek, Viggo Mortensen and Woody Harrelson. Musicians U2, Pearl Jam and Neil Young also are expected to
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Toronto International Film Festival Rolls Out Red Carpet For 2011 Event

Toronto - The 36th Toronto International Film Festival® welcomes hundreds of guests this year. Filmmakers expected to present their world premieres in Toronto include: Davis Guggenheim, Francis Ford Coppola, Alexander Payne, Agnieszka Holland, Guy Maddin, Luc Besson, Bill Duke, Oren Moverman, Malgoska Szumowska, Bennett Miller, Darrell Roodt, Sarah Polley, Jessica Yu, Michael Winterbottom and Werner Herzog.

Actors expected to attend include Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Jeon Do-Yeon, Jon Hamm, Shahid Kapoor, Michael Fassbender, Michelle Yeoh, Freida Pinto, Glenn Close, Matthew Goode, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel Weisz, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Viggo Mortensen and Woody Harrelson. Musicians include: U2, Pearl Jam and Neil Young.

The Festival also welcomes thousands of producers and other industry professionals bringing films to us.

The following filmmakers are expected to attend the Toronto International Film Festival:

Adam Shaheen, Adam Wingard, Adolfo Borinaga Alix Jr., Agnieszka Holland, Akin Omotoso,
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Toronto International Film Festival 2011 Lineup

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News is rolling out of Toronto for this year's festival, with the Galas and the Special Presentations sections announced.  As always with Tiff, the sheer number of films can seem overwhelming, but with new films by David Cronenberg (A Dangerous Method, pictured above), Terence Davies (!), Francis Ford Coppola, Wang Xiaoshuai, Marjane Satrapi & Vincent Paronnaud, and William Friedkin added to big names that premiered already this year (including Almodóvar, Von Trier, Nanni Moretti, and Nicolas Winding Refn) it looks like the 2011 iteration will be as packed with must-see cinema as ever before.  We'll be updating this listing as new lineups are announced.  See Tiff's official website for details.


Albert Nobbs (Rodrigo Garcia, Ireland) Butter (Jim Field Smith, USA) A Dangerous Method (David Cronenberg, France/Ireland/UK/Germany/Canada) From the Sky Down (Davis Guggenheim, USA) A Happy Event (Rémi Bezançon, France) The Ides of March (George Clooney, USA) The Lady (Luc Besson,
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The Toronto International Film Festival has released the complete line-up of their impressive documentary slate

The Toronto International Film Festival has released the complete line-up of their impressive documentary slate which include new works from directors such as Morgan Spurlock, Werner Herzog and Alex Gibney. Herzog explores a triple homicide case in Texas in Into the Abyss; Morgan Spurlock follows fans to San Diego’s Comic-Con in Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope; Jessica Yu delivers a wake-up call about the world’s water supply in Last Call at the Oasis; and Nick Broomfield visits Wasilla, Alaska in his search for the ‘real’ Sarah Palin in Sarah Palin – You Betcha! Here is the complete line-up. Enjoy


Pina Wim Wenders, Germany/France

Canadian Premiere

German master filmmaker Wim Wenders shoots in 3D to capture the brilliantly inventive dance world of Pina Bausch and her company, Tanztheater Wuppertal. Excerpts from many of her most famous pieces are shot outside in the streets and parks of
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Second Round Of Films Announced For Tiff 2011, Includes New Films From Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog, More

A week after the announcement of the first, and largest, wave of films added to this year’s Toronto International Film Festival slate, the festival is now finally rounding out its list, with some of the most interesting additions yet.

Criterion Collection fans will again see a few of their more beloved filmmakers involved here, as Wim Wenders will be bowing his latest film, Pina, during the festival, as will Werner Herzog (not truly a Criterion Collection approved filmmaker, but we’ll count it). Herzog will be bringing his new documentary, Into The Abyss, which looks at those behind at triple homicide, including one man who is on death row and will be put to death just days after speaking with the filmmaker.

Other additions include Ron Fricke’s Baraka follow up, Samsara, Nick Broomfield’s surely controversial documentary Sarah Palin – You Betcha!, and documentaries from Alex Gibney and Morgan Spurlock.
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Toronto Film Festival Announces 2011 Midnight Madness, Documentary and Vanguard Selections

Shawn Ashmore, Ashley Bell, Shannyn Sossamon, Dominic Monaghan and Cory Hardrict in The Day

Photo: Content Media The 2011 Toronto International Film Festival announced 56 more movies added to its festival line-up this year with selections in the Vanguard, Midnight Madness, Documentaries, City to City and Tiff Kids programs. And to be honest, the line-up is filled with titles, most of which are absolutely new to me.

I have seen one of the films under the Vanguard banner, a selection of young and cutting edge features and I've heard of Joachim Trier's Oslo, August 31, Ben Wheatley's Kill List (watch the trailer to the right) was a hit at South by Southwest earlier this year and the documentary selections include familiar names such as Werner Herzog, Morgan Spurlock, Jonathan Demme, Alex Gibney and Wim Wenders, the latter of which is delivering a 3D documentary centered on the dance world of Pina Bausch and her company.
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Blu-Ray Review: Amazing Extended Edition Box Set of ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Chicago – A few times every year, a box set comes into our office that simply feels beyond review. What is there to say about something as notable as the “Alien Quadrilogy” with its five days worth of special features or the gorgeous set for the “Back to the Future” movies? They’re must-owns that are beyond any minor criticism. Such is also the case with Warner Bros.’ recently-released set for the extended editions of Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” films. If you own a Blu-ray player, it’s incomplete without this box set. It’s that simple.

Blu-Ray Rating: 5.0/5.0

Is there any room for criticism with Fifteen Discs of material? Well, the only thing that might raise an eyebrow is that 60% of those discs aren’t actually Blu-ray discs. The supplemental material for each film is included in standard DVD form. Of course, it’s the films
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The Lord Of The Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition Blu-Ray Review

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition has finally come to Blu-Ray, and in true "My Precious" fashion, this is the collection to own. For those who have already seen the extended editions of the films, you know that they add a new level to the already incredible series. For those who haven't, put together you're adding two additional hours of runtime. That's a pretty significant bonus right there, and that time includes some key moments from the trilogy that many fans were looking for.

The 15-Disc set includes more than 26 hours of bonuses, including four commentary tracks for each film (Director & Writers, Design Team, Production & Post-Production, and Cast), and the truly incredible Costa Botes behind-the-scenes documentaries. These are no ordinary behind-the-scenes features, and cover every aspect of the process with amazing footage.

Each film comes with five discs, two Blu-Rays of the film, and three standard discs filled with bonus features.
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Cinephile Deal: The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition on Blu-ray for $69.96

Walmart is selling The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition + Digital Copy) on Blu-ray for only $69.96 (with free shipping), 42% off the list price of $119.98. This price is 3 cents below the Amazon price tag for this Blu-ray and $20 below’s price tag.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Blu-ray Cover

What you get with The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Extended Edition + Digital Copy) on Blu-ray:

The Quest Is Over: All 3 Extended Versions in Dazzling 1080p and DTS HD-ma 6.1 Audio. This Deluxe 15-Disc Set Includes 9 Special Features DVDs with over 26 Hours of Spellbinding Behind-the-Moviemaking Material Including the Rare “Costa Botes” Documentaries. “Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring” – With the help of a courageous fellowship of friends and allies, Frodo embarks on a perilous mission to destroy the legendary One Ring. “Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
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Lord of the Rings Extended Edition

  • Comicmix
Let’s stipulate upfront that Peter Jackson’s adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings may be as perfect an adaptation of the source material as we are apt to get in our lifetimes. From the casting to the visuals to Howard Shore’s amazing score, this movie was a monumental achievement well deserving of its accolades and box office success.

We thought the theatrical releases were stunning until we saw the extended editions released on home video, complete with new bridging score music from Howard Shore so it all feels seamless and not at all tacky. Apparently, Jackson doesn’t consider these to be his director’s cuts or even his final word on the subject, but unlike George Lucas doesn’t appear to be making a career out of tinkering with the trilogy.

Last year, Warner Home Video gave us the theatrical trilogy on Blu-ray and we appreciated them,
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Middle-earth Midnight Madness

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One Ring. One Release. One Unforgettable Night.

Here’s the skinny: Warner Home Video is finally unleashing the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray this coming June 28. As part of the celebration, Warner Bros is hosting midnight screenings to remind you of just how cool these movies are. What follows is the formal press release. Our review of the handsome box set with its hours and hours of bonus material will be on hand next weekend.

Burbank, Calif., June 17, 2011 — On June 28, Warner Home Video will release all three of Peter Jackson’s visual masterpieces on Blu-ray in a 15-disc stunning collection entitled The Lord of the Rings™ The Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition. To celebrate the occasion, Warner Home Video has announced a count-down to “Middle-earth Midnight Madness” celebratory event at Best Buy’s West Los Angeles location, 11301 W. Pico Blvd., where fans can join
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Win: The Lord Of The Rings: Extended Edition Blu-rays, We Have 2 To Give Away!

Perhaps the greatest film trilogy of all time, Peter Jackson’s complete Lord of the Rings saga, his adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth odyssey, finally gets the Extended Edition Blu-ray upgrade from next month.

Released on June 27th, this is the only Lotr Blu set you need as it contains the best versions of all three films and expands on back-stories, adds more meat on the bones and of course gives Christopher Lee’s Saruman a much needed finale. I haven’t watched the theatrical discs in years, the extended is the only way I would ever consider going.

We have teamed up with Entertainment Film Distributors to give away Two of these gorgeous Blu-ray sets that will retail at £54.99 next month and which I pre-ordered myself the first day it was announced. I expect to watch the whole 15 discs, containing the 10 hour+ film trilogy and the 25 hours of
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Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions Coming to Theaters This June

Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions Coming to Theaters This June
As a way to build awareness for the upcoming Blu-ray release for the Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions, Warner Bros. will be theatrically releasing the extended editions into AMC Theaters this June. TheOneRing reports that The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition will open June 14th, The Two Towers: Extended Edition will open June 21st, and The Return of the King: Extended Edition will hit on June 28th, the same day that Blu-ray trilogy of the extended editions hits stores. Now the real question is whether or not these films will feature intermissions or if the hardcore Lotr fans will happily sit through a four-hour feature. I’m betting on the latter.

Hit the jump for a list of special features included on the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: Limited Extended Edition Blu-ray. The 15-disc set has an Srp of $119.98.

Here’s the breakdown
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Lord of the Rings Special Edition Blu-ray Boasts 26 Hours of Special Features on 15 Discs & Coming June 28th

  • HeyUGuys
A few weeks ago, I posted info on the Blu-ray for Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings box set which appear on Amazon Us. There was no information however on when it was going to hit shop shelves in the UK… until now!

Entertainment Film have just let us know that the special edition of the movie which won 11 Academy Awards is coming to Blu-ray on June 28th and will consist of 15 discs with more than 26 hours of special features including the Costa Botes Documentaries.

If you’re a fan of all things Lord of the Rings, then you won’t want to miss this!

You can keep track of all the latest on the official Lotr Facebook page.

Read on for more info:

The Lord Of The Rings™ Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition

On Blu-ray™ June 28

Extended Versions of all Three Films on 15 Discs

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The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition Blu-ray Hits June 28th

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition Blu-ray Hits June 28th
Following last year's successful Blu-ray premiere of the original theatrical versions of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy, Warner Home Video will release all three of Peter Jackson's visual masterpieces in their extended editions on June 28 as a stunning 15-disc Blu-ray collection, The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition (Blu-ray).

One of the most magical, intensely spectacular epic adventures in motion picture history comes alive when these extended editions explode onto Blu-ray with unsurpassed high definition picture and sound. Sound + Vision Magazine ranked the 2010 release of the Trilogy as #5 in their Top 10 Blu-rays of the Year, noting that it was one of only two releases to earn five stars for sound and calling it "breathtaking." Now fans can see and hear the extended trilogy at home the way it was meant to be seen, on Blu-ray Hi-Def. Based on the length of
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Lord Of The Rings: Limited Extended Edition Blu-ray on Sale June 28th

Warner Bros. has sent out a press release announcing the release date and special features for the upcoming The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy. For starters, only Fellowship of the Ring is getting a restoration, and while the regular-edition Blu-ray release proved that it needed one, it's weak sauce that Warner Bros. isn't bothering with cleaning up The Two Towers and Return of the King. As for the special features, the majority are DVD-only and are being ported straight from the already-released extended editions. The only new features are behind-the-scenes documentaries from director Costa Botes. So essentially if you buy the Blu-ray extended editions, you're getting 15 discs, but if you bought the original extended edition DVDs, you already own two-fifths of this "new" set. And what's the price tag on this bad boy? $119.98 Srp. Hit the jump to check out the list of special features. The Lord of the Rings
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