Robin Thicke on Being a Father and Unconditional Love

How excited we were back in April to find out that R&B superstar Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton gave birth to their first son, Julian. Mr. Blue-Eyed Soul, one of today's hottest talents, now adds the title of "daddy" to his extensive resume of singer, songwriter and producer. Last week, the cute lil' man turned two months old, and Thicke couldn't be happier to be celebrating his first official Father's Day....Here's what you had to say:Kim commented: "That's beautiful. I love him and Paula. I'm sure that little boy is in the best hands."T2 wrote: "Beautiful, I really like this guy."  
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The Best And Worst Villains Of 2009

Let's face it 2009 was not such a great year for movies – at least mainstream releases anyway. There were so many films that promised to tease, tantalize or entertain us with their fancy looking trailers and the end results where less than stellar. Genre films appear to be the biggest draws at the box office with stories that focus on battles between good and evil. Represented by one or several antagonists or villains, evil within a story can often be more fascinating than good. A good villain has the power to outshine the hero with his intelligence, quick wit or twisted philosophy. Unfortunately there also seems to be an equal number of terrible villains in films. They say a film is only as good as its villain and a poorly developed villain can also ruin a picture. Sometimes it's due to bad writing, other times it is the fault of the actor.
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Looking for Inspiration for Hotel Design? Try Violent, Profane Movies

Quentin Tarantino's cult classic, Reservoir Dogs, with its cast of violent, sociopathic killers with names straight out of a Crayola box--Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink--was the inspiration for a 10-pack of rooms at the recently-opened Paradise Tower at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Like skulls stenciled on your bedroom wall? Got that. A bed illuminated by blue neon? Check. Wall-sized images of topless women enjoying a post-coital smoke above the headboard? No problem.

"Everyone was so afraid we'd look like another Morgans Hotel property," says Hard Rock Cmo Phil Shalala. "But we kept our brand." Indeed.

The ten pool suites in "The Dime" were designed by South African designer Mark Zeff of ZeffDesign and Las Vegas-based designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces to be decadent, party-like-a-rock-star spaces. Each one is outfitted with the accoutrements critical to the life of a hard-partying young music or entertainment industry
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Top 10 Quentin Tarantino Characters

(from left to right) Cast of Pulp Fiction with Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta Top 10 Quentin Tarantino Characters This was not an easy list by any stretch. As I went through Quentino Tarantino's films and jot down my favorite characters from each, my list continued to grow and grow... well beyond ten names. At one point I thought I would do a top 15, but that would have meant leaving off a couple of characters I didn't want to see left out and I didn't want to have to go up to 20 because at that point it just becomes excessive and sort of ruins the fun of narrowing things down to ten and taking a stand. So I ended with ten, but made sure to list my honorable mentions at the end, a list that still left a couple of names out of the
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5 Awesome Underrated Heist Films

With the release of Tony Scott.s Taking of Pelham 123, and the upcoming Michael Mann film Public Enemies, a lot of people are probably in the mood to check out more heist films (especially considering Scott.s isn.t very satisfying). By now everyone is familiar the big ones like Oceans 11, Heat, Dog Day Afternoon, etc., so here are some lesser-known but equally great films to satisfy your heist jones:The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 (Original 1974 version)Obviously the remake is going to raise everyone.s awareness of the original, so it might not be as underrated from now on, but it.s so good that it deserves all the promotion it can get. The plot is basically just like the remake; a grumpy pencil-pushing transit cop (Walter Matthau) is begrudgingly dragged into diffusing a hostage situation when a group of criminals led by mercenary Bernard Ryder/Mr. Blue
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The Timing of "Pelham 1 2 3"

  • IFC
I first saw Joseph Sargent's original "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" at Film Forum less than a month before September 11th. The theater's later revival of the classic 1974 heist movie unspooled two weeks after the blackout of 2003. The coincidental timing of both engagements reinforced what makes Sargent's film (with a script by Peter Stone, based on John Godey's 1973 novel) one of the best movies about New York City: a group of disparate Gotham cranks, weirdoes and hotheads come together in the face of disaster. The original "Pelham" may have been made during the era when President Ford told the city, reeling from crime and near-bankruptcy, to "drop dead," but the passengers aboard that hijacked subway car and the team of negotiators led by Walter Matthau's grumpy Transit Authority cop proved they weren't going down without a few up-yours to the quartet of hoods who messed with them.
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Retro Cafe: 'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three'

Modern thrillers, and action films to an extent, seem to me to take themselves pretty seriously. I love the 'Bourne' films, which are probably the new benchmark of modern thriller filmmaking, but there seems very little time taken in contemporary thrillers to give the audience little respites of humor, even in the relationships between characters.

Action-thrillers from the 1970s seem to me to have a much greater sense of fun and levity to them. A film like The French Connection, doubtless as gritty and downright thrilling as any film you will ever see, has a huge number of terrific lines and moments between the lead characters that bring them down to earth and away from Superman-like invincibility.

Then there's The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. Not forgotten by any means, but there’s no doubt that it has been overtaken in the public's collective memory by the more revolutionary
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Taking Of Pelham 123 Trailer Now Online

Heck of a week for getting our first look at Tony Scott’s The Taking Of Pelham 123 – first came the launch of the movie’s poster, and now the trailer for the Denzel Washington/John Travolta thriller has gone live over at Yahoo! Movies.The remake of Joseph Sargent’s 1974 heist thriller, The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three, Scott’s modern update sees Washington’s Everyman New York subway controller go head-to-head with Travolta’s psycho criminal, after the latter hijacks a subway train.The original, which pitted Walter Matthau against Robert Shaw’s cold-blooded Mr. Blue, was an undeniably tense, but playful affair. The remake, apart from one brief exchange between Washington’s character and his wife regarding milk, seems to be a much more intense, serious and, dare we say, dour affair.It’s very Tony Scott, with jazzy, flashy camerawork and whiplash editing, and clearly
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Review: 'Incredible Hulk' DVD

  • Comicmix
Ang Lee’s Hulk film failed because he spent too much time on the Jekyll/Hyde aspects, the very ones that inspired Stan Lee. After all these years, people wanted to see the Hulk leap and smash things. When he leapt, we cheered, but there just wasn’t enough of it.

Director Louis Leterrier achieved a far better balance in this year’s Incredible Hulk which builds on the mythos while firmly settling into the new Marvel Cinema Universe. He wisely covers the obligatory origin materials during the title sequence and then gives us a story.

Unfortunately, the story just wasn’t as gripping as we had hoped. The film, arriving Tuesday on DVD, is largely the Army hunting the Hulk as Bruce Banner searches for a cure. While that worked fine in the 12-page Tales to Astonish stories, it’s not nearly enough for a feature film. The biggest
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'Reservoir Dogs' Game Preview

[/link] > Michael Madsen > Official Game site It sounded like a good idea at the time, but having seen this footage (scroll down) from the new "Reservoir Dogs" game... well... doesn't seem so good, you know? You can check out the official site, which features the most annoying loop in the world. But to spare I pasted key info below... Read-up and check out the footage for yourself... "Reservoir Matrix" would have been a more appropriate title. The Game: Relive the events surrounding the movie – experience the fallout from the botched heist first hand and guide the robbers from the cops to safety. Find out how Mr. White made good his escape, see where Mr. Pink stashed the diamonds, learn how Mr. Blonde picked up Officer Marvin Nash, experience the fates of Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown, and sort out the whole sorry mess as Nice Guy Eddie.
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