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In The Heart Of The Sea Gets a Funny Nsfw Mashup Trailer

If you have your finger on the pulse of internet memes and viral videos, you probably remember one from a few months ago in which a couple of Boston guys came across a sunfish while they were out on the water. The man filming it, Michael Bergin, cursed like a sailor (appropriately enough) and narrated the entire thing, and if you haven't seen it, at least the first few minutes are essential viewing to prepare you for what's to come. So take a look at the original (Nsfw) video right here, and then meet me below for the rest:

Pretty ridiculous, right? Not as ridiculous as this new video by Tom Hyndman, who mashed up that video with the trailer for Ron Howard's new whale hunting film In the Heart of the Sea (which opens in theaters this Friday). This is pretty damn funny, and even though it's not
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Boston Man Reacts to Wicked ''Sea Monstah'': Watch the Nsfw Video!

Boston Man Reacts to Wicked ''Sea Monstah'': Watch the Nsfw Video!
"We're seeing some s--t we ain't nevah seen before, kid!" Is it a sea monstah, a floundah, maybe a tunah? We don't know! Stupefied fisher and man with a wicked-cool accent Michael Bergin has shared a video to Facebook from the great city of Boston where he and friend Jason Foster (a.k.a. "Jay") find something in the water that blows their f--king minds. What follows is 5-minutes of Mike losing his cool over a "dying" sea creature which he debates eating or rescuing. Did we mention this video's Nsfw? Cameraman Mike drops a lot of questionable language, but to be fair, you would too if you encountered a "monstrous f--king thing" like this,...
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"Baywatch" Reunion for The Hoff -- Which Show Star Is Pregnant?

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Some of David Hasselhoff's rarely-seen "Baywatch" costars came out of the woodwork this weekend to celebrate his 60th birthday at Greystone Manor -- and one of them is pregnant!Kelly Packard, who played April from 1997-1999, showed off her very noticeable baby bump while the cast posed together on top of "Knight Rider" car Kitt. According to her IMDb, Packard already has three kids with husband Darrin Privett.But she wasn't the only one making an appearance. Jaason Simmons, who hasn't really been seen in public since coming out in 2008, attended the bash -- as did Michael Bergin, Gena Lee Nolin and a bearded Jeremy Jackson.Check out what the rest of the cast looks like in the gallery above -- and find out which of them still look good in a swimsuit!Fyi: Good luck finding a recent shot of Yasmine Bleeth. She seems to have vanished in
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Opening This Week: Ed Harris goes Western, Keira Knightley goes corseted (again)

  • IFC
By Neil Pedley

Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen put their signature on an oater, but they're not the only ones to head west this week . an all-star cast led by Charlize Theron charge into Seattle, Wayne Wang follows the travels of a Chinese scientist visiting his daughter in Spokane, Neil Labute tries vilifying the L.A.P.D. and Ricky Gervais heads across the pond to bring his schtick to an American comedy.

"All of Us"

In this documentary, filmmaker Emily Abt follows Dr. Mehret Mandefro, a young, Ethiopian-born, Harvard-educated physician working in the South Bronx, and her efforts to both treat and bring awareness to the plight of African-American women affected by the HIV virus. Through her research with two of her patients and their own candid stories and circumstances, Dr. Mandefro highlights some of the key factors that have led to a steep increase in the number of
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David DeCoteau redoing horror films

David DeCoteau redoing horror films
New York -- Several classic horror tales are getting a gay makeover courtesy of Regent Studios, its sister cable channel Here! Networks and cult director David DeCoteau.

The helmer has inked a two-year deal with Regent to direct 10 films and two television series through his Rapid Heart Pictures shingle.

The projects, some of which will be released theatrically by Regent in the fall, include Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum" and adaptations of works by H.G. Wells and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. New features will also be made for "The Brotherhood" and "The Invisible Chronicles," two ongoing TV/DVD series.

All of the legendary tales in the slate will be refashioned to include gay themes, as was DeCoteau's recently released Poe adaptation "House of Usher." The only film confirmed for release this Fall is the "pansexual" film noir "Playing With Fire," starring Susan Anton and Michael Bergin.

DeCoteau has produced and/or directed more than 50 genre films over the past two decades, including "Leeches!" "Creepozoids" and "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama," after his start in the mid-'80s gay porn industry.
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Bergin Sent to Jail

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Bergin Sent to Jail
Former Baywatch star Michael Bergin has been sent to jail for 30 days after being found guilty of a felony drink driving charge. The actor and former Calvin Klein model left professional rollerblader Jenny Armstrong with broken bones after he drove into her at a busy West Hollywood cross-section on the fifth anniversary of his famous ex-girlfriend Carolyn Bessette's death. Bergin pleaded not guilty to drink driving felony charges after the accident but a Los Angeles judge has sentenced him to jail after telling him yesterday "You could have killed somebody". Outside court, a tearful Bergin told reporters, "It's an unfortunate situation and I'm glad part of it's over."

Bergin Arrested for Drunk Driving

Bergin Arrested for Drunk Driving
Former Baywatch hunk Michael Bergin has been arrested for drunk driving. The actor, who recently shocked America with his tell-all book about his romance with former girlfriend Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, was arrested on Friday and charged with felony driving under the influence. Police reportedly pulled Bergin over after he allegedly struck a woman who was rollerblading across a West Hollywood street. The 35-year-old actor spent Friday night in jail before his release after he posted bail. The woman who was allegedly struck has been hospitalized since the accident and must undergo surgery for her injured leg.

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