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Us And Them Review [SXSW 2017]

Joe Martin’s Us And Them is less a dangerous class-warfare battle and more a steamy soapbox rant. It’s positioned as “a deadly game of chance,” but don’t expect some Saw-like torture chamber. Anti-establishment angst fuels a fire that rages in the name of social responsibility, through tirades that attack fat-cat bankers who “don’t understand” a working man’s struggle. You can see where Martin draws influence from Guy Ritchie (narrative choices) and Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, yet Us And Them‘s bark is worse than its bite. This is a human story about people who look for answers in all the wrong places, and the chaos that ensues. Blowhard, ill-conceived chaos that goes up or down in flames, depending on your personal outlook.

Jack Roth stars as an underprivileged youth named Danny. For years he’s squeaked by with minimal compensation, stuck in an economic
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SXSW 2017 Review: Us And Them is a Defiant Feature Debut from Writer / Director Joe Martin

The most that any of us can hope for is just surviving. Isn’t it time we started living? Us and Them squarely takes on economic pressures that are building in the UK (and frankly, issues that are affecting nearly every other country on the map these days), as Danny (Jack Roth), a member of the lower class who recently lost his father to suicide, decides to take his frustrations out on a wealthy banker and his family to inspire others in his predicament to start fighting back against the elite. But when his plan goes south, that’s when all hell breaks loose, and we see just how much of a motivator money can be, especially when it comes to murder.

Us and Them begins with Phillipa (Sophie Colquhoun) taking her boyfriend, Glen (Paul Westwood), home to meet her affluent parents. On their travels to the family estate, the
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Movie Review – UK18 (2017)

UK18, 2017.

Directed by Andrew Tiernan.

Starring Shona McWilliams, Ian Hart, Jean-Marc Barr, Jack Roth, Tim Bentinck, and Jason Williamson.


A documentary film-maker suspects she is being brainwashed by a secret government organisation.

Set in a not-so-distant, not-so-unrecognisable dystopian future, Andrew Tiernan’s faux surrealist documentary makes the case that conspiracy theorists were right all along, and the government really is trying to brainwash us.

UK18 follows Eloise, a Scottish documentary-maker living in an outer-inner-city suburb (probably London), as she films, compiles and edits a documentary on mysterious RFIDs, which are tiny government-issued chips designed to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of the general population: from cashless transactions to the early detection and elimination of diseases like Alzheimer’s. What Eloise finds is that RFIDs are actually a method of population control, with criminals and the disabled mysteriously disappearing after being forced to take part in Rfid trials. In alternative
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Watch the trailer for dystopian thriller UK18

Keeps on Burning Films has released a poster and trailer for its low-budget independent dystopian thriller UK18, which is directed by Andrew Tiernan and features a cast that includes Shona McWilliams, Ian Hart, Jean-Marc Barr, Jack Roth, Tim Bentinck, The Artist Taxi Driver and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods. Check them out here…

UK18 is about Eloise (Shona McWilliams), a documentary film-maker, who starts to suspect that she is being brainwashed by a secret Government Organisation. The film is set in 2018, neoliberalism has turned into neofascism and the Government has implemented a compulsory Rfid chip program for every citizen of the UK.

UK18 is available to stream now on Amazon Prime.
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Parkland takes hostage drama 'Us And Them'

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Parkland takes hostage drama 'Us And Them'
Exclusive: Jack Roth will star in the Joe Martin-directed feature.

London based Parkland Pictures has taken worldwide sales rights on Joe Martin’s drama Us And Them.

The film stars Jack Roth (Brimstone) as a disenfranchised young man who plans to take the family of a wealthy banker (Tim Bentinck) hostage before forcing him to gamble with their lives.

Further cast include Andrew Tiernan (The Pianist), Sophie Colquhoun (The Inbetweeners Movie) and Daniel Kendrick (Ripper Street).

Director Martin also wrote the screenplay for Jeremy Sokel’s production outfit Under The Woods Productions.

The feature will be produced by Danielle Clarke, who previously collaborated with Martin on documentary Keep Quiet, which premiered at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in April.

Parkland’s current slate also includes Rebecca Ferguson thriller Despite The Falling Snow.
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Who would ever dare kill off The Archers? | Linda Grant

A recent Archers panel discussion – and a message from Scruff – made me see all the more clearly how important its storylines have become to its audience. It’s like a jumbo jet that can never land: all the BBC can do is not let it crash

In the spring I took part in a panel discussion about The Archers at a literary festival. I was there, in a way, to represent the audience while also having some understanding, as a novelist, of the difficulties faced by writers of long-form drama. The other panel members were two scriptwriters and a cast member (Timothy Bentinck, who plays David Archer). After the event, we panel members went for dinner at the restaurant of a grand hotel, and while we were eating, the waiter handed us a note delivered from another table. “Enjoy your meal,” it read. This might have been interpreted as a friendly message from a fan,
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Pat Sharp teams with Dave Benson-Phillips for Pointless Celebrities

The lineup for this year's Pointless Celebrities series has been announced by BBC One.

Beginning with an August 9 comedy special, the upcoming series will feature different themes each week.

Four teams of two from the world of music, TV, soaps, sport, food and drink, journalism, radio and theatre will compete for charity in weekly specials to air on Saturday evenings on BBC One.

The first show pits Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson from Birds of a Feather against Ronni Ancona and Phil Cornwell, Su Pollard and Ruth Madoc, and Josh Widdicombe and his partner Sara Pascoe.

Standout teams from the series include Stefan Dennis and fellow Neighbours star Rebekah Elmaloglou, who will square off against Ray Quinn and Louis Emerick from Brookside.

Antony Costa from Blue will team with 5ive's Scott Robinson in the music special, while TV stars Louie Spence and Carol McGiffin will face off against the likes
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BBC Comedy: The Royal Bodyguard

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The Royal Bodyguard

N Conrad

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On Boxing day, Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason returns to the BBC after an absence of two decades. He takes on the role of Captain Guy Hubble, an ex-guardsman who is appointed as the royal bodyguard after he saves the Queen’s life. Jason’s character has a number of run-ins with his boss Colonel Dennis Whittington who fears that the mishap prone captain may place the monarch’s life in jeopardy.

The new sitcom is written by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni and produced by Jimmy Mulville for Hat Trick Productions. Appearing alongside Sir David Jason are Geoffrey Whitehead, Tim Downie and Timothy Bentinck. The first episode will air at 9.30 p.m. on 26 December. On BBC One.

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BBC Shakespeare Series 2012

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Must Watch: Fantastic New Short Starring Nicholas Hoult & Imogen Poots – Rule Number Three

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We get sent a lot of emails about new movies coming out and often quite a few shorts. As much as I love working on HeyUGuys what feels like 24 hours a day (I’m writing this post at 1.30am to prove the point) but problems come when trying to find time to to prioritise what to look at! In this instance, I’m so pleased that I found the time to watch this brand new short called Rule Number Three.

It’s been written and produced by James Cotton (7th Reel Pictures) and directed by Tom Ludlam who have managed to get fabulous British actors, Nicholas Hoult and Imogen Poots with Timothy Bentinck to star in it (all of whom are fantastic!). The short is 11 minutes long and uses the board game Scrabble to tell a very simple yet very clever story. Neither of the two main characters engage in
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Celebrating 40 years of Nancy Banks-Smith

For 40 years Nancy Banks-Smith has delighted Guardian readers with her brilliant TV reviews. Her first editor Michael McNay recalls her early days in the job, and the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Lynda La Plante explain why they love her work

Classic reviews from Nancy Banks-Smith

Nancy Banks-Smith left the Sun, which had just been bought by Rupert Murdoch and relaunched as a tabloid, to join the Guardian 40 years ago. She was the new star in a constellation that included the plummy but brilliant opera and drama critic Philip Hope-Wallace (old enough to have seen Pavlova dance, he once told me), and the sainted or at least knighted octogenarian Neville Cardus, who wrote his copy in longhand and had it delivered by taxi.

Peter Preston, then features editor, had made it one of his first tasks to create the Guardian's first full daily arts page. Within
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