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subHysteria Movies into Post Production

A film that was shot mostly improv' "subHysteria," is currently finishing in post production with sound editing being director Leonard Zelig's focus. Although not finished and ready for fans the "first 11 minutes" of the film has been completed and shown at the Venezuelans on Broadway, a group of artists/filmmakers, and "all the people like what they saw." Moving towards a distribution date shortly the first teaser and one sheet is available for fans. Have a look at the actor's reactions in the clip as neither they nor the audience know what will happen next.

A synopsis for "subHysteria" here...

"Sixteen people get stuck in a subway car in NYC for 36 hours, without communication, food, way to escape, and a fatal sensation that they are going to die.

A raw display of human behavior when one confronts the possibility of death (Sub...)."

Director: Leonard Zelig.

Writers: Leonard Zelig, and Roberto Alcazar.
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