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Leonardo DiCaprio Attacked in Defamation Lawsuit for Not Doing Enough Character Research

Leonardo DiCaprio Attacked in Defamation Lawsuit for Not Doing Enough Character Research
This is a legally hazardous time for movies and television shows that are loosely based on true events. Several lawsuits concerning fictionalized history are in the advanced stages with forthcoming decisions primed to articulate First Amendment principles and possibly set boundaries for filmmakers.

One case concerns The Wolf of Wall Street, the Oscar-nominated 2013 film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as convicted stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The production companies associated with the movie — including Paramount Pictures, Red Granite Pictures, Scorsese's Sikelia Productions and DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions — are being sued by Andrew Greene, who in the mid-1990s was general...
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Doc NYC Review: ‘Maddman: The Steve Madden Story’ is a Lively Look at the Man Behind the Shoe

Functioning in the mode of a lifestyle documentary like Dogtown and Z-Boys, Ben Patterson’s Maddman: The Steve Madden Story tells the sweeping take the shoe impresario, a self-made man who started from the bottom as a shoe salesman, worked his way to the top, fell from grace, and came back leading his Long Island City-based design house. It’s a lively, energetic story that only occasionally veers into that documentary gray area called Branded Content. In the opening random shoppers are asked, “What do you know about Steve Madden?,” and evidently nobody knows much about the man.

Told through interviews with Madden, his brother John, his ex-wife Wendy, and several key employees, many from the old days relay the story of how a fashion brand with one SoHo store grew into a billion dollar business. After a modest success with his signature Marilyn shoe, his company goes public via
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Here's Where Else You've Seen Punisher Star Jon Bernthal

Image Source: Netflix A plethora of comic book fans have tuned in for the premiere of the controversial Daredevil spinoff series, The Punisher. Jon Bernthal reprised his role as the merciless vigilante the Punisher, aka Frank Castle. Where else have people seen the actor behind the questionable hero, though? Has it been killing you because you know that you recognize him from somewhere, but can't quite figure out what? We've got all the info, and as it turns out, the actor isn't a stranger to the world of onscreen crime and violence. Jon Bernthal has been credited with a lot more than his now-signature role of Frank Castle. Following a long list of smaller movies and television roles, he landed one of his first bigger roles as Rick Ricardelli in 2010's Ghost Writer. Right around that time, he also made his first appearance as award-nominated series regular, antagonist, and outbreak
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‘Maddman’ Succumbs To The Cult Of Personality Of Steve Madden [Doc NYC Review]

The name Steve Madden is an interesting one. For those who came of age in the ‘90s, Madden’s shoes, with their ridiculous, disproportionate advertisements, their high-fashion style, and their affordable cost were defining and, pretty quickly, ubiquitous. But, in the last two decades, the shoe mogul has been most associated with Wall Street and his notorious transgression: Early in his company’s growth, Madden hitched his wagon to Jordan Belfort — of “Wolf Of Wall Street” fame — and became embroiled in an insider trading scheme.

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15 Interesting Facts about Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street was supposedly the true story of Jordan Belfort, an stockbroker that made his fortune by lying to people and swindling anyone that he could. Leonardo DiCaprio played a rather interesting version of the character and Margot Robbie was a stunning but very cold individual that complimented him quite nicely. It was a movie about some of the worst people in history and while some of it was made up a lot of it was unfortunately very true. Here are a few facts you might find interesting. There’s another story that tells how McConaughey started doing

15 Interesting Facts about Wolf of Wall Street
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'Wolf of Wall Street' Producers Push for End to "Libel in Fiction" Lawsuit

With tales of how the guy suing them once had a large role at Stratton Oakmont, was witnessed having sexual relations with a prostitute and ingested Quaaludes and marijuana during his time at the disgraced brokerage firm, the producers of Wolf of Wall Street are seeking an end to a libel lawsuit. On Friday, Paramount Pictures, Red Granite, Martin Scorsese's Sikelia Productions, and Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way highlighted evidence in advance of a summary judgment motion.

The lawsuit comes from Andrew Greene, who in the mid-1990s was general counsel at Stratton Oakmont, where he worked with Jordan Belfort and acted as...
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'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Still Owes Feds $97.5 Million

  • TMZ
There might be a 'Wolf of Wall Street' sequel after all because the real life guy is still heavily in debt to the United States, and the government is digging into his pockets to get the dough. According to new legal docs ... Jordan Belfort still owes the victims a whopping $97,538,621.34 in restitution to satisfy a $110 million judgment against him. Prosecutors for the Eastern District of New York are done waiting for him to make good,
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Shoe Designer, Ex-Con – ‘Maddman’ Doc Explores the Mysterious Steve Madden (Exclusive Video)

  • The Wrap
Shoe Designer, Ex-Con – ‘Maddman’ Doc Explores the Mysterious Steve Madden (Exclusive Video)
“Maddman: The Steve Madden Story,” a new documentary from Ben Patterson, poses the question: Who is the iconic shoe designer, really? “I didn’t even think Steve Madden was a real guy,” one bystander says in the clip, obtained exclusively by TheWrap. “I just thought it was a brand.” “I know he was in that movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,'” said another. Also Read: FBI Seeks 'Wolf of Wall Street' Proceeds in $1 Billion Asset Seizure Indeed, in the film, Jordan Belfort of Stratton Oakmont (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) takes Madden’s shoe company public in 1993. Madden was played by Dustin Hoffman’s son,
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Martin Scorsese Production Company Escapes 'Wolf of Wall Street' Libel Lawsuit

Martin Scorsese Production Company Escapes 'Wolf of Wall Street' Libel Lawsuit
Martin Scorsese has successfully convinced a judge that his production company is based in New York. As a result, Sikelia Productions is being dismissed from an ongoing libel lawsuit that targets his 2013 film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The lawsuit comes from Andrew Greene, a former executive at Stratton Oakmont, the financial firm whose 1990s exploits were chronicled in the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Stratton Oakmont founder Jordan Belfort. Greene alleges that the character of Nicky "Rugrat" Koskoff — played by actor P.J. Byrne — was based on him. Greene is upset how he was portrayed as "a criminal, drug user, degenerate, depraved, and/or...
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Margot Robbie Looks Totally Unrecognizable as She Transforms into Queen Elizabeth I for New Role

Margot Robbie Looks Totally Unrecognizable as She Transforms into Queen Elizabeth I for New Role
Margot Robbie is that you?

The Australian actress, 27, made fans do a double-take when she debuted a bold new look while filming in London this week for her upcoming movie Mary Queen of Scots. The film will chronicle the Scottish queen’s unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Robbie’s Queen Elizabeth I for the English crown and her infamous imprisonment and eventual execution.

Robbie’s startling transformation — from her normally glossy blonde locks and flawless skin to a partially shaved head with fiery red hair and a blotchy complexion — are all part of getting into character for her role. (Queen Elizabeth I
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Martin Scorsese’s Top 7 movies

Picture Source:

There are few filmmakers out there that can boast a filmography that stacks up to Martin Scorsese’s. Argued to be the best director of the Hollywood New Wave generation – not a small feat, considering he’s up against heavyweights like Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola and Oliver Stone, Scorsese started his career in 1967 with his debut Who’s That Knocking On My Door, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon at his 74 years of age.

With big news coming out regarding his long gestating return to gangster epics The Irishman, we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights of Scorsese’s wide spanning and eclectic career.

Gangs of New York

In many ways Gangs of New York belongs to Scorsese’s modern American gangster genre, albeit it as a prequel to the actual gangster world. Telling the violent
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Is the Internet killing the straight-to-home entertainment movie?

Tom Jolliffe on whether the internet is killing the straight-to-home entertainment movie…

Going to the cinema has long been an escape. It’s an event. A special outing. When that was your only option of seeing a film it obviously limited the options the general public had. The business became bigger and bigger. Cinemas spread through towns and cities, widening the options further. Then TV allowed us to watch at home. With that, it also bought TV premieres. Films made especially to bypass the big screen (and indeed offer the option of serials, sitcoms, soaps etc).

Then came the video age. This saw an explosion. A whole new wave. Suddenly the quantity of available films become astronomical. This avenue of distribution meant film-makers could shoot something relatively cheaply and then aim directly for the home market. Alternatively it also gave a theatrical film a second bite of the cherry if
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Jordan Belfort says North Koreans Should Assassinate Kim Jong-un

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_gp7teet0"]] The real-life Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort predicts North Korea's dictator could be killed in a matter of months ... by his own people, with a little prodding. Jordan -- who spent 22 months in prison for fraud and money laundering -- was in Hermosa Beach Tuesday celebrating Independence Day when he went off on the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un ... calling the guy "out of his f****** mind." Jordan says "they" gotta figure out
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The Most Famous Las Vegas Casinos Used In The Movies

Las Vegas is a wonderful town. Positioned in the middle of the desert and often known simply as ‘Vegas’, the town boasts to be the ‘entertainment capital of the world’, and if you’ve ever visited, you can see why. The sprawling strip is home to many of the city’s most famous casinos and hotels, and vary from very small to absolutely huge – the MGM Grand boasts 5,124 rooms alone, and is one the biggest hotels in the world.

Vegas has been thriving for many years now, the city bringing in an estimated 40 million visitors every year, something which makes the town the economic life-blood of the state of Nevada, where it lies. Of course there are many ways to gamble online now, and a lot of the sites offer an exclusive casino bonus just to sign up, but Vegas is also home to many concerts, theatre shows and spectacles
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17 Interesting Facts about Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort

If you’ve seen the movie The Wolf of Wall Street you’ll now it was an “extreme” portrayal of the real life of one Jordan Belfort, the man Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is based off of. But what’s crazy about the film and the comparison to Jordan’s real life is that they aren’t as different as you’d expect. In fact there are many things that happened in the film that happened to Jordan in real life. If you’ve ever read the book authored by Belfort himself, you can probably recall the amount of times you said to yourself, “no way.” Most people

17 Interesting Facts about Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort
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Biopics vs. Their Fictional Counterparts

Some people’s lives are best told truthfully, others more loosely.

In one corner, we have Rocky, the iconic Best Picture-winning boxing movie starring Sylvester Stallone as the made-up Rocky Balboa. In the other corner, we have Chuck, an upcoming biopic starring Liev Schreiber as real-life boxer Chuck Wepner. The latter primarily depicts the 1975 bout between Wepner and Muhammad Ali, which inspired Stallone to write the script for Rocky. He’s since tried to downplay the connection, especially after being sued by Wepner, but it’s close enough to being a film a clef as any.

Chuck received mostly positive reviews when it played the big film festivals last fall, but it’s unlikely to become the phenomenon, let alone Oscar darling, that Rocky was. Its legacy surely won’t be as lasting, in part because true biopics don’t tend to get sequels. There are a lot of benefits to fictionalized accounts of real events and
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The Ultimate Crossroad: The Trouble with "Silence"

  • MUBI
She could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick.—Flannery O’Connor The mist uncovers Japanese soldiers as well as the grim sight of severed heads by the side of the hot springs where Catholic priests are being tortured. A priest kneels down in horror, almost catatonic, unable to bring himself to believe in the evilness of these men, the men of the Inquisitor. Why are these priests, who came to this “swamp of Japan” to spread the Word of the Lord, suffering so immensely on the hands of these soldiers?To the modern, secular audience, the theme of Silence (2016) is of great irony: the all-powerful Catholic Church, the institution that spread terror across Europe for 700 years with her bonfires and witch hunts and enforcing an almost maddening outlook at faith and personal behavior, comes to an unconquerable land where
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Paramount Snags The Black Hand For Leonardo DiCaprio

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio has found his next film, as Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures has acquired The Black Hand, which the actor will both star in and produce through his Appian Way banner. A search for a writer is now underway and Ashley Brucks and Gabby Canton will oversee the project for the studio.

For those unfamiliar with the source material, Stephan Talty’s novel of the same name follows an NYPD officer named Joe Petrosino, who “unflinchingly went after a ruthless gang that came out of Italy and into America (whose calling card was a black hand) which kidnapped people and then extorted money from their families. They were loathed by law-abiding Italian families who were frightened but nevertheless helped the cop behind the scenes when they could as the viciousness of the gang of thugs knew no boundaries.”

DiCaprio will step into the role of
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Jordan Belfort Says He Knew 'Wolf of Wall Street' Producers Were "F—ing Criminals"

Jordan Belfort Says He Knew 'Wolf of Wall Street' Producers Were
When The Wolf of Wall Street last year became engulfed in the multibillion-dollar Malaysian corruption scandal, the irony of a film about a major real-life financial fraud allegedly being funded by another wasn't lost on anyone, least of all its original author.

Jordan Belfort, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 film about his own illegal activities that would lead him to spend 22 months in prison, has now said that he sensed something fraudulent about production company Red Granite right from the start.

"If you look at the movie, for instance: the movie’s a huge success, and then it...
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Thelma Schoonmaker interview: editing Silence, Scorsese, Michael Powell

Ryan Lambie Dec 23, 2016

Editor Thelma Schoonmaker talks to us about Martin Scorsese’s new film, Silence, taking risks in filmmaking and lots more...

Name a great Scorsese movie, and it’ll almost certainly have been edited by Thelma Schoonmaker. From 1980 onwards, the pair have been inseparable, with Schoonmaker cutting such classics as Raging Bull, The King Of Comedy, After Hours, Goodfellas, Casino and Gangs Of New York. Scorsese’s latest film is Silence, a powerful, heartfelt period piece about the limits of faith. Starring Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as a pair of Jesuit priests who witness the torture and execution of Christians in 17th century Japan, the movie is a stark tonal contrast to The Wolf Of Wall Street, Scorsese’s wilfully gaudy, giddy account of drug-addled millionaire corporate crook Jordan Belfort.

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