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  • (1948 - 1983) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1948) Stage Play: Private Lives. Romantic comedy (revival). Written by Noël Coward. Scenic Design by Charles Elson. Directed by Martin Manulis. Plymouth Theatre: 4 Oct 1948- 7 May 1949 (248 performances). Cast: Tallulah Bankhead (as "Amanda Prynne"), Donald Cook (as "Elyot Chase"), Barbara Baxley (as "Sybil Chase") [Broadway debut], William Langford (as "Victor Prynne"), Terese Quadri (as "Louise, the Maid"). Replacement cast: Eugenia Rawls. Produced by John C. Wilson.
  • (1950) Stage Play: Peter Pan (Revival). Written by J.M. Barrie. Music and lyrics by Leonard Bernstein. Music arranged by Trude Rittman. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay. Music and Lyrics by Leonard Bernstein. Scenic Design by Ralph Alswang. Lighting Design by Ralph Alswang. Costume Design by Motley. Flying Supervisor: Peter Foy. Associate Director: Wendy Toye. Directed by John Burrell. Imperial Theatre (moved to The St. James Theatre from 2 Oct 1950- close): 24 Apr 1950- 27 Jan 1951 (321 performances). Cast: Jean Arthur (as "Peter Pan") [final Broadway role], Boris Karloff (as "Captain Hook/Mr. Darling"), Marcia Henderson (as "Wendy Moira/Angela Darling"), Peg Hillias (as "Mrs. Darling"), Joe E. Marks (as "Smee"), Harry Allen (as "Mullins"), Stephanie Augustine (as "Mermaid"), Ronnie Aul (as "Big Chief Panther"), Lee Barnett (as "Tootles"), Vincent Beck (as "Whibbles"), Edward Benjamin (as "Second Twin"), Charles Brill (as "First Twin"), Kenneth Davis (as "Indian/Alf Mason, a pirate"), Norman de Joie (as "Indian"), John Dennis (as "Noodles") [also credited as "Noodler" during run], Jack Dimond (as "John Napoleon Darling"), Philip Hepburn (as "Curly"), Richard Knox (as "Slightly"), David Kurlan (as "Gentleman Starkey"), William Marshall (as "Cookson"), Buzzy Martin (as "Nibs"), Fred Neal (as "Indian"), Gloria Patrice (as "Liza/Tiger Lilly"), Nehemiah Persoff (as "Cecco"), Jay Riley (as "Indian/Flash McCready, a pirate"), Will Scholz (as "Jukes"), Norman Shelley (as "Nana/The Crocodile"), William Sumner (as "Indian/Canary Robb, a Pirate"), Charles Taylor (as "Michael Nicolas Darling"), Eleanor Winter (as "Mermaid"). Understudies: Stephanie Augustine (as "Wendy Moira/Angela Darling"), Barbara Baxley (as "Peter Pan"), Vincent Beck (as "Mr. Darling"), Lucy Hillary (as "Mermaid/Tiger Lilly"), William Marshall (as "James Hook"), Alan Jay Shnapier (as "Lost Boy"), Kenneth Utt (as "Pirate"), Eleanor Winter (as "Mrs. Darling"). Produced by Peter Lawrence, R.L. Stevens and The Shubert Organization. Produced by arrangement with The Hospital for Sick Children, London ("Peter Pan's Hospital").
  • (1951) Stage Play: Out West of Eighth. Comedy. Written by Kenyon Nicholson [final Broadway credit]. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Ralph Alswang. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 20 Sep 1951- 22 Sep 1951 (4 performances). Cast: Tommy Allen (as "Blaine Rambo"), Donald Bain (as "Mr.Ogilbie"), Barbara Baxley (as "Virginia Beamer"), Patricia John Canty (as "Peaches Gomez"), Richard Carlyle (as "Eddie Todd"), Mary Carver (as "Ginger Hornick"), Irene Cowan (as "Rita Crummitt"), Gene Darfler (as "Cecil Wulliver"), Cliff Dunstan (as "Horace MacNamara"), Earl Jay Gilbert (as "Dad Offutt"), Martin Greene (as "Tony Demopolis"), Al Henderson (as "Everett Garner"), Margaret Hill (as "Gale Rambo"), Brian Keith [credited as Robert Keith, Jr.] (as "Lash Castro"), Donald McClelland (as "Harry Crummitt"), Bill McCutcheon (as "Skeeter Roach"), Jim Moreno (as "Clovis Garrett"), Alan Jay Schnapier (as "Lyman Stack"), Charles Thompson (as "Booger Lowry"), Dennis Weaver (as "Virgil Lavendar") [final Broadway role], Charles Windell (as "Delbert Moon"). Produced by Courtney Burr and Malcolm L. Pearson. Note: No directorial credit indicated in records.
  • (1953) Stage Play: Camino Real. Drama.
  • (1953) Stage Play: The Frogs of Spring. Comedy. Written by Nathaniel Benchley. Scenic Design and Lighting Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Broadhurst Theatre: 21 Oct 1953- 31 Oct 1953 (15 performances). Cast: Barbara Baxley (as "Virginia Belden"), Malcolm Brodrick (as "John Allen"), Mary Grace Canfield (as "Alice Kemp"), Kevin Coughlin (as "Danny Shaw"), Fred Gwynne (as "Luther Raubel"), Kenneth Kakos (as "Chris Allen"), Jerome Kilty (as "Asa McK. Gelwicks"), Billy Quinn (as "Bobby Belden"), Anthony Ross (as "James Allen"), Hiram Sherman (as "Charles Belden"), Haila Stoddard (as "Kay Allen"), Roland Wood (as "Dr. Lindquist"). Produced by Lyn Austin and Thomas Noyes. Produced in association with Robert B. Radnitz and Robert Sagalyn.
  • (1953) Stage Play: Oh, Men! Oh, Women! Comedy.
  • (1954) Stage Play: The Flowering Peach. Drama.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Bus Stop. Comedy. Written by William Inge. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Directed by Harold Clurman. Music Box Theatre: 2 Mar 1956- 21 Apr 1957 (478 performances). Cast: Anthony Ross (as "Dr. Gerald Lyman"), Kim Stanley (as "Cherie"), Albert Salmi (as "Bo Decker"), Elaine Stritch (as "Grace Hoylard"), Crahan Denton (as "Virgil Blessing"), Phyllis Love (as "Elma Duckworth"), Patrick McVey (as "Carl"), Lou Polan (as "Will Masters"). Replacement actors: Barbara Baxley (as "Cherie"), Kent Smith (as "Dr. Gerald Lyman"), Dick York (as "Bo Decker"). Produced by Robert Whitehead and Roger L. Stevens. Note: Filmed as Bus Stop (1956).
  • (1960) Stage Play: Period of Adjustment.
  • (1963) Stage Play: She Loves Me. Musical comedy.
  • (1964) Stage Play: The Three Sisters. Drama (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. New English version by Randall Jarrell. Directed by Lee Strasberg [final Broadway credit]. Morosco Theatre: 22 Jun 1964- 3 Oct 1964 (119 performances + 14 previews that began on 8 Jun 1964). Cast: Luther Adler (as "Chebutykin, Army doctor"), Barbara Baxley (as "Natalya Ivanovna, Andrei's fiancée/wife"), William Burns (as "Carnival person"), Tamara Daykarhanova (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), John Harkins (as "Fedotik, Second Lieutenant"), Marcia Haufrecht (as "Carnival person"), Gerald Hiken (as "Andrei Prozorov"), Sandra Kaufman (as "Carnival person"), Shirley Knight (as "Irina, Andrei's sister"), Robert Loggia (as "Solyony, Captain"), Salem Ludwig (as "Ferapont, Courier for the City Council"), 'Janice Mars' (as "Maid/Musician"), 'Kevin McCarthy' (as "Vershinin, Lt. Colonel, Battery Commander"), Brooks Morton (as "Adjutant/Carnival person/Musician"), James Olson (as "Baron Tuzenbach, Lieutenant"), Geraldine Page (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), David Paulsen (as "Rode, Second Lieutenant")[Broadway debut], Albert Paulson (as "Kulygin, Masha's husband"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Carnival person"), Kim Stanley (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), James Tolkan (as "Carnival person"), Nadyne Turney Carnival person"). Understudies: Janice Mars (Anfisa), Joan Potter (as "Masha"), Delos V. Smith Jr. (as "Ferapont"), James Tolkan (as "Solyony") and Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"). Replacement cast during run: Peggy Feury (as "Olga, Andrei's sister"), Janice Mars (as "Anfisa, the nanny"), Geraldine Page (as "Masha, Andrei's sister"), Nadyne Turney (as "Maid"), Michael Wager (as "Andrei Prozorov"). Understudy: Nadyne Turney (as "Anfisa"). Produced by The Actors Studio (Lee Strasberg: Artistic Director. Cheryl Crawford: Executive Producer. Roger L. Stevens: General Administrator).
  • (1968) Stage Play: Plaza Suite. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Directed by Mike Nichols. Plymouth Theatre: 14 Feb 1968- 3 Oct 1970 (1097 performances + 2 previews). Cast: George C. Scott (as "Sam Nash, Visitor From Mamaroneck/Jesse Kiplinger, Visitor From Hollywood/Roy Hubley,Visitor From Forest Hills"), Maureen Stapleton (as "Karen Nash, Visitor From Mamaroneck/Muriel Tate, Visitor From Hollywood/Norma Hubley, Visitor From Forest Hills"), Bob Balaban (as "Bellhop, Visitor From Mamaroneck/Borden Eisler, Visitor From Forest Hills") [Broadway debut], Claudette Nevins, Jose Ocasio. Standbys: Judith Barcroft (as "Jean "), Alfred Sandor (as "Jesse Kiplinger/Roy Hubley/Sam Nash"), Wisner Washam (as "Bellhop/Borden Eisler/Waiter (Hollywood)/Waiter (Mamaroneck)") and Elizabeth Wilson (as "Karen Nash/Muriel Tate/Norma Hubley). Replacement cast: Gary Barton, Barbara Baxley (as "Karen Nash/Muriel Tate/Norma Hubley"), Peggy Cass (as "Karen Nash/Muriel Tate/Norma Hubley"), Dan Dailey (as "Jesse Kiplinger," et al), Robert Gerlach, E.G. Marshall (as "Jesse Kiplinger," et al), Lynda Myles, Don Porter, Lawrence Weber, Nicol Williamson. Replacement crew: Stage Manager: Gary Barton, Ronn Cummins. Produced by Arnold Saint Subber. Note: Filmed as Plaza Suite (1971).
  • (1976) Stage Play: Me Jack, You Jill. Mystery.
  • (1976) Stage Play: Best Friend.
  • (1956) She acted in William Inge's play, "Bus Stop," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Elaine Stritch in the cast.
  • (March 21, 1950) She played Sibyl Chase in Noel Coward's play, "Privates Lives," at the Harris Theater in Chicago, Illinois with Donald Cook (Elyot Chase); Tallulah Bankhead (Amanda Prynne); William Langford (Victor Prynne); and Claudia Le Due (Louise) in the cast.
  • (1970) She acted in Neil Simon's play, "Plaza Suite," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Eddie Bracken in the cast. Harvey Medlinsky was director.
  • (August 3, 1953) She acted in Nathaniel Benchly's play, "The Frogs of Spring," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Anthony Ross, Hiram Sherman and Valerie Bettis in the cast.
  • (June 1956) She acted in William Inge's play, "Bus Stop," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine with Elaine Stritch in the cast.

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