Concept Art for David Croneneberg’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Make Total Recall

Before Paul Verhoeven cranked out Total Recall in 1990, producer Dino De Laurentiis approached David Cronenberg to direct the feature.  The project never came to fruition because Cronenberg's vision never coincided with De Laurentiis'.  The two parted ways, Cronenberg went on to make The Fly, and Verhoeven made a movie where a woman has three boobs.  Wins all around. But the question of "What If?" is always fascinating, and we've never had a chance to see what Cronenberg was planning until now.  Artist Ron Miller and his wife Judith Miller worked at De Laurentiis' studio outside Rome, and the duo produced concept art and sculptures under the direction of production designer Pierluigi Basile (1982's Conan the Barbarian).  Ron Miller has now released some of the designs he and his wife created along with some details on how Cronenberg planned to adapt the source material, Philip K. Dick's short story "We
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Concept Art From David Cronenberg’s Abandoned ‘Total Recall’ Unearthed

Despite Len Wiseman providing his take this summer, there is another version of Total Recall that was out in the ether. Before Paul Verhoeven took over, David Cronenberg worked for about a year on an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story We Can Remember it For You Wholesale. Having written twelve different drafts before failing out with producers Dino De Laurentiis and Ronald Shusett, concept art was even developed. Today, we have our first look at some of these pieces thanks to i09.

Artist Ron Miller and his wife Judith worked on the film in Dilaurentiis’ Rome studio with production designer Pierluigi Basile and now we can see a batch of these images. They mention that Cronenberg’s version would have been less of an “over-the-top adventure” and more like the original source. See some pictures below, along with a blurb about some of Cronenberg’s intentions.

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