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DVD Round Up, Feb. 22, 2009: ‘Alien Raiders,’ ‘Dead Like Me,’ ‘Religulous’

Chicago – Oscar madness has left the Round Up a little weary of high profile, award-bait movies. We need a break from the Oscars and what better way to do that than with a few titles that might have slipped through the cracks while everyone was singing “Jai Ho”.

Catch up with some of your favorite characters from the cult hit “Dead Like Me,” watch the latest in Warner Brothers’ direct-to-dvd horror series known as “Raw Feed,” and check out a documentary that I think everyone thought would make bigger waves than it did, Bill Maher’s “Religulous”.

All three of these titles were released on February 17th, 2009.

Alien Raiders

Photo credit: Warner Bros. The “Raw Feed” series of Warner Bros. horror releases has been relatively disappointing. There hasn’t been a single real gem, although you’ll find some hardcore fans of “Rest Stop” and “Otis”. To this critic, they’re almost all near-misses,
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[DVD Review] Alien Raiders

With the sci-fi genre really digging deep these days for cheap thrills and gore fest styles instead of interesting stories with decent quality, it's hard to find something worthwhile to put your money into. Considering most sci-fi flicks are so mediocre they end up on the sci-fi channel, you'd be hard pressed to say that the genre itself isn't in the crapper. The average sci-fi flick gives us aliens, mystical creatures or a giant ass snake coming to tear the world apart and only 5 soldiers, 1 reporter and an unlucky camera man standing in their way. I just gave you a premise to about 80% of the crappy sci-fi films of today. Example, Alien Abduction and Manticore. Boosh...

In the light of that, we have a new look at aliens and heroes in a somewhat typical setting in Alien Raiders. The question you must ask is "can it be pulled off?" I'm
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Alien Raiders (DVD Review)

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There’s something about grocery stores. They have a sort of charm that’s currently going three for three, as far as recent horror/sci-fi entries with that setting go. Both The Mist and last year’s Splinter were excellent examples of the “trapped in a market” theme, and now comes Warner’s Raw Feed DVD release Alien Raiders (out February 17)—which, while not overly original, is nonetheless pretty awesome.

The film opens with some shaky handheld insight into our protagonists, getting ready for their next mission. Intercut between video clips and the main titles are shots of hands preparing some seriously heavy firepower. This is a risky move; it basically promises, “This flick is going to have bad-ass written all over it.” And it works. The characters we’re following are a team of operatives/mercenaries/soldiers of some sort with rad names like Ritter (Carlos Bernard), Sterling (Courtney Ford
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