Director Shane Acker And Ireland.s Brown Bag Films Launch Animated Undersea Adventure Film Deep

On Friday during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Darragh O.Connell, co-founder of Brown Bag Films, announced the launch of .Deep,. an undersea adventure set in a post-apocalyptic Earth with Shane Acker (.9.) attached to direct. .Deep. is an animated film unlike any other, produced by a team of industry all-stars including Acker, Ireland.s Brown Bag Films, producer Gregory R. Little and author J. Barton Mitchell, using new technologies that result in high-quality production value at a fraction of the time and cost. The project will be produced by Little and O.Connell.

..Deep. offers real sci-fi credentials but the story is rooted in the complex motivations of the characters making tough choices between right and wrong. I.m excited to be part of a team that is redefining what storytelling in general, and animation in particular, can be..

With the feel of an underwater Western, .Deep. is set
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Tenacious D Guitarist's Side Project Trainwreck Chugs Along

With the release of their official debut album, one rock band is picking up steam.

Trainwreck, the brainchild of Tenacious D guitarist Kyle Gass, has announced plans to go on tour to promote the large-scale release of "The Wreckoning," their official studio album. The album, first available for download on music sites on December 1 and currently available for purchase on the band's Web site, will be released on March 2.

Like Tenacious D, Gass's band with actor/musician Jack Black, Trainwreck's musical repertoire provides both a hard rock beat and alternately comedic and serious lyrics. However, the band provides a different tone in their sound, with a slant toward the Southern and progressive subgenres of rock. Gass has described the group's music as "a cornucopia of rock and a five-headed hydra of pleasure." The roots for the band go back as far as 1997, and aside from opening for bands such as
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Writer Mitchell talks 'Poe' comic

Writer J. Barton Mitchell has revealed details about Boom! Studios's upcoming mini-series based on the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. Poe will provide a fictitious account of the American author's life, casting him as a detective in nineteenth century Baltimore and weaving elements from his writing into the plot. "The mini-series follows Poe in 1847 Baltimore where, in addition to being a struggling writer, he's thrust into this role of a Sherlock Holmes-style detective who focuses on the supernatural," Mitchell told Newsarama. "The story picks up just after the death of his wife, the pain of which (more)
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