2017 Emmy race for Best One-Hour Single-Camera Cinematography: Dramas contend in revised category

2017 Emmy race for Best One-Hour Single-Camera Cinematography: Dramas contend in revised category
Best One-Hour Single-Camera Cinematography is technically a new Emmy category this year, but all of last year’s Best Single-Camera Cinematography nominees would have been eligible: “Bates Motel” season 4: “A Danger to Himself and Others” (John S. Bartley) “Downton Abbey” season 6: “The Finale” (Graham Frake) “Game of Thrones” season 6: “Home” (Gregory Middleton) “Gotham” […]
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Review: History's 'Vikings' returns for Season 3 with something for everyone

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Review: History's 'Vikings' returns for Season 3 with something for everyone
History's "Vikings" returns for its third season on Thursday (February 19) night and through three episodes, I can safely say that Michael Hirst's saga of pillaging and migration remains everything it has been almost from its premiere.  Over two seasons, "Vikings" has delivered solidly above-average thrills that exceed the requirements of its basic cable home. The show has a passionate audience already, but I'm reasonably sure there's a far larger audience out there that would get a kick out of "Vikings," because it really is one of those shows that check a wide number of demographic boxes. "Vikings" is reliably badass, if you like that sort of thing. Maybe not every episode, but probably every two or three, the directors and choreographers deliver a visceral Viking action set-piece that has both admirable scale, but also a raw, gory intimacy. Perhaps more than any other action show on television, "Vikings" conveys
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An 'X-Files' Insider's Biggest Regret

An 'X-Files' Insider's Biggest Regret
Few people have as much insight into the rise and run of "The X-Files" as Frank Spotnitz.

Spotnitz joined the show as a writer in its second season and worked as a writer/producer until the Fox drama ended its nine-season run. He rose to the level of executive producer, directed episodes of the show and worked on the "X-Files" movies that were released during and after the show's run.

None of it was easy.

Part of the reason an obscure show that aired on Friday nights rose to such heights of popularity and influence was because Chris Carter, the show's creator and executive producer, was a demanding boss.

"He was really uncompromising," Spotnitz said in an interview about his time on "The X-Files." "He didn’t care if you didn't like him because he was being so difficult, but he just insisted that you do your best."

In my experience,
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'Breaking Bad' Creator On What He Learned From 'The X-Files'

'Breaking Bad' Creator On What He Learned From 'The X-Files'
On Sept. 10, 1993, a show called "The X-Files" premiered on Fox, and just over 20 years later "Breaking Bad" will air its series finale on AMC. Those events have a lot more in common than you might think.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of "Breaking Bad," got his start in television by writing for "The X-Files." He was toiling away as a film writer and living in Virginia when a meeting with "X-Files" creator Chris Carter changed his life.

"I learned everything I pretty much know about TV from 'The X-Files' and from working for Chris, and from working with ['X-Files writer/producers] Frank Spotnitz and John Shiban," Gilligan said in a phone interview with The Huffington Post. "It was a great learning experience, and one that I always liken to film school, except it was a film school that paid me to attend."

As part of our commemoration of the 20th anniversary of "The X-Files,
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'Vikings' Begins Filming At Ashford Studios

Production has got underway on Irish producer Morgan O'Sullivan's E30m TV series 'Vikings' at Ashford Studios in Ballyhenry, Co Wicklow, with Gabriel Byrne (The Usual Suspects) and Travis Fimmel (Tarzan) among the lead cast. Swedish director Johan Renck will helm the first three episodes with Ireland's Ciaran Donnelly (The Tudors) and Ken Girotti (Rescue Me) also attached. Other cast includes Jessalyn Gilsig (Glee), Gustaf Skarsgard (The Way Back), Clive Standen (Camelot), Katheryn Winnick (Bones), Eric Higgins (The Tudors) and Gerard McCarthy (The Fall).Key Irish crew include line producer Seamus McInerney, costume designer Joan Bergin and production designer Tom Conroy. Dee Corcoran is looking after hair while Tom McInerney is on make-up. Emmy award-winning cinematographer John Bartley (The X Files) is the director of photography.
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Felicia Day Talks ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’ and the Future of Online Entertainment

Felicia Day Talks ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’ and the Future of Online Entertainment
A screengrab from ‘Dragon Age: Redemption

In her latest web series, actress and web entrepreneur Felicia Day swaps being a video game player for being an actual video game character.

Day is the star and writer of “Dragon Age: Redemption,” a new six-part web series whose first episode debuts today on video game network Machinima. The series is an extension of Electronic Arts’ video game series of the same name, and is designed to engage consumers about the franchise.

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"Dr. Horrible" Actress to Star in "Dragon Age" Series

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If Olivia Munn is Queen of the Nerds, Felicia Day is their princess. Unlike Munn, who continues to leverage her popularity amongst the vocal techno-savvy community into film and television roles, Day appears to relish smaller genre pieces. On comedy web-series "The Guild," she became something of a heartthrob for many fans of massive-multiplayer online games. Acting alongside Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris in Joss Whedon's web-series, "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," she cemented her celebrity. According to USA Today, Day will further expand her digital presence this fall with a new web-series set in the "Dragon Age" fantasy role-playing game universe.

"Dragon Age: Redemption," a six-part web promotion for developer BioWare's fantasy-rpg "Dragon Age 2," will be written and produced by Day, who will also star as an elven assassin named Tallis.

"Tallis is headstrong, she fights dirty, and she has a really sarcastic sense of humor," Day told USA Today.
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