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  • (1928 - 1946) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1936) Stage Play: Idiot's Delight. Comedy. Written by Robert E. Sherwood. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. Shubert Theatre: 24 Mar 1936- Dec 1936 (closing date unknown/300 performances). Cast: Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, Margorie Baglin, Edgar Barrier (as "Auguste"), Gilmore Bush, Francis Compton, Connie Crowell, Ernestine De Becker, Frances Foley, Thomas Gomez, Sydney Greenstreet, Alan Hewitt, Jean MacIntyre, George Meader, Murry O'Neill, LeRoi Operti (as "Signor Rossi") [also assistant stage manager], Jacqueline Paige, Edward Raquello, Edna Ross, Winston Ross, Stephen Sandes, Barry Thomson, Ruth Timmons, Tomasso Tittoni, Una Val, Richard Whorf, Britaigne Windust (as "Mr. Cherry"). Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Broken Chain. Drama.
  • (1933) Stage Play: Mary of Scotland. Historical drama. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic/Costume Design by Robert Edmond Jones. Directed by Theresa Helburn. Alvin Theatre: 27 Nov 1933- Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/248 performances). Cast: Helen Hayes (as "Mary Stuart"), Helen Menken (as "Elizabeth Tudor"), Philip Merivale (as "James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell"), Quentin Anderson (as "A Warder"), Edgar Barrier (as "Lord Douglas"), Ernest Cossart (as "Lord Throgmorton"), George Coulouris (as "Lord Burghley/Lord Erskine"), Charles Dalton (as "Lord Huntley"), Philip Foster (as "Lord Gordon"), Wilton Graff (as "James Stuart, Earl of Moray"), Cecil Holm (as "Jamie, a Guard"), William Jackson (as "Monk, a Guard"), Anthony Kemble-Cooper (as "Lord Darnley"), Ernest Lawford (as "Maitland of Lethington"), Philip Leigh (as "David Rizzio"), Maurice F. Manson (as "A Page/Graeme, a Sergeant"), Jock McGraw (as "Tammas, a Guard"), Mary Michael (as "Mary Beaton"), Moroni Olsen (as "John Knox"), Stanley Ridges (as "Lord Morton"), Cynthia Rogers (as "Mary Fleming"), Helen Shea (as "Mary Seton"), Edward Trevor (as "Chatelard"), Leonard Willey (as "Duc de Chatelherault/Lord Ruthven"), Deane Willoughby (as "Mary Livingstone"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Filmed by Radio Pictures [RKO] as Mary of Scotland (1936).
  • (1935) Stage Play: Bitter Oleander. Drama. Written by Frederico Garcia Lorca. Translated by José A. Weissman. Scenic Design by Cleon Throckmorton. Directed by Irene Lewisohn. Lyceum Theatre: 11 Feb 1935- Mar 1935 (closing date unknown/24 performances). Cast: Alice Ann Baker (as "Neighbor"), Marian Barnes (as "Spinning Girl"), Edgar Barrier (as "The Bridegroom"), Genevieve Belasco (as "Leonardo's Wife's Mother"), Grace Carey (as "Spinning Girl"), Thomas Coffin Cooke (as "Bridegroom's Father"), Louise Glover (as "Leonardo's Wife"), Jane Haverhill (as "Second Girl"), Eric Kelton (as "Woodcutter"), William Lawson (as "Leonardo"), Eugenie Leontovich (as "The Bride"), Yisrol Libman (as "Woodcutter"), Rose Lieder (as "Girl"), Paul Mann (as "Second Man"), Sana Martin (as "Fifth Girl"), Dazma Minty (as "First Girl"), Nance O'Neil (as "Mother"), Effie Shannon (as "Servant"), Arthur Singer (as "Woodcutter"), Dora Southern (as "Third Girl"), Beatrice St. Ives (as "Spinning Girl"), Gertrude Stone (as "Fourth Girl"), Jerome Thor (as "First Man"), Ludmila Toretzka [credited as Ludmilla Toretzka] (as "Woman"). Produced by The Neighborhood Playhouse. This was the first American production of the play, now known more commonly (and accurately) as "Blood Wedding" (Bodas de Sangre).
  • (1938) Stage Play: Danton's Death. Drama (revival). Music by Marc Blitzstein. Written by Geoffrey Dunlop. Based on the German of Georg Buchner. Scenic Design by Jan Tichacek. Directed by Orson Welles. (1938). Mercury Theatre: 2 Nov 1938- Nov 1938 (closing date unknown/21 performances). Cast: William Alland (as "Servant to Danton"), Ellen Andrews (as "Voice in the Street"), Richard Baer (as "Convention Attendant"), Fay Baker (as "Voice in the Street"), Edgar Barrier (as "Camille Desmoulins"), John Berry (as "Gaoler"), Joseph Cotten (as "Barrere"), Helen Coule (as "Voice in the Street"), George Duthie (as "1st Old Man/President of the Convention"), Ross Elliott (as "Convention Attendant"), Morgan Farley (as "Heralut De Sechelles"), Ruth Ford (as "Rosalie"), Arlene Francis (as "Marion"), Martin Gabel (as "Danton"), Sparke Hastings (as "Member of the Convention"), Arthur Hoffe (as "Voice in the Street"), Guy Kingsley (as "Lacroix"), William Mowry (as "Member of the Convention"), Edgerton Paul (as "Servant to Danton"), Stanley Poss (as "Servant to Danton"), Stephen Roberts (as "Member of the Convention"), Erskine Sanford (as "Philppeau/2nd Old Man"), Sanford Siegel (as "Voice in the Street"), Vladimir Sokoloff (as "Robespierre"), Anna Stafford (as "Julie"), Fred Thompson (as "Voice in the Street"), Evelyn Wahl (as "Lucile"), Orson Welles (as "St. Just"), Mary Wickes (as "Christine"), Richard Wilson (as "Legendre"), Eustace Wyatt (as "Fouquier"). Produced by Orson Welles and John Houseman.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Men Must Fight. Written by Reginald Lawrence and S.K. Lauren. Directed by Arthur Sircom. Lyceum Theatre: 14 Oct 1932- Nov 1932 (closing date unknown/35 performances). Cast: Edgar Barrier (as "Jose"), Janet Beecher (as "Laura Seward'), J. Malcolm Dunn, Gilbert Emery, Alma Kruger, Douglass Montgomery, Percy Moore, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Lauralee Skinner, Kent Smith, Laura Treadwell.
  • (1946) Stage Play: The Magnificent Yankee. Written by Emmet Lavery. Stage Manager: Paul Porter [final Broadway credit]. Scenic Design and Costume Design by Woodman Thompson. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Royale Theatre: 22 Jan 1946- 8 Jun 1946 (159 performances). Cast: Louis Calhern (as "Mr. Justice Holmes"), Dorothy Gish (as "Fanny Dixwell Holmes"), Edgar Barrier (as "Mr. Justice Brandeis") [final Broadway role], Bruce Bradford (as "Halloran, a former secretary"), Mason Curry (as "Dixon, a real estate broker"), Sylvia Fields (as "Fanny Dixwell Holmes") [Alternate], Robert Healy (as "Hamilton, a secretary"), Edward Hudson (as "Rogers, a secretary"), Christopher Marvin (as "Copeland, a secretary"), Sherling Oliver (as "Owen Wister") [final Broadway role], William Roerick (as "Mr. Palmer, of "The Transcript"), Nicholas Saunders (as "Mason, a secretary"), Grey Stafford (as "Mapes, a secretary"), Eleanor Swayne (as "Mary, housekeeper"), Philip Truex (as "Northrop, a secretary"), Fleming Ward (as "Henry Adams") [final Broadway role], Edwin Whitner (as "Jackson, a former secretary"). Replacement actor: Richard Bowler (as "Mr. Justice Brandeis"). Produced by Arthur Hopkins. Note: Filmed by MGM as The Magnificent Yankee (1950). Mr. Calhern reprised his role in this film, which would be his only true starring film role.
  • (March 15, 1937) He acted in Robert E. Sherwood's play, "Idiot's Delight," at the Hanna Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio with Alfred Lunt, Lynn Fontanne, George Meader, Stephen Sandes, Barry Thomson, S. Thomas Gomes, Edward Raquello, Sydney Greenstreet, Bretaigne Windust, Jean MacIntyre, Jacqueline Paige, Connie Crowell, Frances Foley, Etna Ross, Marjorie Baglin, Ruth Timmons, Charles Ansley, Winston Ross, Gilmore Bush, David Selva, Richard Whorf, LeRoi Operti, Ernestine De Becker, Gordon Nelson, Una Val, and Francis Compton in the cast. Lee Simonson was set designer. Morgan Lewis was choreographer. Bretaine Windust was director.

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