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Monster Dog (1984) review

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Reviewed by Kevin Scott

Monster Dog (1984)

Written by: Claudio Fragrasso

Directed by: Claudio Fragrasso

Cast: Vince (Alice Cooper), Sandra (Victoria Vera), Angela (Pepita James), Pepa Sarsa (Marilou), Carlos Santurio (Frank), Ricardo Palacios (Sheriff Morrison), Barta Barri (Old Man),

Horror film anomalies are one of my favorite things ever. An occurrence of happenstance that is just so weird and off kilter, it could never occur or even be suggested again. Ironically, these strange and random acts of film kismet, hold a very important place in the legacy of horror films. Case in point would be Alice Cooper’s only (as far as I know) starring film role. He made a memorable turn in John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness” as a supporting character, but never as a leading man, other than “Monster Dog”. This is a 1984 film that I remember renting just because it had Alice Cooper in it.
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Monster Dog (1984) Review

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By Chris Wright,

Monster Dog (1984) Movie Review

Directed By: Claudio Fragasso

Written By: Claudio Fragasso

Starring: Alice Cooper (Vince), Victoria Vera (Sandra), Carlos Santurio (Frank), Pepa Sarsa (Marilou), Pepita James (Angela), Emilio Linder (Jordan), Barta Barri (Old Man), Ricardo Palacios (Sheriff Morrison), Luis Maleuenda (Deputy)

A Spanish werewolf movie starring Alice Cooper is enough information to get me intrigued! The foreign title to this movie is “Leviatan.” This low budget mid 1980s horror film is directorial debut of cult director Claudio Fragasso, who helmed the movie “Troll 2.” Released in the United States under the Trans World Home Entertainment label, this movie is better than I expected it to be at first glance

The plot revolves around Vince (Alice Cooper), a pop star, who returns to his home town with his band. Their trip is interrupted by the home town Sheriff, who remembers Vince’s family, telling them
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