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Perry Barndt

California United States

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 11 in
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Blond(e)
  • Hair Length: Short
  • Eyes: Blue



Due Date Utility Stunts (2009)
The Christmas Gift Stunt Coordinator (2009)
Soldier Love Story Stunt Double (2009)
The Back-Up Plan Utility Stunts (2009)
The Storm Utility Stunts (2009)
Razor Sharp Stunt Coordinator (2005)
Bullet Proof Stunts (2004)
A.I. Stunts (2001)
Mercy Streets Stunts (2000)
Poor White Trash Stunts (2000)
Out of Towners Utility Stunts (1999)
Mystery Men Stunts (1999)
Mask of Zorro Utility Stunts (1998)
Ride With the Devil Utility Stunts (1999)
No Tomorrow Stunts (1999)
Brave New World Stunt Coordinator (1998)
Strangeland Stunts (1998)
Fighting Gravity Stunts (1998)
Ringmaster Stunt Coordinator (1998)
Very Bad Things Stunts (1998)
Devils Advocate Utility Stunts (1997)
Air Force One Stunt Double (1997)
Double Tap Stunts (1997)
House of Frankenstein Stunt Double (1997)
Wishmaster Stunts (1997)
Dante's Peak Utility Stunts (1997)
Truth or Consequences Utility Stunts (1997)
Most Wanted Stunts (1997)
Las Vegas Vacation Stunts (1997)
Exit Stunt Coordinator (1996)
Bio Dome Stunts (1996)
Sweeper Stunts (1996)
Spy Hard Stunts (1996)
Raven Hawk Utility Stunts (1996)
The Sweeper Stunts (1996)
Last Man Standing Stunts (1996)
Mars Attacks Stunts (1996)
Eraser Stunts (1996)
The Big Fall Stunt Double (1996)
Set It Off Stunts (1996)
Water World Utility Stunts (1995)
For Better or Worse Stunts (1995)
Deadly Measures Stunts (1995)
Water World Stunt Coordinator/ pick up shots (1995)
Resort to Kill Stunts (1994)
Lakota Woman Stunts (1994)
Blind Justice Stunt Double (1994)
The Haunting of Seacliff Inn Stunts (1994)
Striking Distance Stunt Double (1993)
Fearless Utility Stunts (1993)
Tombstone Utility Stunts (1993)
Full Eclipse Stunts (1993)
Ghost in the Machine Stunts (1993)
The Vanishing Stunt Double (1993)
Warlock Stunts (1993)
Wilder Napalm Stunt Double (1992)
Sleep Walker Utility Stunts (1992)
Stop or My Mother Will Shoot Stunts (1992)
Storm Troopers Utility Stunts
Passenger 57 Stunts (1992)
Wedlock Stunts (1991)
Missing Pieces Stunts (1991)
Delirious Stunts (1991)
Hook Utility Stunts (1991)
Terminator II Utility Stunts (1991)
Rocketeer Stunts (1991)
Mobsters Stunt Double (1991)
Flight of the Intruder Utility Stunts (1991)
Warlock II Stunts (1994)
Downtown Stunts (1990)
Robocop II Stunts (1990)
Rookie Utility Stunts (1990)
Predator II Utility Stunts (1990)
Phantom of the Mall Stunts (1989)
Clinton and Nadine Stunts (1988)
Dragnet 87 Utility Stunts (1987)
Cobra Stunts (1986)
Blue Heaven Stunts
Stranger Things Stunts


Sports Science Stunt Coordinator (2009)
Prison Break Utility Stunts (2009) 20th Century Fox
Prison Break Stunt Driver (2008) 20th Century Fox
General Hospital: Night Shift Stunt Coordinator (2008) ABC
Stunt Junkies Stunt Coordinator (2006-2007 45 Episodes) CBS
Fear Factor Action Coordinator (2001-2005 123 Episodes) NBC
Drive Shaft Action Coordinator (2003) Fox
Passions Stunt Coordinator (1999-2001 172 Episodes) NBC
Sunset Beach Stunt Coordinator (1997-1999 549 Episodes) NBC
Working Stunt Coordinator (1997-1999 36 Episodes)
Kelly Kelly Stunt Coordinator (1998 7 Episodes)
I Survived a Disaster Stunt Coordinator (1997)
What's Right with America Stunt Coordinator (1997)
Rescue 911 Stunt Coordinator (1992-1995 unknown Episodes)
In the House Stunt Coordinator (1995-1995 26 Episodes)
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Co-Stunt Coordinator (1993-1994 27 Episodes)
V.I.P. Stunts ( Multiple Episodes)
Pacific Blue Stunts ( Multiple Episodes)
Babylon 5 Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Smoke Jumpers Stunts
Tales from the Crypt Stunts ( Multiple Episodes)
Sirens Stunts
Baywatch Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Guns of Paradise Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Hunter Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Picket Fences Stunts
Hearts of the West Stunt Double (Multiple Episodes)
Dead End Brattigan Stunts
Pensicola Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Soldier of Forturne Stunts
Profiler Stunts
High Incident Stunts
Brisco County Jr. Stunt Double ( Multiple Episodes)
Kindred Stunts
Married with Children Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Wild Palms Stunts
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Stunts
Rescue 911 Stunts (Multiple Episodes)
Dear John Stunt Double
Airwolf Stunts

Commercials Stunt Coordinator
AT&T Stunt Coordinator


Stunt Junkies Host (2005-2007 45 Episodes) CBS/Discovery

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: All around stuntman, Horses, Fire Burns, Precision Driver, Firearms, Stage Combat, Voiceover, Host, Motorcyclist
  • Athletic Skills: Fencing, Scuba, Water Skiing, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Cycling, Swimming, Water Safety

Producer Credits

Executive Producer - Stunt Junkies for CBS (2005-2007 43 Episodes)

Senior Producer - Fear Factor for NBC (2001-2005 123 Episodes) **
Producer - Drive Shaft for Original Prod. (2003) **
Producer - Razor Sharp for Independent (2005)

Actors Doubled

Jeff Bridges

Dennis Quaid
Corbin Bernsen
Robert Davi
Gary Busey

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