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"The Uninvited" movie review. Lacks any type of suspense and fails to deliver many chills.

"The Uninvited" review by Eric Sloss, Writer A good horror film is very hard to make these days. Being scared is quite subjective. What some might find terrifying, others merely yawn at what is on the screen. Lately Hollywood has gone crazy in importing successful Asian horror films. The success of “The Ring” and “The Grudge” has made this decision wise. The sequels to these films proved to be not as successful however. The dwindling box office for “Pulse”, “One Missed Call” and “The Eye” proves that you can go to the well too often. “The Uninvited” is yet another attempt to mine the fruitful tree of the Asian horror cinema. This horrible film will probably not change the tide in their favor. “The Uninvited” revolves around a troubled teenage girl who had a terrible tragedy befall her. Her mother died in a horrific gas explosion at her house. Anna
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