WWE Signs Buggy Nova – Debuts At Florida Championship Wrestling

WWE has signed California-based female wrestler Buggy Nova to developmental contract. The 22-year-old, billed at 5’8″ and 135 pounds, made her debut at Florida Championship Wrestling’s Summer Slamarama event last night in Orlando, Florida, according to multiple attendees. She was a participant in a Diva swimsuit competition and also participated in a dancing contestant under her real name Natalie.

As can be seen in her image above, Buggy comes with an “alternative” look and in her independent days was billed from “Candyland”. She made her debut on the circuit in 2009 and was trained under the Ballard Brothers.

Buggy was first evaluated at the WWE Raw SuperShow on January 16th from Anaheim, California. She was then invited to a tryout at the following day’s SmackDown tapings in Las Vegas, Nevada where she wrestled Aj in a match solely for WWE officials. WWE were impressed with Buggy and brought her back to the SmackDown taping in Fresno,
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Interview with Arthur Cauty – director of wrestling documentary Hard Knocks

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There is a famous quote in Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters in which Max Von Sydow’s character Frederick ponders aloud:

“You see the whole culture. Nazis, deodorant salesmen, wrestlers, beauty contests, a talk show. Can you imagine the level of a mind that watches wrestling?”

To Frederick it is baffling anyone would waste their time watching men in spandex engage in an orgy of pre-planned fake violence. Yet to Roland Barthes, the famous academic and acclaimed thinker, wrestling transcends the primitive notion that it consists solely of pretend fights; to him wrestling was one of the grand spectacles – part ballet, part Greek morality play, theatre and athletics combined, storytelling through physicality. Andy Kaufman, renowned for his eccentric humour, alternatively saw wrestling as a sublime medium for performing arts – blending fact and fantasy to invoke very real emotion from audiences.

To say professional wrestling is a subject that
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