‘Shivers’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Stars: Paul Hampton, Joe Silver, Lynn Lowry, Allan Kolman, Susan Petrie, Barbara Steele, Ronald Mlodzik, Barry Baldaro | Written and Directed by David Cronenberg

When it comes to horror we all tend to have our favourite type, some will say Slashers while others may say they enjoy good old Hammer. I grew up on Horror and when I was younger I had a thirst for any film I could get hold of, I found the styles I loved and directors that really caught my interest. One of these directors was David Cronenberg, but one movie that never really sat right with me was Shivers, I just didn’t get it. Then I grew older and wiser and with greater understanding realised just how good the film actually is.

Shivers was Cronenberg’s first full feature movie, and what a shock it was to the world (especially Canada), it threw not only
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A Remake of David Cronenberg's Shivers Begins Shooting February 2014

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A Remake of David Cronenberg's Shivers Begins Shooting February 2014
Producers Jeff Sackman and Michael Baker today announced that they will remake the horror classic Shivers, David Cronenberg's first feature film. That film, highlighted with a special screening at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, broke ground with its boundary-pushing sexuality and violence in its original release, nearly 40 years ago.

Shivers will be directed by award-winning Danish filmmaker Rie Rasmussen from a screenplay written by Ian Driscoll. Sackman and Baker will produce through their respective companies, Tajj Media and Bunk 11 Pictures. Working with them as executive producer is the film's original executive producer, Andr&#233 Link. Shivers will begin shooting in February 2014, with casting currently underway.

In Shivers, a genetically-engineered strain of parasites that turn people into violent, compulsive sex-addicts is released into a self-contained luxury apartment complex. The resident doctor attempts to find a cure before the infected, nymphomaniac inhabitants spread their legs - and the parasites.

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