‘Endless Summer’ Filmmaker Bruce Brown Dies at 80

‘Endless Summer’ Filmmaker Bruce Brown Dies at 80
Documentary filmmaker Bruce Brown, known for surfing movie “Endless Summer,” died Sunday in Santa Barbara, Calif. of natural causes, his official website reported. He was 80.

Brown was born in San Francisco and grew up on Long Beach, Calif. before briefly moving to Hawaii where he began making films and worked with submarines for the U.S. Navy. Brown became a documentary filmmaker and released his first film “Slippery When Wet” in 1958. He was Oscar nominated for the 1971 motorcycle racing film “On Any Sunday,” on which Steve McQueen was a producer.

The 1966 “Endless Summer” was narrated by Brown and starring surfers and board shapers Mike Hynson and Robert August.
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The Ultimate 8: Movie Sports Props We Wish We Owned

Watching Robbie Senior, Robbie Junior, Shaggy and the rest of the Robbie’s First Base crew handle some of the rarest, most sought-after sports memorabilia on each episode of our new reality series Ball Boys got us to thinking about the type of rare sports items we would die to get our hands on to decorate our homes and offices. What we realized was that all of the sports memorabilia that we would really love to own actually comes, not from the gridiron, green or rink, but from the silver screen. In no particular order, we present to you the "Ultimate 8," iconic sports props from movies about sports and movies in which sports are central to the plot. Check out the list below and then be sure to tune in to Ball Boys on Reelz.

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Ball Boys | Gene Hackman | Rodney Dangerfield | Charlie Sheen | Sylvester Stallone
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What to Stream This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon: The August Staycation Edition

  • Vulture
What to Stream This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon: The August Staycation Edition
This weekend, you can either seethe with envy over your many friends who are embarking on August vacations, or stay at home and pick one of approximately 14 billion options available on streaming over a variety of services, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, On Demand, or other sites. Every Friday, Vulture tries to make life easier by narrowing it down to a handful of heartily recommended options. This week we curate your worldly "staycation" with the ultimate surfing documentary, a travel show with bite, and a road trip down Che Guevera's memory lane.The Endless SummerThe title of Bruce Brown's 1966 surf documentary is derived from a plan set forth by the filmmaker and his two stars, Mike Hynson and Robert August. If a surfer had enough money and ambition, they could counter the Earth's seasonal plans and find prime riding conditions for an entire year. The Endless Summer becomes a
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The Best Beach Movies

The Best Beach Movies
Summer is here and "Extra" remembers some of the hottest beach movies! Check it out!

The Best Beach MoviesGidget, 1959

Who: Sandra Dee, James Darren and Cliff Robertson What: A teenager discovers her love for surfing and romance at the beach during an unforgettable summer.

Blue Hawaii, 1961

Who: Elvis Presley What: Happy to be back in Hawaii, soldier Chad Gates (played by Elvis Presley) was released from the army and decided to work as a tour guide at his girlfriend's agency.
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