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  • (1944 - 1959) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1944) Stage Play: Song of Norway. Musical/operetta. A New Operetta based on the Life and Music of Edvard Grieg. Musical Adaptation by Bob Wright [credited as Robert Wright] and Chet Forrest [credited as George Forrest]. Lyrics by Bob Wright [credited as Robert Wright] and Chet Forrest [credited as George Forrest]. Book by Milton Lazarus. Based on the play by Homer Curran. Musical Director: Arthur Kay; Additional lyrics by Arthur Kay. Orchestral and Choral Arrangements by Arthur Kay. Choreography and Singing Ensembles Staged by George Balanchine. Book Direction by Charles Freeman. Imperial Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 15 Apr 1946- close): 21 Aug 1944- 7 Sep 1946 (860 performances). Cast: Sylvia Allen (as "Child"), Ann Andre (as "Marghareta/Chorus"), Sig Arno (as "Count Peppi Le Loup"), Robert Bailes (as "Chorus"), Robert Bernard (as "Maestro Pisoni"), Robert Bernoff (as "Ensemble"), Helena Bliss (as "Nina Hagerup"), Elizabeth Bockoven (as "Hilda/Chorus"), Lewis Bolyard (as "Innkeeper/Chorus"), Barbara Boudwin (as "Signora Eleanora/Chorus"), Mary Bradley (as "Chorus"), Patti Brady (as "Grima"), Frank Brenneman (as "Chorus"), Lawrence Brooks (as "Edvard Grieg"), Betty Burge (as "Ensemble"), Grace Carroll (as "Child"), William Carroll (as "Eric"), Marjorie Castle (as "Ensemble"), John Chaloupka (as "Chorus"), Dudley Clements (as "Henrik Ibsen"), Shirley Conklin (as "Chorus"), Kaye Connor (as "Chorus"), Alexandra Danilova (as "Chorus"), Paul De Poyster (as "Member of the Faculty"), Audrey Dearden (as "Chorus"), Paul DePoyster (as "Chorus"), Kent Edwards (as "Einar"), Jean Faust (as "Ensemble"), Milton Feher (as "Ensemble"), Pauline Goddard (as "Chorus"), Cameron Grant (as "Butler/Chorus"), Audrey Guard (as "Member of the Faculty/Mother Grieg [Alternate]/Chorus"), Roland Guerard (as "The Minstrel/Ensemble"), Leone Hall (as "Chorus"), Janet Hamer (as "Sigrid"), Harold Haskin (as "Ensemble"), Larry Haynes (as "Chorus"), Hal Horton (as "Chorus"), Gwen Jones (as "Greta/Nina Hagerup [Alternate]/Chorus"), Jeanne Jones (as "Ensemble"), Raymond Keast (as "Rikard Nordraak [Alternate]/Chorus"), Francis Kiernan (as "Ensemble"), Walter Kingsford (as "Father Grieg"), Eric Kristen (as "Ensemble"), Jackie Lee (as "Helga"), Dorothie Littlefield (as "Adelina/Ensemble"), Karen Lund (as "Hedwig/Chorus"), Gerald Matthews (as "Gunnar"), Hal McMurrin (as "Chorus"), Ewing Mitchell (as "Member of the Faculty"), Pat O'Rourke (as "Child"), Sonya Orlova (as "Miss Anders/Ensemble"), Irra Petina (as "Louisa Giovanni"), Adda Pourmel (as "Waitress at Tito's/Ensemble"), Yura Radine (as "Ensemble"), Carlye Ramey (as "Ensemble"), Sharon Randall (as "Elvera/Chorus"), Shannon Randolph (as "Child"), Margaret Ritter (as "Chorus"), Ivy Scott (as "Mother Grieg") [final Broadway role], Rosine Sedova (as "Waitress at Tito's/Ensemble"), Robert Shafer (as "Rikard Nordraak"), James Starbuck (as "Freddy/Tito/Ensemble"), Gloria Stone (as "Ensemble"), Nat Stoudenmire (as "Ensemble"), Toni Stuart (as "Ensemble"), Olga Suarez (as "The Maiden Norway/Ensemble"), Sviatoslav Toumine (as "Ensemble"), Mary Walker (as "Chorus"), Arthur Waters (as "Chorus"), Nora White (as "Maid"), Philip White (as "Father Nordraak"), Doreen Wilson (as "Frau Professor Norden/Chorus"), Louisa Giovanni (as "Alternate"), Anna Wiman (as "Ensemble"), Maurice Winthrop (as "Chorus"), Stanley Wolfe (as "Chorus"), Walter Young (as "Chorus"). Replacement cast: Norvel Campbell (as "Chorus"), Grace Carroll (as "Grima"), Carl Cleighton (as "Ensemble"), Barbara Cole (as "Ensemble"), Kaye Connor (as "Marghareta"), Harry Day (as "Ensemble"), Paul Elmer (as "Chorus/Edvard Grieg"). Produced by Edwin Lester. Notes: (1) On 6 Sep 1946 (one day before the stage musical ended its Broadway run), Universal announced its purchase of the screen rights for $200,000 plus 25 percent of the film's profits. The studio planned for the movie adaptation to be produced in Technicolor by Sam Spiegel (then known as S.P. Eagle) and to star Deanna Durbin, with shooting to start in January, 1948. However, because of a projected high budget and a related tax problem which was holding back Hollywood film exports to Britain, Mr. Eagle revealed on 21 Aug 1947 that the picture was being postponed indefinitely. (2) Produced on film by ABC Pictures as Song of Norway (1970).
  • (1957) Stage Play: Time Remembered. Romantic comedy. Written by Jean Anouilh. English version by Patricia Moyes. Incidental music by Vernon Duke. Lyrics and Orchestrations by: Vernon Duke. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Miles White. Lighting Design by Feder. Directed by Albert Marre. Morosco Theatre: 12 Nov 1957- 28 Jun 1958 (248 performances). Cast: Richard Burton (as "Prince Albert"), Helen Hayes (as "The Duchess of Pont-Au-Bronc"), Susan Strasberg (as "Amanda, a milliner"), Glenn Anders (as "Lord Hector"), Sig Arno (as "Ferdinand, a head waiter"), Emil Borsody (as "The Cellist"), George Ebeling (as "The Taxi Driver"), Truman Gaige (as "Germain, a ghilly"), Stanley Grover (as "The Singer"), Edmund Horn (as "The Pianist"), George Landolf (as "Footmen and Waiters"), Seymour Miroff (as "The Violinist"), LeRoi Operti (as "The Ice Cream Man"), Frederick Rolf (as "Theophilus, a butler"), Fred Starbuck (as "Footmen and Waiters"), E.W. Swackhamer (as "Footmen and Waiters"), Frederic Warriner (as "The Landlord"). Replacement actors: Urey Krasnopolsky (as "The Pianist"), Ellen Madison (as "The Coat Room Attendant"). Produced by The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, Robert Anderson, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Roger L. Stevens, John F. Wharton). Produced in association with Milton Sperling.
  • (1958) Stage Play: The Cold Wind and the Warm. Drama. Written by S.N. Behrman. Suggested by "The Worcester Account" by S.N. Behrman. Scenic Design by Boris Aronson. Costume Design by Motley. Directed by Harold Clurman. Morosco Theatre: 8 Dec 1958- 21 Mar 1959 (120 performances). Cast: Sidney Armus (as "Dan"), Sig Arno (as "Rappaport"), Morris Carnovsky (as "Mr. Sacher"), Timmy Everett (as "Tobey'), Vincent Gardenia' (as "Jim Nightengale"), Carol Grace (as "Myra"), Sanford Meisner (as "Norbert Mandel"), Suzanne Pleshette (as "Leah"), Jada Rowland (as "Ren"), Maureen Stapleton (as "Ida"), Peter Trytler (as "Aaron"), Eli Wallach (as "Willie"). Understudies: Sidney Armus (as "Willie"), Clement Fowler (as "Jim Nightengale/Mr. Sacher/Norbert Mandel/Rappaport"), Pearl Pierson (as "Ida"), Ed Printz (as "Aaron/Dan"). Produced by The Producers Theatre.

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