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  • "Dateline NBC" (1992) as herself (29/11/96)
  • (1979- ). Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1979) Stage Play: They're Playing Our Song. Musical/Romantic comedy. Music by Marvin Hamlisch. Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager. Musical Director: Larry Blank. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns, Richard Hazard and Gene Page. Book by Neil Simon. Choreographed by Patricia Birch. Directed by Robert Moore. Imperial Theatre: 11 Feb 1979- 6 Sep 1981 (1082 performances + 11 previews that began on 2 Feb 1979). Cast: Lucie Arnaz (as "Sonia Walsk"), Robert Klein (as "Vernon Gersch"), Helen Castillo (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Philip Cusack (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Celia Celnik Matthau (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Wayne Mattson (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Andy Roth (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Debbie Shapiro (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Greg Zadikov (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"). Swings: Max Stone, Lani Sundsten. Standbys: John Getz (as "Vernon Gersch"), Debbie Shapiro (as "Sonia Walsk"). Replacement cast during run: Diana Canova (as "Sonia Walsk"), Stockard Channing (as "Sonia Walsk"), Rhonda Farer (as "Sonia Walsk"), Victor Garber (as "Vernon Gersch") [from 4 Aug 1981- ?], Anita Gillette (as "Sonia Walsk"), D. Michael Heath (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), John Hillner (as "Voice of Vernon Gersch"), Dorothy Kiara (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Donna Murphy (as "Voice of Sonia Walsk"), Tony Roberts (as "Vernon Gersch"), Hal Shane (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Marsha Skaggs (as "Sonia Walsk") [from 4 Aug 1981- ?], Ted Wass (as "Vernon Gersch"). Swings: Rhonda Farer, Pat Gorman, Andrea Green, Donna Murphy, Hal Shane. Standbys: Ray Gill (as "Vernon Gersch"), Pat Gorman (as "Sonia Walsk"), John Hammil (as "Vernon Gersch"). Understudies: Rhonda Farer (as "Sonia Walsk"), John Hillner (as "Vernon Gersch"), Wayne Mattson (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Michael William Schaefer (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"), Hal Shane (as "Vernon Gersch"), Greg Zadikov (as "Voice of Phil the Engineer"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg.
  • (1991) Stage Play: Lost in Yonkers. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Directed by Gene Saks. Richard Rodgers Theatre: 21 Feb 1991- 3 Jan 1993 (780 performances + 11 previews that began on 12 Feb 1991). Cast: Mercedes Ruehl (as "Bella"), Kevin Spacey (as "Louie"), Irene Worth (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Mark Blum (as "Eddie"), Danny Gerard (as "Arty"), Lauren Klein (as "Gert"), Jamie Marsh (as "Jay"). Standbys: Leslie Ayvazian (as "Gert"), Irene Dailey (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Mike Damus (as "Arty"), David Neipris (as "Jay"). Understudies: David Chandler (as "Eddie/Louie"), Didi Conn (as "Bella/Gert"), Pauline Flanagan (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), David Neipris (as "Jay"), Justin Strock (as "Arty"). Replacement cast: Lucie Arnaz (as "Bella"), David S. Chandler (as "Eddie"), Didi Conn (as "Bella"), Benny Grant (as "Arty"), Rosemary Harris (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Jane Hoffman (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Anne Jackson (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Timothy Jerome (as "Eddie"), Jane Kaczmarek (as "Bella"), Bruno Kirby (as "Louie"), Brian Markinson (as "Louie"), Mercedes McCambridge (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Alan Rosenberg (as "Louie"), Isa Thomas (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Steve Vinovich (as "Eddie"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg. Note: Filmed as Lost in Yonkers (1993).
  • (2006) Appeared on Broadway in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels"
  • (2000) She acted in the musical adaptation of John Irving's novel, "The Witches of Eastwick," at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London, England with Ian McShane, Maria Friedman, Joanna Riding, and Rosemary Ashe in the cast.
  • ((August 31,1981 to September 5, 1981) She acted in Willy Russell's play, "Educating Rita," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Laurence Luckinbill in the cast.
  • (July 15, 1985 - July 20, 1985) She acted in Richard Culliton's play, "A Place to Stay," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with John Ritter in the cast.
  • (January 11 to February 12, 1984) She acted in Ferenc Molnar's play, "The Guardsman," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Laurence Luckinbill, Jane Connell and Michael Lipton in the cast. David Rothkopf was director. Robert Barnes was scenic designer. Frances Aronson was lighting designer. Julie Weiss was costume designer.
  • (December 8, 1978 to January 20, 1979) She acted in the musical, "They're Playing Our Song," in a world premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Robert Klein in the cast. Robert Moore was director. Neil Simon wrote the book. Marvin Hamlisch was composer. Carole Bayer Sager was lyricist.
  • (May 1 to June 20, 1987) She acted in Andrew Bergman's play, "Social Security," in a Mike Nichols' production at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Laurence Luckinbill in the cast. Peter Lawrece was director.

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