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Articles (8)

Starlog (US) April 2006, Iss. 344, pg. 62-65, by: Jimmy Lydon & Tom Weaver, "Thrills of a Lifetime"
Variety (US) April 25 1973, pg. 63:1, "Robert Armstrong"
The London Times (GB) April 23 1973, pg. 8:8, "Robert Armstrong"
Los Angeles Times (US) April 22 1973, Iss. I, pg. 10:1, "Robert Armstrong"
New York Times (US) April 22 1973, pg. 55:1, by: Steven R. Weisman, "A 50-Year Career"
New York Times (US) April 22 1973, pg. 55:1, "Robert Armstrong, Actor, Dies; Played Director in 'King Kong'"
Motion Picture Classic (US) January 1929, pg. 43, 74, 87, by: Herbert Cruikshank, "He'll Be a BIG Star in a Year; Yes, _Zat's_ Unquestionably True of Robert Armstrong with Success Before and a Love-Life Behind Him"
Screenland (US) January 1929, pg. 51, 111, by: Sydney Valentin, "His Double Life; All About a Good Bad Man; The Cause of a New Crime Rave"

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