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ITN Source reveals doc finalists

ITN Source has revealed the three short films which have made it through to the final of its second annual competition, held in association with Doc/Fest and Audio Network.

The producer challenged filmmakers to create 60-second films using archive material from its archive, along with music from Audio Network’s catalogue.

The three finalists - Adam Forrester, an assistant professor of art from Columbus, Georgia, James Arthur Armstrong, a film critic and filmmaker from Liverpool and Matthew Sanger, an archive producer for TV/film productions, concerts and events from London.

The films will be screened at Sheffield’s Showroom
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'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Stuntman Sues Sony for Age Discrimination

'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Stuntman Sues Sony for Age Discrimination
Age-discrimination lawsuits are not uncommon in Hollywood. What’s unusual about the one Bj Davis filed Thursday is the allegation that a co-worker tackled him with Davis’ age in mind. Davis now is 63, he said, and worked in stunts from 1978 until 2013. In the latter year, he said, mistreatment on the set of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended his career. First, he said, he nearly couldn’t get work on the superhero sequel, despite his formidable career (he holds world records for helicopter stunts, he said). He alleged that stunt coordinator James Armstrong of Armstrong Action

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Time Warner Cable Slapped With Class Action Suit Over CBS Blackout

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The stakes in the standoff between CBS and Time Warner Cable have just been upped once again -- and this time it's angry viewers who are doing the upping. Time Warner Cable was hit with a class-action lawsuit by Southern California customers who want to be reimbursed for losing CBS and its sister cable channel Showtime during the two companies' protracted retransmission dispute. See video: Wrap Battle: Our Reporters Take Sides in CBS-Time Warner Cable Feud The suit, filed by James Armstrong, Michael Pourtemour and Vatsana Bilavarn in Los Angeles Superior Court on
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Time Warner Cable Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over CBS Blackout

The fee dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS has prompted a class-action lawsuit by subscribers upset over paying for channels they don't receive. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court by lead plaintiffs James Armstrong, Michael Pourtemour and Vatsana Bilavarn, the Southern California residents say they were enticed into subscribing to TWC service by the promise of CBS-owned channels CBS, Showtime, Movie Channel and Los Angeles station Kcal but have been unable to access them due to the two-week blackout. Read the lawsuit here. CBS and TWC are locked in a nasty standoff

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Stunt Coordinators Reveal New Details About The Amazing Spider-man 2

Credit: Nicko Ray Stunt Coordinators, Andy & James Armstrong have been working with Marc Webb since 2010, when The Amazing Spider-Man started filming. The duo have since gone on to grow relationships with the cast and crew and eventually returned for the sequel. Discussing some interesting details regarding how Spidey swings and how many stunts Emma Stone actually does, the duo have a rather long interview, so you can read the full interview in the link below! On Spidey's Movement: James: Yeah. A lot of it was developed in the last film, and we spent a lot of time working with Andrew [Garfield]. Andy: One of the early briefs on the last film was that Marc [Webb] wanted to do the action a lot more real and grounded in reality - trying to minimise how much CGI was used. We came on first, and I very glibly said that we could definitely make the
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Andy & James Armstrong on Amazing Spider-Man 2's stunts

Interview Ryan Lambie 30 Jul 2013 - 06:26

How do you bring a web-swinging comic book hero to life? We spoke to the stunt coordinators behind The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to find out...

On paper, it looks so graceful, so effortless, and Spider-Man’s swing is surely among the most striking images in comics. But when it came to translating that image to a live-action movie in last year’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the process of making Peter Parker’s web-slinging abilities look convincing was anything but effortless.

Determined to bring those movements to life with physical performers rather than computer graphics alone, stunt coordinators Andy and James Armstrong employed an Olympic gymnast and put leading man Andrew Garfield through months of training to achieve the weighty, dramatic swings they wanted. The technique they perfected - which used complicated mechanical rigs to simulate the violent forces that would be required to swing
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Watch Now: PBS Pov Short Cuts Doc 'The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Solider of the Civil Rights Movement'

An official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and the 2012 Oscar-nominated short film The Barber of Birmingham, is now streaming in its entirety on the PBS site for a limited time. The 21-minute inspiring doc follows the proud and humble 85-year-old civil rights activist and World War II veteran James Armstrong, a barber in Birmingham, Al who passed away on Nov. 18, 2009, as he recounts his struggles during segregation in the south on the backdrop of the 2008 Obama election. In the days before and after Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 presidential election, an 85-year-old civil rights activist and “foot soldier” looked back on the early days of the...
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Fan Expo: Vancouver's Horrific Aspirations this April 21-22!

Eastern Canada’s seminal pop culture event, Fan Expo, is set to arrive in the Pacific Northwest on April 21-22. Known as Fan Expo Vancouver (Fev), this two day event promises to have a variety of attractions that should appease the horror entertainment enthusiast.

On the roster are Kristin Bauer, who plays the vampire Pam De Beaufort in "True Blood," and Nicholas Brendon. He played Xandir Harris in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." The entire cast and crew of a new Canadian produced horror flick, “Death Do Us Part” will also be present. In negotiation is the appearance of the entire cast of "The Walking Dead," the hottest show to air on AMC.

Old and new, Senior Event Coordinator James Armstrong from Hobby Star Marketing promises to have a little bit of everything, like comics and anime, for people to enjoy at this show. They can buy collectibles, meet celebrities or partipate in workshops.
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Which Doc Short Will Win the Oscar? Bet On Lucy Walker.

Which Doc Short Will Win the Oscar? Bet On Lucy Walker.
As usual, the Oscar nominees for Best Documentary Short Subject mainly involve issues of immediate social and political value, with one curious exception: "God is Greater than Elvis," Rebecca Cammisa and Julie Anderson's portrait of former actress Dolores Hart's transition from acclaimed Tony winner (and the woman who first smooched Elvis onscreen, in 1957's "Loving You") to devout Catholic nun. In other cases, however, the subject speaks to larger concerns. "The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement" centers on the proud stance of James Armstrong, who died in 2009 after cutting hair for over 50 years at the same ramshackle shop. Directors Robin Gryday and the late Gail Dolgin explore the living museum of Armstrong's workshop, a place adorned with signs and newspaper clippings of pertinent moments in black history. The man embodies the movement, relishing the filmmakers with stories of taking on Martin Luther...
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