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Opportunity Knocks In Hilarious Trailer For Norwegian Comedy

There's a bit of a Norwegian super-team assembled for upcoming comedy Opportunity Knocks (Norske Byggeklosser) - the new remake of one of the all time classic local pictures. Dead Snow producer Kjetil Omberg, The Bothersome Man producer Jørgen Storm Rosenberg and Fatso / Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder helmer Arild Forhlich are behind this new version with Dag star Atle Antonsen starring (and starring and starring some more) in multiple parts. The plot line will call to mind 1986 Tom Hanks comedy The Money Pit for Us audiences, with its story of a couple inheriting a house badly in need of repair. The set up is a very straight forward one but the team behind the scenes here is anything but. We've been raging fans...

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Watch The Fabulous Full Trailer For Arild Frohlich's Grand Hotel

Despite a relatively short filmography, Norwegian helmer Arild Frohlich has become a great favorite in these parts. He got things kicked off with Fatso, an enormously transgressive - and hysterically funny - adaptation of a cult novel that manages to balance the base urges of its lead character with an underpinning humantiy before moving on to a pair of hugely successful adaptations of Jo Nesbo's Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder books. And for his latest effort Frolich pairs Dag actor Atle Antonsen as a writer with a raging alcohol problem alongside a young boy with Tourette's Syndrome. Grand Hotel is a warm comedy about a pompous, aging alcoholic and a tourettes-inflicted ten-year-old boy who are forced to spend a week together in a high-end hotel. The...

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An Alcoholic And A Boy With Tourette's Check In To Arild Frohlich's Grand Hotel

Dag star Atle Antonsen takes the lead in Grand Hotel, the latest from Norwegian director Arild Frohlich. After coming to our attention with sociopathic comedy Fatso Frohlich has, more recently, been spending his time adapting a pair of Jo Nesbo's Doctor Proctor books for the big screen and this latest effort appears to split the difference between those two impulses.Grand Hotel is a warm comedy about a pompous, aging alcoholic and a tourettes-inflicted ten-year-old boy who are forced to spend a week together in a high-end hotel. The only thing these two have in common is that they are both difficult to like. During the week Axel and Noah are together, they form a unique friendship, pushing each other towards change. Grand Hotel is about...

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Chasing Berlusconi first to get web debut in Norway

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Ole Endresen’s comedy will be available online a week before its theatrical release.

Ole Endresen’s horseracing comedy Chasing Berlusconi (Jakten på Berlusconi) is to become the first film in Norway to be made available to audiences before its theatrical release.

The film will be available for 48 hours on Norwegian TV2’s VOD-service, Sumo, from Friday (Sept 5) ahead of its theatrical release on Sept 12.

While Premium VOD release (simultaneous with theatrical) is not unusual in international markets, it is the first time in Norway that a distributor has included TV screenings in the marketing campaign for an upcoming film.

“We have had good experiences organising previews of new films in the cinemas, and wanted to try the concept through other channels,” said managing director Vibeke Skistad, of Euforia Distribution.

“TV2’s exposure of Chasing Berlusconi is worth a lot to us – we are going to reach out far better than we usually do – and it will
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King Curling (2011) Movie Review

Who out there has always wanted to see a Norwegian curling comedy? Thought so. That’s the precise thrill that Ole Endresen’s film “King Curling” provides. While there are obvious parallels with the Coen Brothers’ “Big Lebowski”, and aesthetic similarities to Wes Anderson’s movies, “King Curling” transcends simple comparison. This film stands alone as a hilarious, heartfelt story of obsession, friendship, and most importantly, sliding a heavy rock across a sheet of ice. Curling may, in fact, be the ultimate in athletic competition. Superimposing a traditional redemptive sports story onto a sport that most of us know little to nothing about, “King Curling” has a lot of fun twisting and tinkering with every sports cliché in the book. In the 1990s Truls Paulson (Atle Antonsen) ruled on high over the curling world. Fixated on every last detail, every bit of minutia, Truls becomes mentally unhinged and spends a
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55th BFI London Film Festival - Curling King (2011)

Curling King (a.k.a. Kong Curling), 2011.

Directed by Ole Endresen.

Starring Atle Antonsen, Jan Sælid, Jon Øigarden, Linn Skåber and Ane Dahl Torp.


Years after being banned from the sport, a former curling champion comes out of retirement in the hope of raising funds to pay for a life-saving operation for his old coach.

When browsing the BFI London Film Festival guide, one film grabbed my attention quite unexpectedly: that film was Curling King. And rather excitedly I went along to see it. I was not disappointed.

Curling King focuses on Truls Paulsen (Atle Antonsen), who is at the top of his game in the sport of curling. However, his unfortunate desire to get every last detail perfect sends him over the edge and he is banned from the sport and sectioned.

Years later Truls is released, only to find out his coach and mentor Gordon is seriously
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