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New Hawaii Five O Season 5,Episode 21 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS released the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Hawaii Five-o" episode 21 of season 5. The episode is entitled, "Ua Helele'i ka Hoku (Fallen Star)," and it turns out that we're going to see some very interesting and dramatic stuff take place when the Five O team tries to hunt down murderers that are after diamonds that were attached to the victim's costume, and more! In the new, 21st episode press release: When A Performer Is Killed At An Elvis Impersonator Convention And His Body Is Stolen, Five-0 Must Find The Culprits Who Are After The Hidden Diamonds Sewn Into The Victim's Costume. Press release number 2: When a performer is killed at a convention of Elvis impersonators and his body is stolen, Five-0 are going to have to track down the culprits who are after the hidden diamonds sewn into the victim's costume. Also, Gabriel Waincroft will return
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An Academy Award Winner Who Made History (And Who Fully Deserved to Win)

Hattie McDaniel: Oscar winner on TCM tonight One of the best and, despite nearly 100 film appearances, most poorly utilized actresses of the studio era was Hattie McDaniel, Turner Classic Movies’ "Summer Under the Stars" featured player today, August 20, 2013. Right now, TCM is showing Gone with the Wind (1939), the movie that earned McDaniel — as Scarlett O’Hara’s Mammy — the year’s history-making Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. She was the first black performer to take home an Oscar; in her (reportedly) studio-prepared Oscar acceptance speech, McDaniel hoped to “always be a credit to my race and to the motion picture industry.” And in my view, she remains among the most well-deserved winners, regardless of skin color. (See also: “Hattie McDaniel Oscar Speech.”) (Photo: Hattie McDaniel ca. 1930s.) Hattie McDaniel movies: ‘Show Boat,’ ‘Alice Adams’ Two other movies showcasing Hattie McDaniel’s talents will follow Gone with the Wind: Show Boat and Alice Adams.
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Ranking the Films of Director Elia Kazan (part 1) Underseen

Elia Kazan is one of my top five favourite American filmmakers of all time, and so I decided to ask our staff to rank his films. If you are not yet familiar with the filmmakers work, now would be a good time to start. Kazan was one of the most honoured and influential directors in Broadway and Hollywood history and introduced a new generation of unknown young actors to the world, including Marlon Brando, James Dean, Warren Beatty, Carroll Baker, Julie Harris, Andy Griffith, Lee Remick, Rip Torn, Eli Wallach, Eva Marie Saint, Martin Balsam, Fred Gwynne, and Pat Hingle. Noted for drawing out the best dramatic performances from his cast, he directed 21 actors to Oscar nominations, resulting in nine wins. The source for his inspired directing was the revolutionary acting technique known as the Method, and Kazan quickly rose to prominence as the preeminent proponent of the technique. During his career,
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Trailers from Hell: John Landis on Faust Musical 'Cabin in the Sky'

Trailers from Hell: John Landis on Faust Musical 'Cabin in the Sky'
This week at Trailers from Hell, director John Landis takes a look at Vincente Minnelli's musical, "Cabin in the Sky," released in 1943. The hit 1940 Broadway musical version of the Faust legend made it to the screen three years later, with original stars Ethel Waters and Rex Ingram heading an all-star African-American cast and first-time director Vincente Minnelli behind the camera. Jack Benny foil Eddie Anderson replaced Casablanca pianist Dooley Wilson in the lead because "Rochester" was popular enough to allay objections from exhibitors in some of the race-averse Southern states. Released in "glorious Sepiatone."
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Bob Hope Thanks for the Memories Collection DVD Review

The Bob Hope “Thanks for the Memories” collection features six Hope films made in the 1930s and 1940s. Three of the films, Thanks for the Memory, The Cat and the Canary, and Nothing but the Truth are making their DVD debuts. While the six films are not Hope’s Best six films, they all are very good and the set features a nice array of extras. My full reviews after the jump:

“Thanks for the Memory” (1938) is titled after what would soon become Hope’s well-known theme song. He plays novelist Steve Merrick who is struggling to complete his book. His wife Anne (Shirley Ross) decides to take a job to help pay the bills. She goes to work for Steve’s publisher who also happens to be her former fiancée who still has a thing for her and wants to get her out of the house. This is the weakest film in the set.
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Gone With The Wind 70th Anniversary Blu-ray Review

There is nothing wrong with Gone with the Wind. Yes, it’s a bit racist. Heck, it’s a lot racist and you get to cringe listening to Clark Gable say things like “darkie.” The black characters are mostly shameful, and the film revels in the greatness and loss of the South. There are interesting ambiguities, though. Rhett Butler (Gable) recognizes that the civil war is stupid and bound for failure, but later on enlists. Okay, there’s a lot wrong with the film, but it’s also one of those films of such grand dramatic heft that it is also undeniable. My review of Gone with the Wind after the (Kris Kross will make you Jump) jump.

It’s hard not to wrestle with the history of the film, and Spike Lee has decidedly dismissed it. He’s not unfair for doing so; there are a lot of problems with the text.
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Gone with the Wind Breezes Onto DVD and Blu-ray November 17th

Gone with the Wind is set to hit both DVD and Blu-ray in a new five disc 70th Anniversary box set on December 1st. Here is the official press release from Warner Home Video:

Winner of 10 Academy Awards including Best Picture, and still history's all time domestic box-office champion ($1.5 billion), Gone with the Wind has long been considered the most celebrated motion picture of all time. On November 17, Warner Home Video will honor the romantic epic with a stunningly restored and remastered version, available for the first time on Blu-ray. Gone with the Wind [70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition] is sure to be a "must-have" for collectors of classic films, available both in Blu-ray as well as on DVD.

The highlight of this new Blu-ray version of Gone with the Wind is how it looks and sounds. As they've done with Wizard of Oz, Warner Home Video continues to maximize what the Blu-ray format
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Sxsw Interview: Cast and Crew Talk 'Shuttle' Ride

After attending the world premire of Shuttle (review) at this month's Sxsw Film Festival in Austin, Texas, B-d writers David Harley and Tex Massacre chatted with Writer/Director Edward Anderson, Actress Peyton List and Actress Cameron Goodman about the horror-thriller, which can be read by clicking here. When Jules (Cameron Goodman) and Mel (Peyton List) return late at night from a ladies-only vacation, they find themselves at the airport on a rainy night that seems darker than usual. Wanting to get home but with limited options, they board an airport shuttle with a driver (Tony Curran), hoping for a safe and short ride.
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Sxsw Review: Two Reviews For 'Shuttle'

One of the most anticipated films at this year's Sxsw Film Festival is Edward Anderson's Shuttle, which B-d reviewer Tex Massacre really dug. "In the end, Shuttle delivers one of the most compelling denouements of any genre film Ive seen in the past year. Its tragic and brutal and for eagle-eyed fans it is satisfying in that the film hints and pokes and prods the audience toward the conclusion... I dont think genre fans can ask for more than that when they sit down in a darkened theater, board the Shuttle, and demand to be transported into a terrifying new world." In addition, you can click here to read Twitch Film's review.
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First Look: Sxsw Horror Film 'Shuttle'!

Today we were provided with the first official still and synopsis for Edward Anderson's Shuttle, which will have its world premiere at next month's Sxsw Film Festival in Austin, Tx. When Jules (Cameron Goodman) and Mel (Peyton List) return late at night from a ladies-only vacation, they find themselves at the airport on a rainy night that seems darker than usual. Wanting to get home but with limited options, they board an airport shuttle with a driver (Tony Curran), hoping for a safe and short ride. Read on for a look!
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