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Joey Anaya

Dana Point , California 92629 United States
949 874 7145 . http://iStunt StuntPlayersDirectory

Performer Profile

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6 feet 2 in
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Age Range: 30 - 45
  • Physique: Slim
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic


  • Action Biz, David, Other
    California United States
    661 296 3260
  • ANAYAL8R Inc., joey anaya, Other
    24331 Armada Dr. Dana Point, California 92629
    949 874 7145 . 949 874 7145


Silent Fury stunt performer Eric Louziel
Dominion stunt double B&B films
startrek "first Contact" Stunt Borg Johnathin Frakes
Forest Gump stunt double Bob Zemeckis
Dilemma Stunt cop Eric Louziel
What Dreams May Come stunt performer
The door Man Stunt Thug Jesse Johnson
Beyond the City Limits stunt performer
Road Trip stunt double "Tom Green" Ivan Wrightman
Planet of the Apes stunt performer Sony
The Time Machine Stunt Spy Morelock Gore Verbinski
Men In Black 2 stunt performer Barry Sonenfield
Dead Center stunt performer Jesse Johnson
startrek "Nemisis" stunt performer Paramount Pictures
The Incredible Hulk stunt performer Ang Lee
Master And Commander stunt performer Peter Wier
Hollywood Homicide Stunt performer
pirates of the Caribbean on stranger tides Stunt performer Walt Disney
Pirates of the Caribbean The curse of the black pearl Stunt performer Gore Virbinski
Haunted Mansion Stunt performer Walt Disney
The Village Creature Suit Performer M Night Shyamalan
Sky High Stunt double Walt Disney
Big mammas House Stunt double
Hatchet Stunt double "Joel Moore"
Pirates of the Caribbean "Dead man's Chest" Stunt performer Gore Virbinski
Pirates of the Caribbean " At World's End" Stunt performer Gore Virbinski
Big Bad Wolfe Stunt performer Lary levinson
Blood the last Vampire Creature Suit Performer
Days of Wrath Stunt Gang Banger
Superhero Stunt double 'Simon Rex"
Charlie Valentine Actor Stunt Thug Jesse Johnson
Bedtime stories Stunt performer Walt Disney
Crank 2 Stunt Gang Banger
Land of the Lost Creature Suit Performer 'Sleestack" Universal
High school Stunt double " Adrian Brody"
Bof Eliook Utility stunt
The A Team Stunt Gang Banger Joe Cartahan
Predators Stunt double " Adrian Brody" Nimrod Antal
Skyline stunt double ' Eric Balfour "
Captain America Stunt performer Marvel
Gangster Squad Gunman Ruben Fleicher
Neighborhood Watch Stunt Alien Akiva Schafer
the unknown stunt double mesquite productions
Animal Practice Stunt double Open 4 Business


Criminal Minds Stunt double "Geoffrey Blake" Touchstone
CSI (2000) Actor Stunt Victim Paramount Pictures
House of Lies Stunt performer Peter Levy
NCIS LA Stunt double "Gabriel Salvador Shane Brenan
The Closer Car Thief #2 Shephard/Robbin Company
We Have Your Husband The thin man Eric Bross
Justafied Stunt Thug FX Productions
No Ordinary Family stunt double ' Eric Balfour " Greg Berlanti
Southland Stunt Gang Banger Felix Alcala
Undercovers Actor/Russian Comando
In Plain Sight Stunt double Pirates Cove
Trauma Stunt double "Cliff Curtis" Universal Media
Sons of Anarchy Elion Perez Sutter Ink.
The Mentalist Drug Dealer Primrose /Hill
My Own Worst Enemy Stunt Gang Banger Universal Media
Grave Misconduct Stunt double "Vincent Spano" Armond Mastorianni
Numb3rs Stunt Thug Barry Shindel co.
Standoff Stunt double "Tim Decay" Twentieth Century Fox
House MD Stunt performer Heel n Toe Films
CSI Miami Actor/Stunt Cartel American Travelers
Wanted Stunt double " Benjamin Benitez" Timur Bekmambetov
Crossing Jordan Stunt performer Tailwind Productions
Winged Life Stunt double "Jay Baruchel" Ben Bray
Passions Stunt Ghost Pirate Outpost Farm
The District Stunt Gang Banger Jim Charleston
Jag Stunt double "Richard Cox" Belisarious Prod.
The O.C. Stunt performer Wonderland Sound and Vision
Kingpin Stunt double "Bobby Canavale" NBC
Twenty Four Stunt double "Gregory Sproider" Imagine Ent.
Haunted Stunt double "Mathew Fox" Rick Ramage
Startrek "Enterprise" Stunt Alien Braga Prod.
Roswell Stunt double "Adam Rodrigues"
Grounded for Life Stunt double "Ashton Kucher" Carsey-Werner Co.
Path to War Stunt performer John Frankenheimer
Nash Bridges Actor Stunt Thug Rysher Ent.
Charmed Stunt performer Spelling Television
Profiler Stunt double "EJ Calahan
Reyes y Rey Stunt performer Art Camacho
Black Scorpion Actor Stunt Thug Kyle A. Clark
Brimstone Stunt double "Geoffrey Blake" Felix Alcala
Air America Stunt Cartel Rex Piano
Cab to Canada Purse Snatcher Christopher Leitch
Soldier of Fortune Stunt Thug Frank Ballou
The Guardian Stunt double "Geoffrey Blake" Rob Cohen
Sliders Stunt double "Jerry O'Connel" Fox
EZ Streets Stunt double Paul Haggis
The Colony Stunt performer Tim Hunter
Running Dragon Stunt double
Rescue 911 Actor Stunt Victim Arnold Shapiro
Mac Gyver Stunt performer Paramount Television
American Adventurer Stunt performer Joseph Correl
vegas stunt double cbs
Revolution Militia John Favero
1600 Penn stunt double 20th Century Fox
Vegas Stunt double cbs

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Stunts
  • Athletic Skills: Tennis, Basketball, Cycling, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball, Football
  • Accents: Spanish
  • Spoken Languages: Spanish
  • Musical Instruments: Drums
  • Dance: Break


  • Dana Hills High school, Yes, Dana Point, 1987


  • Tarus Awards, Best Specialty Stunt, 2011

Employment Details

  • Work History: Voice Over, Film, Commercial, Internet, Television
  • Job Categories: Stunts, Acting
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Valid Passport: Yes

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