Costume designer talks 'heightened realism' of Kenneth Branagh's Thor

Bringing Thor to the big screen must be quite a challenge for director Kenneth Branagh and his team, especially as the Norse thunder god comes to a real-world setting on Earth for much of the film.

How do you make it work? How do you make it believable?

The film is based on Marvel's comic books, where exaggerated body proportions, colourful costumes and fantastical beings are part and parcel of that medium.

With no images or trailers at this early stage, fans are pondering how Thor and the other gods of Asgard will look and which version of the character will be chosen from the decades of comics. The fan-made poster here depicts one possible vision for the movie.

Costume designer Deborah Ambrosino was able to shed a little light on the approach being taken for the Marvel Studios release, which is due out in May 2011.

In an article on the Costume Designers' Guild website,
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'Thor' Costume Designer Says Characters Are 'Fantastical But Not Superheroes'

With production on director Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” well underway, further details about the film continue to come from surprising sources. While no photographs of the film's costumes have been publicly released thus far, Deborah Ambrosino — one of the costume designers on "Thor" — has spoken out about the look of the film's clothing.

In a profile on Costume Designers Guild, Ambrosino stated that the costumes in "Thor" are "strangely enough, very theatrical. There is a lot of fantasy in the different worlds that Thor lives in."

"The characters that populate that world are fantastical but not superheroes, which is great," she explained. "There is a heightened realism."

Ambrosino also indicated that she is utilizing her metalsmithing experience in the creation of the armor and jewelry.

Some of Ambrosino's previous projects include "Daredevil," "Avatar," "Alice in Wonderland," "Pushing Daisies," and the 2009 "Star Trek" reboot. Back in January, Marvel President Kevin Feige
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