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‘Why Him?’ Review

Stars: Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, James Franco, Megan Mullally, Tangie Ambrose, Cedric the Entertainer, Griffin Gluck, Keegan-Michael Key, Jacob Kemp | Written by John Hamburg, Ian Helfer | Directed by John Hamburg

In a change to their usual Christmas tradition, Ned (Bryan Cranston), the boss of a struggling printing company and overprotective but loving dad and his family visit his daughter at Stanford, where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco). As per comedy tropes, a rivalry develops between Ned and Laird when the former finds himself lost in the high-tech world of the latter and learns that Laird is about to pop the question…

Writer/director John Hamburg has an interesting career to say the least. The writer behind Meet the Parents and I Love You, Man (a film I revist at least once a month); Hamburg can writetruly hilarious – and touching – comedies,
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TVLine Items: The It Crowd Gets U.S. Remake, Lost Vet to Thrones and More

TVLine Items: The It Crowd Gets U.S. Remake, Lost Vet to Thrones and More
Bill Lawrence is in with The It Crowd.

Related Rush Hour TV Series In the Works for CBS from Bill Lawrence, Brett Ratner

The Cougar Town creator is shepherding a pilot adaptation of the popular British comedy for NBC, our sister site Deadline reports, with Community‘s Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan on board to write and executive-produce with Lawrence. Additional EPs include Jeff Ingold and Craig Cegielski.

As its title suggests, The It Crowd follows the exploits of a British company’s information-technology department.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* On The Mentalist, M.C. Gainey (Lost
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Hart of Dixie Doc Turns Scary CSI Season Finale Baddie

Scoot over Dr. Lecter, an upcoming CSI big bad may just give you a run for your money. In the news today, actor Tim Matheson, recently seen as a Hart of Dixie doc on the CW, has a new guest arc scheduled for CSI: Vegas. In the role, he is also a doctor, but his extracurricular activities are downright murderous and a bit frightening.

This arc is so big, that it’ll stretch across season 13′s finale and season 14′s premier. The two-episode arc was announced by TV Line, who confirmed Matheson and the CBS crime drama’s season 13 finale are coming on May 15. We’ve previously learned another familiar face will arrive during the season 13 finale as well, coming at us from BSG.

His character, known as Mr. Tate has been described as a good looking, upscale, very sharp witted Ph.D. and M.D. who becomes the suspect
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CSI Wife Making Her First Appearance in Thirteen Seasons

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It’s been 13 years of CSI and I was beginning to think it was strange we only ever heard about Capt. Jim Brass’ consistently off-screen wife. And when I say I thought it was strange, what I really mean is I was deeply invested in the idea Nancy Brass was never a real person. Like, I’m talking a total figment of Brass’ imagination. I was even close to figuring out a way to explain his child – it wouldn’t have been hard since she’s not biologically his – but there was no need because, after waiting for so long, Nancy will finally make an appearance. They even cast someone to play her!

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Annabella Sciorra will play Nancy. She’ll finally come out of hiding when a case hits close to home for the Brass family – if you can even call them such a thing.
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Annabella Sciorra to Guest Star on CSI Season Finale, Premiere

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Annabella Sciorra has found a home on CBS.

The actress, who has recently appeared on episodes of The Good Wife and Blue Bloods, will guest star on both the CSI season finale in May and the subsequent premiere in September.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sciorra will portray the wife of Captain Jim Brass, getting involved in a storyline that involves the disappearance of her daughter Ellie.

The finale will take a close look into Brass' troubled marriage and be titled "Skin in the Game." It will also feature the return of Tangie Ambrose as Miss Kitty. She was last seen in Marg Helgenberger's final episode in January of last year.
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In Plain Sight: USA Stars Say Farewell in Sideshow

Planning on watching the last episode of In Plain Sight this evening? If so, you might want to know that USA is working with Miso to provide viewers with exclusive interviews and memories from castmembers. Participants include Mary McCormack, Frederick Weller, Lesley Ann Warren, Paul Ben Victor, Rachel Boston and Tangie Ambrose.

Here's additional information from USA:

After Five Seasons, Stars Of The USA Hit Series "In Plain Sight" Say Farewell In The First Ever Cast-hosted Miso Sideshow

Fans can Access Exclusive Interviews and Parting Thoughts in the Official USA SideShow During the Series Finale on Friday, May 4 at 10/9c

The stars of the hit USA original series In Plain Sight are saying goodbye to fans in the first ever cast-created SideShow during the series finale, "All's Well That Ends," on Friday, May 4 at 10/9c. Series stars
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Episode Recap: The Mentalist - 3.02: "Cackle-Bladder Blood"

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I have to say, I'm really starting to be optimistic about this season. The writers at Heller and Co. seem to have heard our gripes about the things that went wrong in season two and are fast on the way to fixing them! Although, this is probably the worst title for an episode, ever. We are met with Jane, still isolating himself in his "Bat Cave," at Cbi headquarters, playing with a remote control helicopter. He receives a call from his brother in law, Danny Ruskin (Kevin Rankin), who has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and needs Jane's help. This is the first family we've seen for Patrice Jane, other than flash backs of his wife and daughter, so it should make for some interesting interactions. Of course, Jane goes to meet Danny, and in true Jane-style, digs himself in deeper. Police arrive at an office building to
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Chocolate News: David Alan Grier TV show Cancelled, No Season Two

It seems that David Alan Grier's Chocolate News is following in the footsteps of D.L. Hughley's CNN news show, D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. After a 10-episode run, the Comedy Central show has been cancelled.

Chocolate News features comedian Grier performing satirical commentary and sketches centered around current events and news stories. The episodes are said to reflect the comic's view of world events, and one of the network's press releases even went so far as to call it a show with an “African-American take on the news."

In truth, the series focuses more on sketch comedy than news stories, with the host playing a variety of characters -- from fictitious rappers to poet Maya Angelou. Series supporting players include Chris Tallman, Tangie Ambrose, Alphonso McAuley, Jordan Peele, Troy Curvey Jr., Paige Diaz, Luenell, Windell Middlebrooks, Janet Varney, and Gary Anthony Williams.

The un-pc comedy program debuted
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Film review: 'Ringmaster'

Film review: 'Ringmaster'
Hey, four words: Jerry Springer -- The Movie.

Poetry in motion, right? You take your average Springer guests and show them in their natural, pretaping habitat. And while you're at it, you also reveal what makes Jerry tick. It's money, baby.

Apparently, it's what the five producers and seven exec producers behind the low-budgeted "Ringmaster" are thinking. The problem is, their fictionalized account of the events leading up to an appearance on Springer's show, a k a "Lifestyles of the Poor and Trashy," plays like one of Jerry's "Too Hot for TV" videos, with the added bonus of bad writing and direction.

But will the guarantee of a bleep-free 90 minutes, complete with a generous flashing of breasts (including Jerry's), plus cheesy, simulated sex acts be enough to lure viewers out of the comfort of their trailer park? Artisan Entertainment, in a bid to break out of its usual art house mode, clearly hopes so, but "Ringmaster"'s true destiny lies on the video racks. Or maybe Jerry will thoughtfully throw in a copy as an incentive to buy his upcoming tell-all book.

Little do Angel, Connie, Rusty and Willie know, their sordid little lives are about to become the "You Did WHAT With Your Stepdaddy?" episode on the next "Jerry Springer".

It seems Angel (Jaime Pressly), a motel chambermaid who goes the extra distance for male guests, is about to tie the knot with the slow-witted Willie (Ashley Holbrook) while also carrying on with Rusty (Michael Dudikoff), who just happens to be married to Angel's mom, Connie (Molly Hagan). When she catches the two in action, Connie decides to teach her daughter a lesson by servicing her fiance.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the park, the take-no-prisoners Starletta Wendy Raquel Robinson) catches her man Michael Jai White) getting freaky with her best friend (Tangie Ambrose). With said boyfriend having previously played the dog with her other best friend (Nicki Micheaux), the grouping is a natural for a "My Traitor Girlfriends" episode.

More than willing to air their dirty laundry for a trip to Hollywood (apparently Chicago isn't sexy enough), both parties head for the "Springer" show -- but not before doing a little interfacing, if you know what we mean.

Playing out like watered-down John Waters, the Neil Abramson-directed, Jon Bernstein-written enterprise awkwardly goes for a poor approximation of cheap, sleazy satire one minute and (inexplicably) quiet, tender introspection the next, with nothing capturing the sheer, guilty-pleasure adrenaline rush of an installment of Springer's real TV show.

The acting styles are similarly all over the place, with Hagan's I-just-wanna-be-loved competitive mom bravely striving for something more noble. She's a trailer trash Ma Joad. At least Robinson ("The Steve Harvey Show") seems to be a enjoying herself as the wrong woman to mess with.

As for Jerry's big acting debut, in which he gets to share a post-coital embrace with Rebecca Broussard and delivers an encore performance of his country song ("Dr. Talk"), here's a Final Thought: Don't quit your day job.


Artisan Entertainment

A Motion Pictures

Corporation of America production

Director: Neil Abramson

Screenwriter: Jon Bernstein

Producers: Jerry Springer, Gina Rugolo-Judd, Brad Jenkel, Steve Stabler, Gary W. Goldstein

Executive producers: Brent Baum, Don Corsini, Richard Dominick, Erwin More, Brian Medavoy, Donald Kushner, Peter Locke

Director of photography: Russell Lyster

Production designers: Dorian Vernacchio, Deborah Raymond

Editor: Suzanne Hines

Costume designer: Gail McMullen

Music supervisor: Marcus Barone

Music: Kennard Ramsey

Casting: Carmen Tetzlaff



Jerry: Jerry Springer

Angel: Jaime Pressly

Troy: William McNamara

Connie: Molly Hagan

Starletta: Wendy Raquel Robinson

Demond: Michael Jai White

Willie: Ashley Holbrook

Rusty: Michael Dudikoff

Vonda: Tangie Ambrose

Leshawnette: Nicki Micheaux

Willie: Ashley Holbrook

Running time -- 90 minutes

MPAA rating: R

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