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Bodeen, DeWitt. From Hollywood: The Careers of 15 Great American Stars. Cranbury, NJ: A.S. Barnes and Company, 1976. ISBN 0498013464

Articles (17)

Variety (US) April 12 1989, "May Allison"
Films in Review (US) May 1971, pg. 275-98, by: DeWitt Bodeen, "Lockwood & Allison; Their Love Affairs Were Once as Popular as Bush & Baynes"
Moving Picture World (US) November 27 1926, pg. 3, "Marriages [m. James R. Quirk]"
Motion Picture Classic (US) August 1925, pg. 58, 87, 89, by: Sarah Edmonton, "The Many May Allisons"
Motion Picture Classic (US) January 1925, pg. 63, "Thumbnail Sketches No. 2; May Allison and Sex Appeal"
Movie Weekly (US) June 7 1924, pg. 7, by: Regina Cannon, "'Marriage Was Not Enough to Make Me Happy!' Says May Allison"
Movie Weekly (US) April 19 1924, pg. 17, by: Ruth Mabrey, "'Vacations in Married Life Are Necessary!' Says May Allison; Screen star who was rumored separating from her busband, tells why occasional vacations are needed in matrimony"
Moving Picture World (US) February 16 1918, pg. 985, "May Allison to Be Starred in Own Right"
Moving Picture World (US) April 7 1917, pg. 80, "May Allison Leaves Yorke-Metro"
Moving Picture World (US) January 6 1917, pg. 78, ill, "May Allison"
Moving Picture World (US) July 8 1916, pg. 258, "Metro-Yorke Players Held as Spies"
Moving Picture World (US) July 8 1916, pg. 233, "Metro Players Marooned by Storm"
Moving Picture World (US) May 20 1916, pg. 1348, "Metro Stars Not Married [Harold Lockwood]"
Moving Picture World (US) March 25 1916, pg. 2913, ill, "New Metro Stars"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) September 29 1915, pg. 36:3, "Briefs of Biography; From Gawgia, Suh!"
Moving Picture World (US) January 30 1915, pg. 688, ill, "May Allison Now a Screen Artist"
New York Dramatic Mirror (US) August 5 1914, pg. 5:2, "Miss May Allison"

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