Gay Of The Dead 19 – Underground filmmaker, Pervula’s Armando Muñoz

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I met Armando Muñoz at the Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors after moderating the panel on The Lair. He approached me in the dealer’s room and we had a nice chat. I left with one of his films in hand and was soon watching one of the more twisted shorts I’ve seen in a long time.

A week later I had the complete Armando Muñoz collection in my hands – Killer Krapper, Mime After Midnight, Panty Kill, The Terrible Old Tran, Pervula and They Have No Shame. Each one more twisted than the next.

When I first started writing this blog, I vowed I would write about people and films that I found interesting, regardless of whether or not they were well known. With that in mind, I present should-be-better-known, out, underground filmmaker Armando Muñoz.

Watch the entire Pervula short film (10min., Nsfw)

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