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My Two Dads: NBC Sitcom Joining Antenna TV and Up TV

My Two Dads is back. Sitcoms Online reports both Up TV and Antenna TV are now airing re-runs of the 1980s NBC sitcom.Created by Michael Jacobs and Danielle Alexandra, the show starred Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan as two former friends who are awarded joint custody of a young girl. The cast also included Staci Keanan, Chad Allen, Giovanni Ribisi, Florence Stanley, and Dick Butkus. The comedy ran for three seasons before NBC cancelled it in 1990.Read More…
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Class of 1986: Six Horror & Sci-Fi Movies Released in 1986 That Deserve More Love

When it comes to horror and sci-fi movies from 1986, there are several milestone titles that always come to mind first: Aliens, The Fly, Blue Velvet, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Manhunter, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, or even Psycho III, just to name a few. But like any great year of cinema, there are always a few underrated gems that get overshadowed along the way and should receive a little extra love. Here are six films from 1986 that I think deserve to be on every genre fan’s radar:

F/X: A movie about a special effects artist who gets mixed up in a government conspiracy, at a time when practical effects were in their heyday? Yes, please. F/X isn’t a film I hear a ton of folks talk about, but it has been on cable a lot lately, which means I’ve spent a few nights revisiting it,
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Returns...With a Funny or Die Twist!

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Returns...With a Funny or Die Twist!
Dr. Quinn is back! Sort of. Thanks to Funny or Die, we now know what a gritty Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman reboot would like. It's Dr. Quinn meets Breaking Bad. She is the one who knocks. Jane Seymour reprised her Emmy-nominated role for the new video and she was joined by several of her former costars including Joe Lando, Jonelle Allen and Chad Allen. We're getting some serious 1990s nostalgia over here! Dr. Quinn was known for using morphine—hey, it was the mid-1800s after all—so what happens when all the townsfolk become addicts? She slaps on a pair of Walter White-esque glasses and embraces her new drug lord persona, as TV characters are known to do. The original Dr. Quinn,...
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Briefs: First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch As Alan Turing, The Daytime Emmy Awards Will Not Be Televised, And Lucky Charms Are Magically Inclusive

Birthday shoutouts go to Chad Allen (above), who is 40, Kenny G is 58, Suze Orman is 63, Pete Wentz is 35, and Laurie Anderson is 67.

Unable to make a deal with any TV entity, The Daytime Emmy Awards will instead be livestreamed. The ceremony will be held on Jun 22nd.

Kellan Lutz and Malin Akerman will both be reprising their roles when The Comeback returns.

What Jenny McCarthy Needs to Learn From Jonah Hill: How to Say, ‘I F’d Up’

EW has a couple of pics of Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. It comes out in November.

Jason Collins on how “It Got Better.”

Well, I guess One Million Moms will have to stick to lightly toasted white bread in the morning.

Being brave enough to be yourself. #LuckytoBe Original

— Lucky Charms (@LuckyCharms) June 5, 2014

This year’s Tony Nominee men pose at the
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Candace Cameron-Bure and Danica McKellar Appear in 1990's Throwback Clip - Watch Here!

Taking "Dancing with the Stars" back to the teenage years, Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron-Bure are seen costarring together in the 1990 TV movie "Camp Cucamonga," long before taking their battles to the dance floor.

Also adding to the 1990's nostalgia, "Camp Cucamonga," features the talents of "Friends" beauty, Jennifer Aniston, "Family Matters" stud Jaleel White, who starred as the beloved Steve Urkel, "The Wonder Years"' Josh Saviano and finally "My Two Dads" actor Chad Allen.

Cameron Bure, smiling in the clip and wearing her signature "Full House" hairdo, gets jealous of Danica's dance skills, whcih appear superior to her own. Cameron is then seen trying to master dance moves for the group's performance, and McKellar's character arrives to lend a hand, only to replace her without warning.

The two dancing stunners eventually put aside their differences in order to film a music video at the camp, but Cameron can't
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'90s Flashback! Danica McKellar Teaches Candace Cameron Bure How to Dance—and Jennifer Aniston Makes a Cameo: Watch Now!

'90s Flashback! Danica McKellar Teaches Candace Cameron Bure How to Dance—and Jennifer Aniston Makes a Cameo: Watch Now!
Dancing With the Stars flashback! Turns out, long before Danica McKellar and Candace Cameron Bure began battling it out on the ballroom floor, the two costarred together in the 1990 TV movie Camp Cucamonga, in which they played rival campers. Oh, and in case two of the most beloved '90s TV stars appearing in a 1990 television movie isn't enough to make you feel nostalgic, then let us point out that the flick also features a star-studded cast, which includes A-lister Jennifer Aniston, Family Matters' Jaleel White (aka Steve Urkel), The Wonder Years' Josh Saviano and My Two Dads' Chad Allen. In the clip, a young Cameron Bure, who is sporting her signature Full House bangs, is seen getting...
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'Mistresses' Alyssa Milano: A birthday fashion flashback for Throwback Thursday

  • Pop2it
It's the ultimate Throwback Thursday -- Alyssa Milano quite literally grew up before America's eyes. She debuted on "Who's the Boss?" in 1984 when she was not quite 12 years old and has been gracing our television sets pretty much ever since. Naturally, this makes a stroll down memory lane a lot of fun, so in honor of her 41st birthday on Dec. 19, we thought we'd take a look back.

Above, Milano is posing in 1984 with on-screen dad Tony Danza, and then in 1986 at Dodger Stadium for a celebrity softball event. Awww.

Milano attended the Dodger Stadium event again in 1987 (below), flanked by Corey Haim and Chad Allen. Remember Chad Allen? "My Two Dads," baby:

Here's Alyssa palling around with the other Corey (Corey Feldman) and wishing us all a Merry Christmas in a promotional shot for ABC:

The next pair of Milano pics are from 1989, where she is sporting an amazing denim jumpsuit,
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Briefs: Russell Tovey Tweets His “Doctor Who” Status, Darren Criss Flips The Bird, and The Hottest Guys Of Country Music

Birthday shoutouts go to Chad Allen (above), who is 39, and Suze Orman is 62.

Justin Chatwin will not be returning for Season Four of Shameless.

Speaking of Showtime, they’ve announced that the Season Three finale of The Borgias on June 16th will also be the series finale.

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith will be presenters at the Daytime Emmy Awards, Sunday, June 16th at 8Pm Et on Hln.

Gay 11-Year-Old’s Petition Against Homophobic Politician Succeeds.

Adam Lambert, Darren Criss, and many others have joined the Friend Movement, which “was created to help show positive anti-bully images through art and media. Images of people of all ages, race, gender, sexuality, and spirituality that invoke inspiration & conversation. Friend movement inspires people to prevent bullying by enabling them to be a better friend.”

The 2013 Cmt Music Awards are on tonight at 8pm Eastern and NewNowNext has The Ten Hottest Guys In Country Music.
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Digital Fury: DVD Essentials for February and March

Here's a Planet Fury-approved selection of notable genre DVD releases for the months of February and March 2013.

The Blob (1958) Criterion Collection Blu-ray & DVD Available Now

This entertaining low-budget favorite gets some well-deserved respect from the folks at Criterion. A gelatinous creature from outer space begins to devour the inhabitants of a small town. Each time it consumes a new body, it grows bigger. A couple of teens (including the wooden Steve McQueen) attempt to warn the town and save the population from certain blech! Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. directs the mayhem with a sure hand while Bart Sloane's great special effects still pack a punch. Followed by the bizarre comedy sequel, Son of Blob, in the early ’70s (directed by Larry Hagman!) and a great, underrated remake in 1988 by Chuck Russell.

Special Features:

* New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack

* Two audio commentaries: one by producer Jack H. Harris
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The 10 Hottest Grown-Up Former Kid Stars

You heard the prompt: The 10 Hottest Former Child Stars. Can I confess something? It's harder to think of these than you think!

Let's face it, everybody's looks peak at a certain point, and if you're a child actor, there's a distinct chance you'll look your best at age 11. That's not the case with these 10 gents, who've grown up into seriously studly creatures. Here they are, ranked and ready for scrutiny.

10. Jonathan Lipnicki

The Jerry Maguire kid apparently enjoys the gym. The onetime kid star's body is basically an adamantium sheath, and he's also perfected his photogenic stoicism.

9. Chad Allen

Yes to gay child actors who come out, and Yes specifically to alums of the 1990 TV movie Camp Cucamonga, which I consider the Gone With the Wind of summer camp movies featuring G. Gordon Liddy in a supporting role. Chad's hot, out, and readily shirtless. Phew.

8. Devon Sawa

The onetime Casper
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AfterElton Briefs: The New Green Goblin, "Jet" Shares The Love, and Gay Travel 2013

Birthday shoutouts go to Brendan Fraser (above), who is 44, Daryl Hannah is 52, and Ozzy Osbourne is 64. Below you can see "Shot In The Dark," which is not only one of his greatest songs, but also his funniest video.

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit is a true friend and a class act. Speaking of royalty ... guess who's preggers?In ratings news, the winter finale of Once Upon A Time held steady, while the winter finale of Revenge was up 9%, stemming weeks of losses.Dane DeHaan will play Harry Osborne in the next Spider-Man movie. 8 Destinations in 2013 For Lgbt Travelers To Visit -- Or Avoid.For the first time in its history, Jet Magazine will feature a male gay couple in its wedding section.The NYPD says, "It Gets Better."


Speaking of posters, here's the first one for the the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness.

Which some are saying is a little too reminiscent of this.
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Blu-ray and DVD Release Details for The Video Dead, TerrorVision, and Prison

  • DailyDead
In a very short period of time, Scream Factory has become the number one company to watch for cult horror releases. They have new titles planned every month and, in February, we’ll see the release of TerrorVision, The Video Dead, and Prison. We covered the initial announcement and we’re back with details on the presentation, bonus features, and cover artwork:

“Scream Factory™ invites loyal fans and collectors to embark on a journey filled with thrills, chills and 80s high-camp spills when Prison (starring Viggo Mortensen in an early career role) and a double feature presentation of Terrorvision and The Video Dead debut on home entertainment shelves everywhere on February 19, 2013. Prison Collector’s Edition and Terrorvision/ The Video Dead Double Feature are presented in Two Blu-ray + DVD combo packs. Each boasts original theatrical key art, anamorphic widescreen movie presentation and exciting bonus content.

Available for the first time on Blu-ray and DVD,
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Scream Factory reveal artwork & extras for ‘Prison’ and ‘Terrorvision/Video Dead’

Scream Factory have announced, via their Facebook page, the extras on the upcoming collector’s edition Blu-ray & DVD combos of Prison and the double feature Bd & DVD combo pairing of Terrorvision and The Video Dead – both of which are coming soon on February 19th 2013.


Commentary with Director Renny Harlin Hard Time: The Making of “Prison” – An all-new retrospective with Director Renny Harlin, Producer Irwin Yablans, Screenwriter C. Courtney Joyner, Actor Tom Everett, Stunt Coordinator Kane Hodder, Special Makeup Effects Creator John Carl Buechler, Executive Producer Charles Band, Composer Richard Band, Production Designer Philip Duffin, and Production Assistant Patrick Denver U.S. Theatrical Trailer, Poster & Still Gallery and Original First-Draft Screenplay (Pdf format)


Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou and Stars Diane Franklin and Jon Gries Monsters on Demand: The Making of “Terrorvision” – An all-new retrospective with Writer/Director Ted Nicolaou, Stars Gerrit Graham, Mary Woronov,
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'St. Elsewhere' reunion: Cast members reflect on that controversial snow-globe ending

'St. Elsewhere' reunion: Cast members reflect on that controversial snow-globe ending
There are oodles of ways to end a TV series. Marriage! Death! Birth! Flashforward! It was all a dream! Ambiguous cut to black! In 1988, though, St. Elsewhere truly shook things up and gave us one of the most talked-about series finales in history with “the snow globe.” After watching six Emmy-nominated seasons of drama — medical and emotional, dark and light, envelope-pushing and heartstring-pulling — at the run-down St. Eligius, we were led to believe in the finale’s last scene that the entire show was actually a product of the imagination of (construction worker?) Donald Westphall’s autistic son, who was
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AfterElton Briefs: "Zombies Vs. Gladiators," "Glee" Casting News, and Grace Jones With A Hula Hoop

Birthday shoutouts go to Chad Allen (above), who is 38, Laurie Anderson is 65, Suze Orman is 61, Kenny G is 56, and Mark Wahlberg is 41.41 Shirtless Pictures Of Mark Wahlberg For His 41st BirthdayClive Barker will write and direct Zombies Vs. Gladiators, which is about, well ... zombies vs. gladiators. "A shaman about to die in the Coliseum casts a spell that rouses history’s first wave of zombies. It’s up to a gladiator to stop the spread of the zombie horde and save Rome."The Critics Choice TV Award Nominations have been announced, with the usual suspects, and a few welcome surprises, including Casey Wilson and Damon Wayans Jr. nominated for Happy Endings.I want a baby! Why? So I can buy The Walking Dead Onesie. Ninth Circuit Denies Request to Rehear Prop 8 Case, So What Happens Now? Today in really unnecessary remakes: Police Academy. Maybe they can find a new guy
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'Pretty Little Liars' holds its own with 'Dallas' when it comes to big TV reveals

"Dallas" (CBS, 1986): Soap operas had brought characters back from the dead before, but never so audaciously as this prime-time sudser did in its ninth-season finale, in which Pam Ewing (Victoria Principal) awoke to find her presumed-dead husband, Bobby (Patrick Duffy), alive and well in the shower. It turned out that Bobby's death and all the events that followed -- basically all of Season 9 -- were nothing but a dream Pam had.

"St. Elsewhere" (NBC, 1988): This medical drama took the "it was all a dream" gimmick to the next level, revealing in the series finale that the entire St. Eligius universe existed only in the mind of Tommy Westphall (Chad Allen), the nonverbal, autistic son of Dr. Donald Westphall -- who, the finale also revealed, was never a doctor.

"Newhart" (CBS, 1990): This sitcom put yet another twist on the dream reveal with a surprise callback to another series.
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Stars Celebrating Birthdays This Week

Stars Celebrating Birthdays This Week
June 3: Game-show host Chuck Barris ("The Gong Show") is 83. Singer Ian Hunter is 73. Singer Eddie Holman is 66. Bassist Too Slim of Riders in the Sky is 64. Singer Suzi Quatro is 62. Singer Deniece Williams is 61. Singer Dan Hill is 58. Actor Scott Valentine ("Family Ties") is 54. Guitarist Kerry King of Slayer is 48. Singer Mike Gordon of Phish is 47. Newsman Anderson Cooper is 45. Country singer Jamie O'Neal is 44. Singers Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez of No Mercy are 41. Actor Vik Sahay ("Chuck") is 41. Actress Lalaine Dupree ("Lizzie McGuire") is 25.

June 4: Actor Bruce Dern is 76. Singer-actress Michelle Phillips (The Mamas and The Papas) is 68. Bassist Danny Brown of The Fixx is 61. Actor Parker Stevenson is 60. Singer El DeBarge is 51. Singer Al B. Sure! is 44. Actor Scott Wolf ("Party of Five") is 44. Ron Huebel ("What to Expect When You're Expecting") is 43. Comedian Horatio Sanz ("Saturday Night Live") is 43. Actor Noah Wyle ("ER") is 41. Bassist
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Kirk Cameron: Gay Controversy/Monumental Movie/God

"It seemed that perhaps the Lord was in this," Kirk Cameron (not Kurt Cameron) told Baptist Press. The Lord was in on what? From the beginning: A couple of weeks ago, Cameron landed in ungodly hot waters after making several anti-gay remarks on Piers Morgan's CNN talk show. While chatting with Morgan, he referred to homosexuality as "unnatural" and affirmed that it is "ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." Following his comments, Cameron was taken to task by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and several of his fellow show-businessmen and women, including former Growing Pains co-stars Alan Thicke ("I'm getting him some new books. The Old Testament simply can't be expected to explain everything.") and Tracy Gold ("I am a strong supporter of the #Lgbt Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #Love.") Though not thrilled that he is now widely perceived as a bigot,
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From Goofy Kids To Hollywood Hunks

Hollywood can be a tough place to navigate the transition from youth to adulthood. Child actors are usually dorky, awkward little ragamuffins. But to be an adult actor, they need you to look like you were sculpted by Michelangelo.

So making the transition from child actor to adult can be nearly impossible for some to whom nature was not so kind. Some actors, like Josh Saviano (Paul from Wonder Years) simply get out of the business. But some persevere and, with a little help from good genes and a personal trainer, become successful actors as adults.

Seeing the picture of Jonathan Lipnicki that Ae recently posted had me thinking about how some boys we remember as looking like this:

Can miraculously turn into guyslike this:

So I thought it would be fun to look at some of the other young actors who have grown up rather nicely. Keep in mind,
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Morning Meme: Sean Hayes Heads West, Anderson Cooper's New Friend, and Live-Action "Toy Story" Is Awesome

Sean Hayes has sold a Western to NBC.  It's going to center around a doctor who moves to the Rockies and stands out because he doesn't fight with guns, but rather new theories that are being practiced in the East. So it's largely Doctor Quinn, Medicine Women with a male lead. Someone get Chad Allen on the phone.

PETA is upset. What, you need me to be more specific? Well, this time it's about the New York Times picture of the "sexy chicken" which has been drawing raves. But according to PETA, "It's necrophilia. It's not amusing. It's just ghastly and sickly. It's not fitting for The New York Times." After watching Mitchell and Cam go nuts on a juice fast last night, I can't help but think PETA would be less angry if they'd just eat a steak.

Another judge has ruled that Illinois is perfectly within their rights
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