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DVD and Blu-ray Releases: February 8th - I Spit on Your Paranormal Soul

We are very giddy this week because a couple of titles that are near and dear to our hearts will be available for you folks to take home.

While we had gone on ad nauseam about the spectacular second Paranormal Activity demonic home invasion film, you can now watch it in your own house over and over again. Your home surveillance camera videos may never be the same again! We are also treated to not one, but both I Spit on Your Graves - the original from the 1970s and the new remake of a gritty film which may be disturbing to some but nonetheless empowering.

The other titles released this week from our genre may not be as beloved, but they are worth mentioning for the completists out there. Maybe they make better sense when viewed in the safety of one's home.

Paranormal Activity 2 (Blu-ray Review)

Directed by
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Late Fee One-Sheet, Synopsis, and Trailer

Fever Dreams and Media Blasters have a new anthology on the way that we're pretty stoked for around here. That's right, kids, come October 27th you'll be able to dig your claws deep into your pockets and offer up some dough to pay John Carchietta and Carl Morano's Late Fee.


It's Halloween eve and a young couple - Boy (J.D. Brown) and Girl (Stephanie Danielson) - are desperate for something to do. They find an out-of-the-way DVD store just as it’s closing for a private party.

They beg the proprietor (Rick Poli) to let them rent some DVDs and ask for the "scariest" movies in the store. The store owner reluctantly rents them his two most prized horror films on the strict condition that they return them before midnight or pay the severe late fee penalty.

The couple settle in at home and proceed to watch the movies.
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Fever Dreams Presents Late Fee ; A New Horror Anthology

Media Blasters, Inc. and Shriek Show are proud to announce the release of Late Fee , the new Fever Dreams produced horror feature film in the tradition of Creepshow , Tales From The Crypt and The Twilight Zone . The film receives its world premiere on October 1st in New York City and hits DVD shelves everywhere on October 27th, just in time for Halloween. Late Fee stars J.D. Brown ( Wicked Lake ), Stephanie Danielson, Georgia Kate Haege, Chris Cusano, Kerri Miller, and Sergio Jones ( Flesh For The Beast , Shadow: Dead Riot ). Coproduced, written and directed by John Carchietta and Carl Morano. Victor Bonacore is Associate Producer with music by Electric Frankenstein, Ken Jacobsen, Pornosonic, ScreamerClauz and Serpent Throne. Late Fee will receive its world premiere on...
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Damnation, Latest Short From Fever Dreams!

Below you'll find the official press release and a handful of images from Damnation, the latest short film project from Fever Dreams. No word on a release date yet or if the short will be paired up on a new edition of one of their previous feature length movies, but we'll keep you posted! Info & pics below!

Damnation is a new Fever Dreams short film that returns to the dark, violent universe depicted in the 2006 feature film, Shadow: Dead Riot, a Derek Wan film starring Tony Todd (Candy Man, TV’s 24).

This time, Warden Brutawski is the judge, jury and executioner for a satanic slavery ring where innocent women are abducted, warehoused and sentenced to a fate worse than death! With the aid of his henchwoman Elsa, they rule the death row inmates with an iron fist and determine their final destinies with a twisted spin of the Wheel of Fate.
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Exclusive: New Stills From The Pick Up

Fever Dreams' Flesh for the Beast is a bit of a guilty pleasure here around the Dread Central offices. While it broke no new ground, it did tread the old in a very serviceable way. Turns out there's a prequel to the sequel Flesh for the Beast II in the works that is coming in the form of a short film called The Pick Up, and we've scored you some hot little stills along with the artwork!

Brian Spears of Gerner & Spears Effects dropped us a line today with a look at the goods.

The Pick Up will be the link between the two Flesh films and was directed by Carl Morano and John Carchietta, with Fever producers Georgia Haege, Chris Cusano and Sergio Jones also reporting for acting duty! You can catch the world premiere at Chiller Theatre in NJ next weekend.

Keep it here for more!

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First photos from Flesh For The Beast follow-up short The Pick Up

Fango got ahold of a few behind-the-scenes FX pics for The Pick Up, Fever Dreams’ half-hour follow-up to its debut feature Flesh For The Beast. You can give ’em a look below the cut.

Written, produced and directed by John Carchietta and Carl Morano, The Pick Up (which Morano first discussed with us here) serves as a bridge between the original Flesh and its feature sequel, which is currently in development with Wicked Lake’s Adam Rockoff scripting. The short features all-new girls, though actor Sergio Jones is back, and Brian Spears (second photo) and Pete Gerner (third photo) returned to create the impressive FX. Look for more on Flesh For The Beast 2 right here as it comes closer to fruition; The Pick Up has a website (just a homepage with poster art right now) here.

{rokbox size=|425 550| title=|The Pick Up| album=|pickup|}images/stories/news/pickupphotosnews1.jpg
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Flesh for the Beast

Flesh for the Beast
Media Blasters Releasing

NEW YORK -- This low-budget gorefest is the latest effort from director-screenwriter Terry M. West, whose previous credits include such films as "Sexy 6th Sense", "Satan's School for Lust", "Witchbabe" and "Lord of the G-Strings". I mention these titles because they give you some idea of the filmmaker's aesthetic, which is to combine horror with licentiousness in a manner designed to please the target demographic of adolescent -- or at least adolescent-minded -- males. "Flesh for the Beast", his newest magnum opus, is currently playing an exclusive engagement as the first attraction for the Videotheatre, New York's newest cinema venue.

After a prologue set a century ago featuring cameos by genre veterans Caroline Munro ("Abominable Dr. Phibes", "Dracula A.D. 1972") and Aldo Sanbrell ("Golden Voyage of Sinbad", the Sergio Leone Westerns) as a mysterious gypsy and a notorious occultist, respectively, the film moves to the present day. The new owner (Sergio Jones) of the occultist's mansion, which had become a first-class bordello, has recruited a team of paranormal investigators to investigate the house's really bad vibes.

As with such obvious cinematic inspirations as "The Haunting" and "The Legend of Hell House", among many, many others, bad things soon start happening to the team, which include four hapless men and a beautiful woman psychic (Jane Scarlett, who in real life operates a Web site dubbed ""). This film's chief variation is that the evil but beautiful succubi haunting the house get naked and have sex with their victims shortly before donning fake-looking Halloween masks and disemboweling them in carnage-filled scenes featuring gallons of fake blood and a plethora of convincing-looking entrails.

Although cheap looking and amateurishly acted, "Flesh for the Beast", which features a music score by the eccentric guitarist Buckethead, doesn't invite huge critical derision, if only for the palpable enthusiasm of both the cast and filmmaker for their gory shenanigans. While unlikely to achieve a place in the horror film pantheon, or even its sub-basement, the film will no doubt assume its rightful place in the video collections of the genre's more rabid -- and horny -- fans.

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