A Wedding Takes Flight: Couple Ties the Knot at 35,000 Feet

A Wedding Takes Flight: Couple Ties the Knot at 35,000 Feet
Engaged couple Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart busily crisscross the country for their jobs, racking up tons of frequent flyer miles. So, it's no surprise that the pair was in the airport when they came up with a creative idea for their wedding ceremony. "We were literally sitting at a gate in Baltimore, waiting for a flight and just thinking, 'What should we do?' " Coven told "And we thought, 'What about getting married on a plane?' " They contacted Southwest Airlines and cashed in enough of their combined 1.5 million Rapid Rewards points to secure tickets for about 30 family members and friends.
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Joanna Johnson on coming out on "Bold and the Beautiful" and producing "Emily Owens M.D."

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While Joanna Johnson made headlines earlier this year when she publicly came out as a lesbian with a wife and two children, she hasn’t let any of that buzz slow her down in her work as actor, writer and producer in television. She hasn’t been seen too much in front of the camera on CBS’s The Bold and The Beautiful, but she’s been plenty busy behind the camera as a producer on the new CW series, Emily Owens MD, as Co-Executive Producer.

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Since the new Mamie Gummer-starrer has a lesbian character in Tyra Granger, played by Kelly McCreary, it was only fitting that AfterEllen grab a few minutes with her to talk about what we’ll see with Tyra as well as how she has seen changes in how
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The Bold and Beautiful star Joanna Johnson is gay in real life

Joanna Johnson has come forward to say she is a lesbian not only on set but also in real life. In an interview, Joanna said she has been married since 2008 to her partner of nine years Michelle Agnew.

Joanna who acts as a lesbian in the Bold and Beautiful said .When I realized I was gay in my early twenties, we didn.t have role models Ellen. I am not anywhere near as famous as those ladies, but I guess it.s my turn to do my little part. It.s time to live a fully authentic life..
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'Bold And The Beautiful' Star's Surprising Revelation Mirrors Her Longtime Character

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'Bold And The Beautiful' Star's Surprising Revelation Mirrors Her Longtime Character
According to TV Guide, "Bold and the Beautiful" star Joanna Johnson has become the daytime soap opera world's only "out" actor currently on a series, revealing in an exclusive interview that she's a lesbian.

The 50-year-old Johnson, whose longtime "The Bold and the Beautiful" character Karen has been living a secret life as a lesbian, told the TV magazine she's married to L.A. club promoter Michelle Agnew, with whom she has two children, fi-year-old Julian and Harlow, two.

Johnson told writer Michael Logan that she kept mum on her personal life for so long out of "fear of rejection" as an actress. "I was so worried I wouldn't be employable as an actress if people knew I was a lesbian," she said. "Or that I wouldn't be believable in romance stories. I had to deal with a lot of self-loathing."

On her personal life mirroring that of her "Beautiful" character Karen,
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Logo puts stamp on 3 new reality shows

MTV Networks' Logo, which targets gay and lesbian viewers, said Thursday that it has greenlighted three new reality shows, including a competition dating series titled "Transamerican Love Story" that stars transgender activist, artist, actress and author Calpernia Addams and is hosted by comedian-actor Alec Mapa.

It premieres in February and is executive produced by Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey and Tom Campbell of World of Wonder Prods. and Joe Del Hierro of Oh Really! Prods.

The other two new series are: "Gimme Sugar", exec produced by Scott A. Stone of Stone & Co. and Michaline Babich & Michelle Agnew, which follows five women on the search for love in L.A., and the tentatively titled "Rockdogs", which chronicles San Francisco's star gay basketball team on and off the court.

"Rockdogs" is exec produced by Eddie October PRods. and William Kendall. "Sugar" and "Rockdogs" premiere in the summer.

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