Expect Hellraiser: Judgment To Be Fluent In Scares And Gruesome Horror

When Gary J. Tunnicliffe waxes lyrical on the Hellraiser series, it’s worth standing up and taking notice.

Now on the verge of its tenth instalment, Hellraiser: Judgment, Tunnicliffe recently appeared on the latest episode of The Movie Crypt podcast (h/t Bloody Disgusting), in which the series veteran and frequent make-up artist teased some of the brutal horrors in store.

Directing from his own script, Hellraiser: Judgment is very much a passion project for Tunnicliffe, who told hosts Adam Green and Joe Lynch that he’s never had as much fun – nor has he worked so hard – during the production of Judgment. And yes, the end product will be fluent in scares and gruesome deaths.

I had the most fun on that I’ve ever had, and I’ve never worked so hard on a Hellraiser film, but we had a great time. We did two sequences where… one the actress almost passed out…
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Trump Says He 'Can Be More Presidential' Than Any Commander in Chief Except Lincoln — and Twitter Has a Field Day

Trump Says He 'Can Be More Presidential' Than Any Commander in Chief Except Lincoln — and Twitter Has a Field Day
George Washington apparently has nothin’ on President Donald Trump.

During his Youngstown, Ohio, rally on Tuesday evening, Trump told his gathered supporters that, “With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office.”

The president also attempted to make a convoluted joke about being on Mount Rushmore, stating that if he said it even as a joke the media would take it seriously: “Now here’s what I do. I’d ask whether or not you someday think I will be on Mount Rushmore. But here’s the problem,
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Adam makes out with Malia on Below Deck Mediterranean

Wes walton is left feeling sore on this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean — after chef Adam Glick finally gets what he wants and makes out with Malia White. The pair lock lips as fireworks light up the night sky with the Sirocco moored in Croatia. It comes after Malia and Wes got close earlier in the season. Also this episode, chief stew Hannah Ferrier ends up smitten when an attractive bachelor charters the superyacht. She’s also pissed at Christine “Bugsy” Drake for not having her back after her run-in with Adam. Meanwhile, after Adam’s repeated bungles in the kitchen — onions, anyone?…sorry, more
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Best Vines Ever Awards Category Nominees And Countdown To The Show

We're now hundreds of thousands of votes into deciding the Best Vines Ever - our final sendoff to Vine, the six-second looping video application that launched the careers of superstars and left the world too soon. You - the fans - have been making your voice heard loud and clear by smashing that vote button on Snakt. You can log into the app, too, to check out the leaderboard and see who's currently on top. (Spoiler Alert: It's not necessarily who you think!)

There's only one week left in the contest, so we're kicking Bes Vines Ever up a notch with a categories reveal. The winner of each of the 13 below categories will win awards live and onstage at the Best Vines Ever Awards in Hollywood, next Wednesday May 17.

We have a laundry list of finalists for each category that we're narrowing down to just 6 Nominees a piece by this Friday,
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Trump’s Head-Scratching Proverb and More St. Patrick’s Day Missteps Spark Complaints from Irish

Trump’s Head-Scratching Proverb and More St. Patrick’s Day Missteps Spark Complaints from Irish
President Donald Trump and members of his administration are feeling the wrath of the Irish after a series of culturally insensitive moments during Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny’s annual St. Patrick’s Day-timed visit to Washington.

Kenny, who had previously criticized Trump for his “racist and dangerous” language, followed through with the traditional trip on Thursday, despite a petition from nearly 40,000 people who demanded he cancel.

With his staff and more than 20 Irish reporters by his side, the prime minister (called a “Taoiseach” in the Irish language) participated in a day of events — including a luncheon at the U.
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5 Things to Know About 6-Year-Old Etan Patz — Whose Sudden Abduction Gripped America

On May 25, 1979, a misty summer morning in New York City, 6-year-old Etan Patz begged his mother, Julie, to let him walk the few blocks to school alone. She relented, and the last time she saw him alive he was walking away from her.

Etan’s mysterious disappearance struck fear both in his New York City neighborhood and the country as a whole, as the little boy became a leading face for the search for missing children everywhere.

In February, decades after he became the first-ever “milk carton kid,” a jury finally convicted Etan’s killer though his body was never found.
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Inside No. 9 series 3: Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith interview

Louisa Mellor Feb 21, 2017

Anthology series Inside No. 9 returns for its third series tonight at 10pm on BBC Two. We chatted to creators Pemberton and Shearsmith...

Anthology strand Inside No. 9 is an ingenious antidote to bloated TV storytelling and convuluted multi-series arcs. Created by The League Of Gentlemen and Psychoville's Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, who write and appear in each episode, it tells original half-hour tales that surprise, delight and unsettle.

See related Alien: Covenant - its new title's meaning & other questions

Thankfully, BBC Two appears to know what a gem it has in the show and is treating it with the care it deserves. Five new episodes following the 2016 Christmas special start airing tonight, and filming is about to get underway on a fourth series.

We spoke to creators Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith about the necessity of keeping Inside No. 9's secrets, the joys of the half-hour format,
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Bones Round Table: The Spider's Revenge!

  • TVfanatic
Aubrey lost his appetite after running into his fugitive father, Cam planned revenge against Hodgins and Max was Mia once again on Bones Season 12 Episode 5.

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Bissette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam, a Bones fan, to debate Cam’s revenge, Aubrey’s father’s return, and what dangling plot point we’re dying to see tied up after The Tutor in the Tussle.”

Should Hodgins have told Cam about the spiders and do you hope to see her take her revenge?

Ashley: Oh, he definitely should, but this way is going to be so much more fun. I'd love to see what Cam does to get him back.

Pam: Yes, he should have told her knowing how crazed she is about them. However, we wouldn't have gotten a nice scene filled with humor had he done so.

He wanted to get away from
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Bones Season 12 Episode 5 Review: The Tutor in the Tussle

  • TVfanatic
There aren’t many shows where you’d find a gruesomely decomposing body dumped on Boner Street, but leave it to Bones to go there.

The kid trying to steal the sign and stumbling over the corpse was expected, but Brennan, of all people, getting such a laugh over the street name was not.

The human penis has no skeleton material of any kind.

Brennan Permalink: The human penis has no skeleton material of any kind. Added: January 31, 2017

Let’s face it, humor is subjective.

And Bones Season 12 Episode 5 was a bit of a letdown.

With only 12 episodes in Bones Season 12, I expect every one of them to knock it out of the park, but this one didn’t quite live up to that hope.

However, I did enjoy hearing the team debate who was the best dry cleaner to remove blood, mucus membrane, and fecal matter.

I wasn’t
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DC Weekly: What's the Deal with Shazam?

Welcome to the DC Weekly, where every week we cover the land of DC comics, TV, and movies. Be it random bits of news, TV show reactions, or miscellaneous reviews, editorials, or speculation, you can be sure to get your DC fix here!

This Week will only contain a single editorial from me. I bring into question a character who was missing from last week’s Dawn Of The Justice League TV special.

What’S The Deal With Shazam?

I’ve had a bit of a DC hangover from all the goods we got last week. I’m not complaining in the slightest. After all, this is the kind of world I wish we lived in as a kid. But it was a lot of stuff to take in at once. For the longest time, we’ve been feeding on scraps and promises from DC and WB, but now after years of waiting,
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New Young And The Restless 2015,July 8th Episode Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS served up the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "The Young And The Restless" July 8th, 2015 episode, and it turns out that we're going to see some pretty interesting stuff go down as Adam's motives get questioned. Victoria and Nick team up. Paul and Christine receive important info, and more! In the July 8th, new episode press release: Chelsea will question Adam's motives. Nick and Victoria are going to team up to help the Newmans, and Sharon will share important information with Paul and Christine. The new July 8th episode is set to air tomorrow morning, July 8th at 11:30am central time on CBS.
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Inside No. 9 series 2: Pemberton & Shearsmith's twisted genius

Here's a spoiler-free look at what to expect from the second series of Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith's glorious Inside No. 9...

Inside No. 9 returns to BBC Two on Thursday the 26th of March for six more ingenious genre slices of horror, suspense and psychology. Those who were rattled and gripped by the first round of half-hour plays from Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith know to expect to be skilfully sucker-punched with sharp, tricksy writing and well-drawn characters.

Viewers engrossed by the psychological character focus of series one’s Tom & Gerri, the jump scares of series finale The Harrowing, and the unexpected emotional sting of opener Sardines have lots to look forward to from the second series’ first brace of episodes. La Couchette and The 12 Days Of Christine tell the respective stories of a fraught overnight train journey and a woman plagued by a mysterious visitor, featuring guest roles from Mark Benton,
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Memetic #1 Offers The Meme That Won

Memetic #1

Written by James Tynion IV

Illustrated by Eryk Donovan

Colors by Adam Guzowski

Letters by Steve Wands

Published by Boom! Studios

You are reading this review on a laptop, smartphone, tablet… some sort of personal computing device. How did you get here? What else is dancing, pulsing on the outer rim of this review and where will you click to next? How long have you been at it, staring at this screen in front of you? We live in a world overrun with social-networking, buzzfeeds, text messages, viral videos. Earlier today I received one of those “have you seeeen the [insert trending pic/vid/etc*]?” Commonplace in 2014, but James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan’s new limited series Memetic serves up a somewhat cautionary tale on the new normal.

(*In this case, it was the Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer.)

Aaron is a skeptical but involved college student and member of Generation Y. He leads an open Lgbt lifestyle,
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Film Review: Nicole Kidman in ‘Before I Go To Sleep’

Film Review: Nicole Kidman in ‘Before I Go To Sleep’
Before I Go To Sleep” is a risky title for a genre exercise intended to keep viewers bolt upright in their seats, handing mirthful critics a ready-made punchline at the first sign of lethargy. The good news is that Rowan Joffe’s adaptation of S.J. Watson’s 2011 publishing phenom is far from a snooze; the bad news is that it’s the film’s escalating, po-faced ludicrousness that holds our attention. Starring a typically hard-working Nicole Kidman as a short-term amnesiac unsure whether she’s being played by her husband, her shrink or both, With David Fincher’s similarly targeted “Gone Girl” already siphoning its buzz, this dopey diversion will need the novel’s fans to turn out en masse to avoid being forgotten by morning.

A planned Halloween release Stateside — weeks after the film’s Sept. 5 release in Blighty and elsewhere — might lead auds to expect an out-and-out frightfest,
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Recap: 'Big Brother' Wednesday - We Judge With Andy Herren

  • Hitfix
Here's a meager suggestion: Cherish this time now, because we've arrived at the most enjoyable stage of the "Big Brother" season. While there are still plenty of obvious losers with cellophane eyes and candy brains who need to leave Chenbot Manor and head back to their Not So Elite modeling gigs, we've finally arrived at the moment where we can recognize everyone in the house, identify their weaknesses and strengths, and make real predictions. During last night's Power of Veto episode, I came up with five big points to consider as the season progresses. To validate my points, I'm dragging along Andy Herren -- the winner of BB15 -- to share his thoughts on the players too. Here are our five biggest takeaway's from Wednesday's Pov spectacular. 1. Donny is the best. And the worst. Andy Herren: I hate Donny. Don’t get me wrong, I Love Donny, but that’s why I hate him.
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Josh Charles on his Emmy nomination -- and the 'Good Wife' Best Drama snub

Josh Charles on his Emmy nomination -- and the 'Good Wife' Best Drama snub
Josh Charles received his second Best Supporting Actor nomination this morning for playing (the late) Will Gardner on CBS’s The Good Wife. Sick with a cold and cough, he went back to bed after getting up early to let out his dog, Zeus—and learned of his nod when he rolled over and saw a congratulatory email on his iPhone. “Nothing super fancy or exciting, sorry,” he jokes to EW. “I’m really excited about it even if my voice doesn’t sound normal.”

Entertainment Weekly: Lead and supporting actors don’t have to choose an episode to submit until after they’re nominated.
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Watch: Adam Scott's Derek From 'Step Brothers' Is Back To Let You Know About Obamacare

Either Barack Obama is a big fan of Funny Or Die, or people on his staff think it's the best way to reach young people, but the administration has been going hard on the channel in order to get folks to sign up for government health care aka Obamacare. The President himself even sat down with Zach Galifianakis for an episode of "Between Two Ferns." Now, another approach is being tried to ensure everyone gets themselves coverage. Adam Scott has returned to reprise his slimy character Derek from "Step Brothers," and he takes a break from hanging with his bros Mark Cuban, Jeff Probst, and Chris Daughtry, to talk health care and how he doesn't need it....only to realize that it might come in handy. Check it out below, but we do have one comment. You know what this video needs more of? Rob Riggle.
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Cesar Chavez Family To Join Hispanicize 2014 For One-Of-a-Kind Screening of ‘Cesar Chavez’ April 1st

Miami, Fl – March 17, 2014 – (Hispanicize Wire) – Hispanicize 2014 will kick off its Latino film showcase April 1st with a one-of-a-kind film screening reception and red carpet for Cesar Chavez, featuring the family of American Latino civil rights leader, Cesar Chavez.

Sponsored by Aarp’s Movies for Grownups, myLINGO, and hosted by Regal Cinemas, the ‘Entre Familia: A Special Screening of ‘Cesar Chavez’ will be held at the Regal Cinemas South Beach Stadium 18, located at: 1120 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fl.

During the Cesar Chavez screening, viewers can listen to the English language film in Spanish thanks to myLINGO, a new smartphone app that will launch with the release of Cesar Chavez on March 28th. Prior to going to the movie, users can download the application and Spanish audio track. Once in the theatre, using their smartphones and headphones, moviegoers can listen to the film in Spanish in real time.

Cesar Chavez’ granddaughters,
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Theatre Review: Marriott’s Too-Clean ‘Cabaret’ Conservatively Mutes Much-Needed Vulgarity

Chicago – It’s “Cabaret” for god’s sake. It’s not “Bambi”. You’re supposed to need to leave the kids at home watching their own Disney flick. You don’t go to McDonald’s to eat healthy just like you don’t go to “Cabaret” for good clean fun.

Play Rating: 3.5/5.0

The show at Chicagoland’s Marriott Theatre starts off with so much potential because of a promise from our Emcee (Stephen Schellhardt). He guarantees we’ll delve into the sketchy world of sin in the Kit Kat Klub where we can put our real-world worries aside. It’s a “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” kind of warranty, but you never feel it realized. And that is the show’s biggest downfall.

Stephen Schellhardt as the Emcee in “Cabaret”.

Photo credit: Peter Coombs and the Marriott Theatre

For a moment, I considered that I’ve already “seen
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Theatre Review: ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ Returns With Ingénue Julia Udine, Enigmatic Cooper Grodin

Chicago – The Phantom in one word? An enigma. But he’s so much more. He’s lonely, desperately in love, a musical genius, misunderstood, vengeful, afraid and angry at a world that was so cruel to him. His shining beacon out of the darkness is his music – and falling for Christine. But The Phantom has to try to force her to feel the same way. He doesn’t want your pity. He just wants to be musical, loved and understood.

Play Rating: 4.5/5.0

She partially loves him, but their love is the epitome of complicated. Instead, Raoul (played by Chicago native Ben Jacoby) is the guy she’s supposed to marry and take home to mommy. The Phantom – in a bit of a “Beauty and the Beast”-like story – falls victim to his biggest downfall: choosing to become the monster the world has been to him instead of embracing forgiveness. He
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