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‘Dr. Mordrid’ DVD Review

Stars: Jeffrey Combs, Yvette Nipar, Jay Acovone, Keith Coulouris, Brian Thompson, Jeff Austin | Written by C. Courtney Joyner | Directed by Charles & Albert Band

88 Films are a company that release some real oddities when it comes to movies, and most of them come from Charles Band’s Full Moon company. Doctor Mordrid is one of these, and hiding away in the nineties section of direct to video releases is very reminiscent to a certain Marvel character known as Dr. Strange. With a little research it comes as no surprise that Albert Band (who directed this along with Charles) once held the option to make a live action Dr. Strange movie, but when this ran out…the characters and movie were altered and yes, you guessed it we were left with Doctor Mordrid.

The fact that this could have been a Marvel live action movie from the nineties in many ways raises alarm bells,
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Doctor Mordrid DVD Review

Directors: Albert Band, Charles Band

Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Yvette Nipar, Jay Acovone, Brian Thompson, Keith Coulouris, Ritch Brinkley

Running Time: 74 Minutes

Certificate: 15

Extras: Videozone Behind The Scenes

There is one thing that is impossible to ignore about Doctor Mordrid, and that is the fact it was originally set-up as an adaptation of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. In the mid-late 90s, we were getting loads of Marvel made-fot-tv movies, and this was probably set to be one of them. As is often the case, the rights fell through, but Full Moon Entertainment’s Albert and Charles Band weren’t going to let that stop them and with a few alterations, some swears, and a boob shot, we got Doctor Mordrid.

Doctor Mordrid (Combs) is an alchemist who guards Earth from the impending arrival of evil alchemist Kabal (Thompson). Mordrid has fitted into society, but keeps himself to himself, but soon finds
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Episode Recap: CSI: NY - 1.11: "Tri-Borough"

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In story 1, a Db is found on a subway track, without any wallet or keys. There's no evidence of a struggle. Rail electrocutions are foot to foot, here Mac (Gary Sinise) says it's hand to foot. Mac asks why the kid crossed the rail and Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) as always has a reply, "To get to the other side." Mac: "One way or another." Hawkes (Hill Harper) hasn't officially identified him yet and refers to "slick" shins. The Db was covered with a hydrophobic substance and there was presence of anti-mortum bruising. Cod was ventricular defibrilation. Underwent "locking on" phenomena which is the result of AC current. The subway runs on DC and has the opposite effect on the muscle tissue. The burns are post mortum. Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) admires a painting in a gallery, in story 2. Kylie (Kelly Hu) asks "You like what you see Messer?" Leo Whitfield, ( Sean Vincent Biggins
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