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  • (1969) Stage Play: Coco. Musical.
  • (1962) Stage Play: All American. Musical comedy. Book by Mel Brooks. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Lee Adams. Based on the novel "Professor Fodorski" by Robert Lewis Taylor. Dance arrangements by John Morris. Musical Director: John Morris. Music orchestrated by Robert Ginzler. Musical continuity by Trude Rittman. Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Joshua Logan. Winter Garden Theatre: 19 Mar 1962- 26 May 1962 (80 performances). Cast: Ray Bolger (as "Professor Fodorski"), Anita Gillette (as "Susan"), Eileen Herlie (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock ), Ron Husmann (as "Edwin Bricker"), Fritz Weaver (as "Henderson"), Will B. Able (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Peddler/President Piedmont"), Jed Allan (as "Immigrant/Policeman/Football Player/Craven/Singing Ensemble"), Don Atkinson (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Bakanic [credited as Bob Bakanic] (as "Gorilla/Fountainhead/Dancing Ensemble"), Vicki Belmonte (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Bonnie Brody (as "Immigrant/Bride/Chewing Gum Girl/Singing Ensemble"), Bill Burns (as "Immigrant/Cowboy/Football Player/Wyler/Singing Ensemble"), Trudy Carole (as "Immigrant/First Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Cathy Conklin (as "Dancing Ensemble"), John Drew (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Singing Ensemble"), Anthony Falco (as "Immigrant/Phillips/Singing Ensemble"), Mary Jane Ferguson (as "Immigrant/Mannikin/Dancing Ensemble"), Catherine Gale (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Joseph Gentry (as "Immigrant/Con Ed Worker/Football Player"), Michael Gentry (as "Immigration Officer/Taxi/Football Player"), Linda Rae Hager (as "Immigrant/Dancing Ensemble"), Warren Hays (as "Immigrant/Professor White/Singing Ensemble"), Jerry Howard (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Ed Kresley (as "Second Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Landrum (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Dancing Ensemble"), George Lindsey (as "Immigrant/Second Sightseeing Tour Guide/Moose"), Robert Lone (as "Flight Attendant/Cowboy/First Boy/Dancing Ensemble"), Sherri Spillane [credited as Selma Malinou] (as "Immigrant/Singing Ensemble"), Mort Marshall (as "Fleisser/Drunk/Coach Hulkington Stockworth/Hulk"), Barney Martin (as "Head Immigration Officer/Taxi/Assistant Coach/Red Stern"), Joe McWherter (as "Immigrant/Football Player"), Charlene Mehl (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Betty Oakes (as "Katrinka/Park Avenue Couple/House Mother/Whistler's Mother/Secretary"), Fred Randall (as "Taxi/Football Player"), Norman Riggins (as "Immigrant/Taxi/Singing Ensemble"), Lori Rogers (as "Airline Stewardess/Singing Ensemble"), Karen Sargent (as "Immigrant/Second Girl/Baton Twirler/Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Starr (as "Immigrant/Football Player/Farquar"), David Thomas (as "Shindler/Park Avenue Couple/Professor Dawson"), Sharon Vaughn (as "Immigrant/Homecoming Queen/Singing Ensemble"), Frank Virgulto (as "Swing Boy"), Kip Watson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bernard West [credited as Bernie West] (as "Feinschveiger/Sightseeing Tour Guide/Dr. Snopes"). Understudies: Will B. Able (as "Henderson/Professor Fodorski"), Betty Oakes (as "Elizabeth Hawkes-Bullock"). Produced by Edward Padula. Produced in association with L. Slade Brown.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Plain and Fancy. Musical comedy.
  • (1955 - 1969) Active on Broadway in the following productions:

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