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Other Works

  • (1919 - 1975) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1919) Stage Play: Forbidden. Romance. Written by Dorothy Donnelly. Manhattan Opera House: 20 Dec 1919- Jan 1920 (closing date unknown/18 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Second Lieut. Vincent Moretti") [Broadway debut], William Bailey, Richard Barbee (as "First Lieut. John Booth Lawrence/Boots"), John Burkell, George Connor, Joseph Dunn, Henry George, Herman Gerold, William Harcourt (as "Brigadier General Slocum"), Martha Hedman, Nolan Leary, John McKenna, Claire Mersereau, Georgia Lucille Mooser, Arden Page, David Proctor, Jack Rutherford [credited as John Rutherford] (as "Captain Tottenham Knowles"), Harold Salter, Hermione Shone, Harry Shutan, Ben Taggart, Annette Westbay. Produced by George Mooser.
  • (1922) Stage Play: Back to Methuselah. Comedy. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Part II (The Gospel of the Brothers Barnabas) directed by Alice Lewisohn and Agnes Morgan. Part IV (The Tragedy of an Elderly Gentleman) directed by Frank Reicher. Part V (As Far as Thought Can Reach) directed by Philip Moeller. Garrick Theatre: 27 Feb 1922- Mar 1922 (closing date unknown/25 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Acis"), Martha-Bryan Allen, Clelia Benjamin, Albert Bruning (as "Franklyn Barnabas/The Elderly Gentleman"), George Gaul (as "Adam/Napoleon/The Male Figure/The Ghost of Adam"), Stanley Howlett (as "Haslam/The Archbishop of York/Arjillax"), Moffat Johnston (as "Conrad Barnabas/Barnabas, the Accountant/General/The He-Ancient") [Broadway debut], A.P. Kaye (as "Joyce-Burge/Burge-Lubin, President of the British Isles/The Envoy/Pygmalion"), Claude King (as "Lubin/Confucius, the Chief Secretary Zozim/Martellus"), Dennis King (as "Cain/Strephon/the Ghost of Cain"), Shirley King, Ernita Lascelles, Mary Lawton (as "The Minister of Health, Lilith"), Eleanor Woodruff, Margaret Wycherly (as "The Voice of The Serpent/The Parlor Maid/Mrs. Lutestring, the Domestic Minister/The Oracle/The She-Ancient"). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note (1): Unusual production directed by different directors. (2) Produced by the BBC as a TV series in 1952 (5 known episodes).
  • (1923) Stage Play: A Square Peg. Tragedy. Written by Lewis Beach. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Punch and Judy Theatre 27 Jan 1923- Mar 1923 (closing date unknown/41 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Eugene Huckins"), Len Doyle [credited as Leonard Doyle] (as "Arthur Ryan"), Leona Hogarth, William B. Mack (as "James T. Huckins"), Martin Malloy, Minnie Milne, Beverly Sitgreaves, Leighton Stark (as "Walter Fripp"), Richard Stevenson, Alice Bromley Wilson. Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1923) Stage Play: As You Like It. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. 48th Street Theatre: 23 Apr 1923- Apr 1923 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast included: Walter Abel (as "Lord attending on the banished Duke/Jaques de Boys"), Hortense Alden (as "Audrey, a country wench"), A.E. Anson (as "Jacques attending on the banished Duke"), Frank Arundel (as "Amiens"), Dorothy Chase, John Craig (as "Frederick, younger brother of the banished Duke and usurper of his dominions"), Hilda Dallmann (as "Page"), Mercedes De Cordoba (as "Hymen"), J. Malcolm Dunn (as "Duke Frederick, living in banishment"), Margalo Gillmore, Ian Keith (as "Orlando"), Ernest Lawford (as "Touchstone, a clown"), Fuller Mellish, Marjorie Rambeau, Percival Vivian, William Williams. Produced by The American National Theatre and Robert Milton.
  • (1923) Stage Play: The Spook Sonata. Fantasy. Written by August Strindberg. Provincetown Playhouse: Nov 1923 (production dates unknown/24 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "The Student"), Romeyn Park Benjamin (as "The Colonel"), Murray Bennet, Marion Berry (as "The Fiancee"), Mary Blair, Clare Eames (as "The Mummy"), Charles Ellis, Helen Freeman (as "The Young Lady"), Stanley Howlett (as "Old Hummel"), James Light (as "Baron Skansenkorge"), Rita Matthias (as "The Cook"), Mary Morris (as "The Dark Lady"), Allan Nagle (as "Ghost of the Consul/Bengtsson"), Samuel Selden (as "Beggar"), Bernard Simon (as "Beggar"), Ruza Wenclawska (as "The Janitress"). Produced by Kenneth McGowan, Eugene O'Neill and Robert Edmond Jones.
  • (1924) Stage Play: Fashion. Comedy (revival). Written by Anna Cora Mowatt. Provincetown Playhouse: 3 Feb 1924- Jun 1924 (closing date unknown/152 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Colonel Howard"), Cynthia Barry (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), Romeyn Benjamin (as "Mr. Tiffany"), Marietta Bitter (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Harpist"), Mary Blair (as "Millinette"), George Brown (as "Zeke"), Clare Eames (as "Mrs. Tiffany"), Charles Ellis (as "T. Tennyson Twinkle"), Helen Freeman (as "Seraphina"), Stanley Howlett (as "Count Jolimaitre"), Perry Ivins (as "Adam Trueman"), Macklin Marrow (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Violinist"), Harold McGee (as "Augustus Fogg"), Mary Morris (as "Gertrude"), Allen W. Nagle (as "Snobson"), Eloise Pendleton (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), 'Lucy Ellen Shreve' (as "Mrs. Tiffany's Guest"), 'Ruza Wenclawska' (as "Prudence"). Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Crime in the Whistler Room. Drama. Written by Edmund Wilson. Directed by Harold McGee. Provincetown Playhouse: 12 Oct 1924- Nov 1924 (closing date unknown/25 performances). As "Ted." Cast included: E.J. Ballantine, Edgar Stehli. Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1924) Stage Play: S.S. Glencairn. Written by Eugene O'Neill. Provincetown Playhouse: 3 Nov 1924- Feb 1925 (closing date unknown/105 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Olson"), E.J. Ballantine (as "Smitty"), Lewis Barrington, Jeanie Begg, Barbara Benedict, Louise Bradley, Lawrence Cecil, Helen Freeman (as "Freda"), Stanley Howlett (as "Old Tom"), Mary Johns, Walter Kingsford (as "Cocky"), Abraham Krainis, Sidney Machet, Harold McGee, James Meighan, Fred Miller, Dorothee Nolan, H.L. Remsten, Rilla Romaine, Archie Sinclair, William Stahl, Edgar Stehli (as "The Captain").
  • (1924) Stage Play: Desire Under the Elms. Drama. Written by Eugene O'Neill. Greenwich Village Theatre (moved to The Earl Carroll Theatre from 12 Jan 1925- May 1925, then moved to George M. Cohan's Theatre 1 Jun 1925 - circa. Sep 1925, then moved to Daly's 63rd Street Theatre from 28 Sep 1925 to close): 11 Nov 1925- 17 Oct 1925 (420 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Sheriff"), Romeyn Benjamin, Albert Brush, Hume Derr, Charles Ellis (as "Eben Cabot"), Walter Huston (as "Ephraim Cabot"), Perry Ivins (as "Peter Cabot"), Arthur Mack, Macklin Marrow, Norma Millay, Mary Morris, Allan Nagle, Donald Oenslager (as "Other Folk") [Broadway debut], Alma O'Neill, Eloise Pendleton, Lucy Shreve, William Stahl (as "Farmer/Deputy"), John Taylor, Mary True, Ruza Wenclawska. Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Beyond. Drama. Written by Walter Hasenclever. Translated by Rita Matthias. Directed by Harold McGee. Provincetown Playhouse: 26 Jan 1925- Feb 1925 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Raul"), Helen Gahagan. Produced by The Experimental Theatre, Inc.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Michel Auclair. Written by Charles Vildrac. Directed by Robert Edmond Jones. Provincetown Playhouse: 4 Mar 1925- Mar 1925 (closing date unknown/19 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Armand Blondeau"), Ian Ballantine, Alice Chapin, Helen Freeman (as "Suzanne Catelain"), Hugh Kidder Colson"), James Meighan (as "Louis Catelain"), Edgar Stehli (as "Michel Auclair"). Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1925) Stage Play: Love for Love. Comedy. Written by William Congreve. Directed by Robert Edmond Jones and Stanley Howlett. Greenwich Village Theatre: 31 Mar 1925- May 1925 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Sir Sampson Legend"), Eve Balfour (as "Mrs. Foresight"), E.J. Ballantine (as "Foresight"), Cecil Clovelly (as "Jeremy"), Helen Freeman, Rosalind Fuller, Stanley Howlett, Perry Ivins (as "Ben"), Hugh Kidder (as "Trapland"), Sidney Machet, Harold McGee, James Meighan, Adrienne Morrison, Clement O'Loghlen, Samuel Rapport, Alys Rees, Edgar Stehli (as "Tattle"), 'Noel Tearle' (as "Scandal").
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Enemy. Written by Channing Pollock. Directed by Robert Milton. Times Square Theatre: 20 Oct 1925- Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/203 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Carl Behrend"), Fay Bainter (as "Pauli Arndt"), Charles Dalton, Donald Hughes, Olive May, Jane Seymour, Harold Vermilyea (as "Jan"), Lyonel Watts (as "Bruce Gordon"), Russ Whytal (as "Dr. Arndt"), John Wray. Produced by Crosby Gaige.
  • (1926) Stage Play: Hangman's House. Drama. Written by Willard Mack. Based on a novel by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne. Directed and co-produced by William A. Brady. Forrest Theatre: 16 Dec 1926- Dec 1926 (closing date unknown/8 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Dermot McDermot"), Katharine Alexander [credited as Katherine Alexander] (as "Connaught O'Brien"), Ralph Cullinan, Katherine Emmett, R. Henry Handon, Felix Haney, Charles Kennedy [credited as Charles Rann Kennedy], Walter Kenney, Joseph Kilgour, Jack McGraw, Clement O'Loghlen, Emmet O'Reilly, William Pearce, Frank Shannon, Percy Waram (as "Citizen Hogan"). Co-produced by Dwight Wiman.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The House of Women. Written by Louis Bromfield. Adapted from "The Green Bay Tree" by Louis Bromfield. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 3 Oct 1927- Nov 1927 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Henry Bascom"), Roberta Bellinger, Curtis Cooksey (as "Arthur Morven"), Elsie Ferguson, Helen Freeman, Julia Jackson, Nance O'Neil. Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1928) Stage Play: Skidding. Comedy. Written by Aurania Rouverol. Directed by Marion Gering. Bijou Theatre: 21 May 1928- Jul 1929 (closing date unknown/472 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Wayne Trenton, III"), Clara Blandick (as "Mrs. Hardy"), Louise Carter, Burr Caruth (as "Grandpa Hardy"), Marguerite Churchill, Isabel Dawn, Charles Eaton (as "Andy"), Carleton Macy (as "Judge James Hardy"), Joan Madison, Thomas V. Morrison. Produced by Hyman Adler and Marion Gering.
  • (1929) Stage Play: S.S. Glencairn (Revival). Written by Eugene O'Neill. Directed by E.J. Ballantine. Provincetown Playhouse: 9 Jan 1929- Mar 1929 (closing date unknown/90 performances). Cast: Walter Abel, Montague Ash, E.J. Ballantine (as "Smitty"), Barbara Benedict, Louise Bradley, Robert Lucius Cook, Christine Cooper, Max Essin, Richard Gaines (as "Paul, Crew of the British Tramp Steamer Glencairn") [Broadway debut], Evelyn Hill Singer Ena Hourwich, Mary Johns, Harold McGee, Dorothee Nolan, Madeline Ray, H.L. Remsten, Byron Russell (as "Driscoll, Crew of the British Tramp Steamer Glencairn"), Lucienne Schreve, Archie Sinclair, Lionel Stander, George Tawde, George Tobias (as "Ivan, Crew of the British Tramp Steamer Glencairn"), Charles A. Wagner. Produced by The Provincetown Players.
  • (1929) Stage Play: The Seagull. Comedy/drama (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Leo Bulgakov. Comedy Theatre: 9 Apr 1929- May 1929 (closing date unknown/31 performances). Cast: Walter Abel(as "Trigorin"), Carroll Ashburn (as "Dr. Dorn"), E.J. Ballantine (as "Sorin"), Barbara Benedict, Barbara Bulgakova (as "Nina"), Maynard Burgess, William Challee (as "Shamrayev"), Lewis Leverett (as "Konstantin Treplev"), Ruth Nelson, Dorothy Sands, Ian Wolfe (as "Medvedenko"), Dorothy Yockel. Produced by A Cooperative Company.
  • (1929) Stage Play: First Mortgage. Drama. Written by Louis Weitzenkorn. Directed by José Ruben. Broadhurst Theatre: 29 Oct 1929- Nov 1929 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Richard Abbott, Walter Abel (as "Elmer Gray"), Frank Burton, Maxwell Driscoll, Ray Earles, Sara Haden, Beatrice Hendricks, Walter O. Hill, Leona Maricle, Dodson Mitchell (as "Elmer's Father"), Josephine Morse, Ely Solomon, Dorothy Walters. Produced by W.P. Farnsworth and H.M. Hayman.
  • (1930) Stage Play: At the Bottom. Written by Maxim Gorky, as adapted by William L. Laurence. Directed by Leo Bulgakov. Waldorf Theatre: 9 Jan 1930- Mar 1930 (closing date unknown/72 performances). As "Vaska." Cast included: Carroll Ashburn, E.J. Ballantine, Richard Hale, Victor Kilian, Welba Lestina, Edgar Stehli, Ian Wolfe. Produced by The Leo Bulgakov Theatre Associates Inc. Theatre trivia: The 1050 seat Waldorf Theatre was designed as a combination legitimate theatre and movie theater. Less than 70 productions were staged there. It was built in 1926 and only lasted in it's original form until 1933, when it was converted to retail space. It was demolished in 1968 and the Exxon Building was constructed on the site.
  • (1930) Stage Play: The Seagull. Comedy/drama (revival). Written by Anton Chekhov. Waldorf Theatre: 09 Jan 1930- Mar 1930 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Trigorin"), Carroll Ashburn (as "Dr. Dorn"), E.J. Ballantine (as "Sorin"), Barbara Bulgakova, Evelyn Hill, Victor Kilian (as "Shamrayev"), Elsa Lazareff, Lewis Leverett (as "Konstantin Treplev"), Boris Marshalov, Mary Morris, Robert Parsons, Ian Wolfe (as "Medvedenko"), Dorothy Yokel. Produced by Leo Bulgakov Theatre Associates Inc.
  • (1931) Stage Play: I Love an Actress. Comedy. Material adapted by Chester Erskine. Adapted from the Hungarian of Ladislas Fodor. Directed by Chester Erskine. Times Square Theatre: 17 Sep 1931- Oct 1931 (closing date unknown/20 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "George"), Gail Harrington, Alice Belmore (as "Caroline"), Robert Bowen, John Dunn, William Franklin, Etienne Girardot (as "The Nervous Gentleman"), Ernest Glendinning (as "Willie Strauss"), Jane Hamilton, Lora Hays, Louise Kay, Muriel Kirkland, David Leonard, Ellen Lowe, Jean Mann, Dorothy Mathews, Fuller Mellish (as "The Doctor"), Maude Nolan, Gene Powell, Beatrice Punsly (as "Ensemble"), Bernard Punsly (as "Page"), Frank Ross, Lillian Ross, Herbert Schwartz, Augusta B. Scott, Albert Sherwin, Maude Sinclair, Fred Steinway, Ernest A. Treco, Edward Van Danaker, Charlotte Weinstein, John Williams, Jackie Winston, Percy Woodley. Produced by Chester Erskine.
  • (1932) Stage Play: Mourning Becomes Electra. Written by Eugene O'Neill. Drected by Philip Moeller. Alvin Theatre: 9 May 1932- May 1932 (closing date unknown/16 performances). As "Orin Mannon." Cast included: Crane Wilbur.
  • (1933) Stage Play: When Ladies Meet. Comedy. Written by Rachel Crothers. Directed by Rachel Crothers. Royale Theatre: 6 Oct 1932- 4 Mar 1933 (173 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Jimmie Lee"), Auguste Aramini (as "Pierre"), Spring Byington (as "Mrs. Bridget Drake"), 'Frieda Inescort' (as "Mary Howard"), Robert Lowes (as "Walter Manners"), 'Herbert Rawlinson' (as "Rogers Woodruff"), Selena Royle (as "Claire Woodruff"). Produced by John Golden. Notes: (1) One of the few major hits of the dismal 1932-33 Broadway season. (2) Filmed by MGM as When Ladies Meet (1933).
  • (1933) Stage Play: A Divine Drudge. Drama. Written by Vicki Baum and John Golden. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by John Golden. Royale Theatre: 26 Oct 1933- Nov 1933 (closing date unknown/12 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Niko"), Ralf Belmont, John Blair, Roman Bohnen (as "Markus"), Mady Christians (as "Liza"), Tamara Geva (as "Lania"), Josephine Hull (as "Frau Klapstuhl"), Gerald Kent, Victor Kilian (as "Lungaus"), James Lane, Frank Monroe, Minor Watson (as "Karl Kruppe"). Produced by John Golden.
  • (1933) Stage Play: The Drums Begin. Drama. Written by Howard Irving Young. Directed by George Abbott. Shubert Theatre: 24 Nov 1933- Dec 1933 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Andre Roussel"), Judith Anderson (as "Valerie Latour"), Oliver Barbour, Mathilde Baring, C.C. Charles, Harry Cooke, Pierre De Ramey, Joseph Downing, William Foran (as "George Patterson"), Robert Gleckler (as "J.A. Higgins"), F. Cliff Jewell, Moffat Johnston (as "Ludwig Von Tappen"), Alexander Lewis, Alice Reinheart, José Ruben (as "Gaston Corday"), William Shea, J. Ascher Smith (as "Sound Man"), Kent Smith (as "Karl Hoffman"), Lionel Stander (as "Feodor Dobinsky"), Ingeborg Tillisch, Juan Varro, William Wadsworth, Charles Wagenheim, Alf Weinberger. Produced by George Abbott and Philip Dunning.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Wife Insurance. Comedy. Written by Frederick Jackson. Directed by Arthur J. Beckhard. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 12 Apr 1934- Apr 1934 (closing date unknown/4 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Morgan Chadwick"), Ilka Chase (as "Marion Langdon"), Lillian Emerson, Helen Huberth, Kenneth MacKenna, Harvey Stephens (as "Leonard Drummond"). Produced by Langdon Productions, Inc.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Invitation to a Murder. Melodrama/mystery. Written by Rufus King. Directed by A.H. Van Buren. Theatre Masque: 17 May 1934- Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/53 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Doctor Linton"), Humphrey Bogart (as "Horatio Channing"), Edgar Charles, Sherling Oliver, Walter Plinge, Jane Seymour, James Shelburne, Gale Sondergaard (as "Lorinda Channing"), William Valentine, Juan Varro, Daphne Warren-Wilson. Produced by Ben Stein.
  • (1934) Stage Play: Merrilly We Roll Along. Written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by George S. Kaufman. Music Box Theatre: 29 Sep 1934- Feb 1935 (closing date unknown/155 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Jonathan Crale"), Robert Adams, Joan Adrian, George Alison, Ariane Allen, Patricia Allen, Roaine Baker, Peggy Bancroft, Granville Bates (as "Mr. Murney"), Elsa Beamish, Paul Benson, Leslie Bingham, Elaine Blauvelt, Beatrice Blinn, Robert Bowen, Joan Brewster, Isis Brinn, Martha Brown, Dan Carey, John Cosby, Louis Cruger, Annette DuBois, Malcolm Duncan (as "Harry Nixon"), Chouteau Dyer, Doris Eaton, Jack Edwards, Jeanne Ellyn, Charles Engel, Henry Ephron, Cliff Furst, Henry Gallagher, Gloria Gill, Herbert Greenberg, Claire Greenwood, Robert Griffith, Dorothy Groman, Charles Halton, John Hampshire, Mary Heberden, Mary Howes, Lawrence Hutt, George Jackson, Sonya Jaffe, Elizabeth Kennedy, John Kennedy, Leo A. Kennedy (as "Chief Court Attendant"), Helen Kim, William Kruger, Charles La Rue, Jessie Royce Landis (as "Althea Royce"), Howard Lane, Cecilia Loftus (as "Mrs. Riley"), Jacqueline Logan (as "Laura Nash") [final Broadway role], Edward Loud, Jenny Mac, Kenneth MacKenna (as "Richard Niles"), Connie Madison, Burton Mallory, Adrienne Marden, Joan Marston, William McFadden, George McKay, Grant Mills, Harold Moffet, Patricia Palmer, George Parsons, Mary Philips, Betty Reynolds, Annette Robinson, Carl Rose, Hattie Ross, Robert Russell, Elsa Ryan, Otis Schaefer, Irving Schneider, Wilfrid Seagram, James Seeley, Hudson Shotwell, Toni Sorel, Gilbert Squarey, Herbert Steiner, Michael Stirling, Robert Stone, Richard Stringfellow, Morris Tepper, Frank Waldecker, Geraldine Wall, Eleanor Whitney, Murial Williams, Emily Winston, Biacouren Yoshiwara. Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1936) Stage Play: The Wingless Victory. Tragedy. Written by Maxwell Anderson. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Guthrie McClintic. Empire Theatre: 23 Dec 1936- Mar 1937 (closing date unknown/110 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Nathaniel McQueston"), Arthur Chatterdon (as "Jared Mungo"), Victor Colton (as "Van Zandt"), Katharine Cornell (as "Oparre"), Franklyn Davis, Claire Howard (as "Durian"), Lois Jameson, Barry Kelly (as "Happy Penny"), Ruth Matteson (as "Faith Ingalls"), Myron McCormick (as "Ruel McQueston"), Mary Michael (as "A Girl"), Theodroa Pleadwell (as "Letty"), Effie Shannon (as "Mrs. McQueston"), Kent Smith (as "Reverend Phineas McQueston"), John Winthrop, Helen Zelinskaya (as "Toala"). Produced by Katharine Cornell.
  • (1945) Stage Play: The Mermaids Singing. Written by John Van Druten. Directed by John Van Druten. Empire Theatre: 28 Nov 1945- 12 Jan 1946 (53 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Clement Waterlow"), Leon Forbes, Arthur Griffin, Jane Hoffman, Frieda Inescort (as "Mrs. Matthews"), Harry Irvine, Frank Lyon, Jack Manning, Dina Merrill (as "Girl"), Beatrice Pearson, Walter Starkey, David Van Winkle, Wallace Widdicombe, Lois Wilson. Produced by Alfred De Liagre Jr.
  • (1947) Stage Play: Parlor Story. Comedy. Written by William McCleery. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. Biltmore Theatre: 4 Mar 1947- 22 Mar 1947 (23 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Charles Burnett"), Edith Atwater (as "Marian Burnett"), Royal Beal (as "Mel Granite"), Dorothy Eaton, Paul Huber (as "Governor Sam Bright"), Dennis King Jr., Richard Noyes, Joan Vohs, Carol Wheeler, Frank Wilcox. Produced by Paul Streger.
  • (1949) Stage Play: The Biggest Thief in Town. Comedy. Written by Dalton Trumbo. Scenic Design by Leo Kerz. Costume Design by Eleanore Goldsmith. Lighting Design by Leo Kerz. Directed by Herman Shumlin. Mansfield Theatre: 30 Mar 1949- 9 Apr 1949 (13 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Dr. Jay Stewart"), Russ Brown, Charity Grace (as "Miss Tipton"), William J. Kelly, Alexander Lockwood, Ben Metz, Thomas Mitchell (as "Bert Hutchins"), Lois Nettleton (as "Laurie Hutchins"), Robert Readick, Fay Roope (as "Col. Jared Rumley"), Brent Sargent, Rhys Williams (as "Sam Wilkins"). Produced by Lee Sabinson [final Broadway credit].
  • (1950) Stage Play: The Wisteria Trees. Drama. Directed and co-produced by Joshua Logan. Martin Beck Theatre: 29 Mar 1950- 16 Sep 1950 (165 performances). Cast included: Walter Abel (as "Gavin Leon Andree"), Helen Hayes, Ossie Davis, Duke Williams, Bethel Leslie, Kent Smith and Ellen Cobb-Hill. Co-produced by Leland Hayward.
  • (1952) Stage Play: The Long Watch. Comedy. Written by Harvey S. Haislip. General Stage Manager: Alden Aldrich. Directed by John Larson. Lyceum Theatre: 20 Mar 1952- 29 Mar 1952 (12 performances). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Capt. Mike Dorgan"), Albert Bergh (as "Commander Harrison") [final Broadway role], Carl Betz (as "Lt. Dick Bennett") [only Broadway role], Patricia Englund (as "Selma Williams"), Gloria Evans, Lois Harmon, Harry Holsten, Lloyd Knight, Anne Meacham, Peg Menefee, Peggy Nelson, Arthur Oshlag, Sonia Sorel, Christine White, James Wyler. Produced by Anthony Brady Farrell and Charles Coburn.
  • (1958) Stage Play: The Pleasure of His Company. Comedy. Written by Samuel Taylor. Written in collaboration with Cornelia Otis Skinner [final Broadway credit]. Directed by Cyril Ritchard. Longacre Theatre (moved to The Music Box Theatre from 15 Jun 1959- close): 22 Oct 1958- 21 Nov 1959 (474 performances). Cast: Cyril Ritchard (as "Biddeford Poole"), Charles Ruggles (as "Mackenzie Savage"), Cornelia Otis Skinner (as "Katharine Dougherty"), Walter Abel (as "Jim Dougherty"), Dolores Hart (as "Jessica Poole") [Nominated for Tony Award as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy or Musical], George Peppard (as "Roger Henderson") [final Broadway role], Jerry Fujikawa (as "Toy"). Understudies: Jeff Killion (as "Roger Henderson/Toy"), Melville Ruick (as "Jim Dougherty/Mackenzie Savage"), Sandy Smith (as "Jessica Poole"), Ann Summers (as "Katharine Dougherty") and Patrick Waddington (as "Biddeford Poole"). Replacement actors [during Longacre Theatre run]: Charles Robinson (as "Roger Henderson"). [during Music Box Theatre run]: None. Produced by Frederick Brisson and The Playwrights' Company (Maxwell Anderson, S.N. Behrman, Elmer Rice, Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard). Note: Music Box Theatre Owned and operated by Irving Berlin who had no direct involvement in production.
  • (1962) Stage Play: Night Life. Drama.
  • (1967) Stage Play: The Ninety Day Mistress. Written by J.J. Coyle. Scenic Design by Leon Munier. Costume Design by Pearl Somner. Lighting Design by Clarke Dunham. Directed by Philip Rose. Biltmore Theatre: 6 Nov 1967- 25 Nov 1967 (24 performances + 12 previews that began on 25 Oct 1967). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Bill Hastings"), Doris Belack (as "Phyllis"), Dyan Cannon (as "Leona Hastings"), Nicolas Coster (as "Alan"), Ruth Ford (as "Judith Hastings"), Tony Lo Bianco (as "Rudy Avarian"), Martin Milner (as "Danny Liken"). Standbys: Rose Arrick (as "Phyllis"), Beverly Ballard (as "Leona Hastings"), Mary Cooper (as "Judith Hastings"), Joe Ponazecki (as "Danny Liken"), Gregory Sierra (as "Alan/Rudy Avarian"), John Wardwell (as "Bill Hastings"). Produced by Philip Rose, David Wilde, James M. Nederlander and George M. Steinbrenner III [earlieast Broadway credit]. Associate Producer: Selma Leichtling.
  • (1974) Stage Play: Saturday Sunday Monday. Comedy. Written by Eduardo De Filippo. Directed by Franco Zeffirelli. Martin Beck Theatre: 21 Nov 1974- 30 Nov 1974 (12 performances + 4 previews that began on 14 Nov 1974). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Antonio"), Amos Abrams (as "Attilio"), Francesca Bartoccini (as "Giulianella"), Nina Dova (as "Elena"), Michael Enserro (as "Catiello"), Minnie Gordon Gaster (as "Virginia"), Jeff Giannone (as "Rocco"), Sam Gray (as "Dr. Cefercola"), Terry Hinz (as "Michele"), Ron Holgate (as "Luigi Ianniello"), William McCauley (as "Roberto"), Susan Merson (as "Maria"), Jan Miner (as "Aunt Meme"), Gary Sandy (as "Frederico"), Sada Thompson (as "Rosa"), Michael Vale (as "Raffaele"), Eli Wallach (as "Peppino"). Produced by Barry M. Brown, Fritz Holt and S. Spencer Davids. Produced by arrangement with The Royal National Theatre (Peter Hall, Director).
  • (1975) Stage Play: Trelawny of the "Wells." Comedy (revival). Written by Arthur Wing Pinero. Scenic Design by David Mitchell. Directed by A.J. Anton. Vivian Beaumont Theatre: 15 Oct 1975- 23 Nov 1975 (47 performances + 14 previews). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower") [final Broadway role], K.T. Baumann (as "Sarah"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Hunston"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Brewster"), Anita Dangler (as "Mrs. Telfer, Miss Violet Sylvester"), Jerome Dempsey (as "Mr. James Telfer"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Mr. Ablett"), Walt Gorney (as "Charles"), Christopher Hewett (as "O'Dwyer"), Mary Beth Hurt (as "Miss Rose Trelawny"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Captain De Foenix"), John Lithgow (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd"), Aline MacMahon (as "Miss Trafalger Gower") [final Broadway role], Jerry Mayer (as "Mr. Denzil"), Ann McDonough (as "Clara De Foenix"), Mandy Patinkin (as "Mr. Arthur Gower") [Broadway debut], Ben Slack (as "Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Meryl Streep (as "Miss Imogen Parrott") [Broadway debut], Michael Tucker (as "Mr. Tom Wrench"), Helen Verbit (as "Mrs. Mossop"), Sasha von Scherler (as "Miss Avonia Bunn"). Understudies: Thomas Barbour (as "Charles/Mr. James Telfer/Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower"), K.T. Baumann (as "Clara De Foenix"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Arthur Gower/Mr. Tom Wrench"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Avonia Bunn/Miss Imogen Parrott/Sarah"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd/O'Dwyer"), Jerry Mayer (as "Captain De Foenix/Mr. Ablett/Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Ann McDonough (as "Miss Rose Trelawny") and Elsa Raven (as "Miss Trafalger Gower/Mrs. Mossop/Mrs. Telfer"). Produced by The New York Shakespeare Festival (Producer: Joseph Papp). Associate Producer: Bernard Gersten.
  • (1932) He acted in Rachel Crothers' play, 'When Ladies Meet," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Spring Byington in the cast.
  • (1932) He acted in Philip Barry's play, "The Animal Kingdom," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.
  • (1948) He acted in Edwin Justus Mayer's play, "The Jailer's' Wench," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Ruth Ford in the cast.
  • (1965) He acted in Louis Verneuil's play, "Affairs of State," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Betsy Palmer in the cast. Christopher Hewett was director.
  • (1960) He acted in Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee's play, "Inherit the Wind," was performed at the North Jersey Playhouse in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

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