Other Works

  • Radio appearance: "X Marks The Spot".
  • Radio appearance: "A World Without". David Aaronovitch and guests debate the merits of a world without a factor integral to life as we know it. They discuss what the world would be like without advertising.
  • Radio appearance: "The Viking Way". David Aaronovitch explores the truth behind the many myths about the Vikings.
  • Radio appearance: "True Lies". David Aaronovitch hosts the new comedy panel game that delves into the murky world of spin doctors. From the rise of Viagra to the fall of the Tories, from the "Hand of Hod" to the curse of Hello!, the panel takes on the week's headlines and the people who make them.
  • Radio appearance: "The Roman Way". David Aaronovitch explores the way the Romans dealt with issues that also confront modern society: ethnic diversity, cultural assimilation, centralized power.
  • Radio appearance: "Pick Of The Week". David Aaronovitch presents his selection of highlights from the past week on BBC radio.
  • Radio appearance: "The Norman Way". David Aaronovitch explores what happens during a regime change - the regime change in question being the one in 1066.
  • Radio appearance: "Mediumwave". David Aaronovitch reviews the media.
  • Radio appearance: "The News Quiz". Andy Hamilton, David Aaronovitch, Tony Hawks, Alan Coren, Brian Perkins, Charlotte Green.
  • Radio appearance: "The Copysnatchers". Topical chat show in which guests from around the world observe, parody and dissect current British news stories from a foreign perspective.
  • Radio appearance: "Looking Forward To The Past". This week, Paul Boateng MP is joined by David Aaronovitch, Patricia Hughes, Prof Howard Jacobs and Charles Osborne for a humorous look at historical characters and events.
  • Radio appearance: "Concrete Dreams". David Aaronovitch presents a series about estate agents and the dreams of their clients. "What do I do? I sell dreams!" Every estate agent knows that although they appear to be selling a view, a floor space, a three piece bathroom suite, they're really selling a dream. David Aaronovitch goes in search of the dreams being sold in four locations around the world through the eyes of estate agents.

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