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Dr. Joshua Sinclair


The Mystery of Cinecitta' Writer/Director The Oliver Corporation
All Tomorrow's Parties Writer Warp X
The Mystery of Morphus Writer Provobis Film
Broken Idyll Writer Liria Films
Embarque Imediato writer Fera Filmes
Majesty Writer/Director The Oliver Corporation
Jump Writer/Director/Co-Producer LWB Media
Cry, the Beloved Country Writer Distant Horizons
Soweto Green Writer Toron Screen Corp.
Judgment in Berlin Writer/Producer Leo Penn
Der Fall Lucona Writer Kloiber Int.
Nowhere to Run Writer Concorde Pictures
Shaka Zulu Writer/Director/Co-Producer SABC
To End All Wars Writer David L. Cunningham
Hangman Actor Cinema Sciences Corp.
The Great White Actor/Co-Writer Film Ventures International
The Golden Lady Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer MovieTime
The Naked Prey Actor/Co-Writer Explorer Film
Some Like it Cool Writer PRO International Pictures
Inglorious Bastards Actor Films Concorde
The Dope Way Actor/Co-Writer Cinemaster srl
Il Grande Racket Actor/Co-Writer Cinemaster srl
Keoma Actor/Co-Writer Uranos Cinematografica
The Lonely Violent Beach Actor/Co-Writer Bernardo Bertolucci
Jonathan Degli Orsi Writer Enzo Castellari
1900: The Bronx Warriors Actor/Co-Writer Dear International Films
Lady Frankenstein Actor/Co-Writer Rank Films
Lili Marleen Writer Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Il Messiah Actor/Co-Writer Roberto Rossellini
Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar Actor/Co-Writer Franz Antel
Just A Gigolo Writer, Executive Producer Leguan Films
The Assassination of Trotsky Actor/Co-Writer Joseph Losey
Winged Devils Actor Duccio Tessari
The Garden of the Finzi Contini Actor/Co-Writer Vittorio De Sica
Through A Glass, Darkly Writer/Director/ The Oliver Corporation


Hitlers Eliten nach 1945 Writer ABC/ADR
Shaka Zulu Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer SABC/HBO
John and Joko: A Love Story Actor/Co-Writer NBC
Shaka Zulu: The Citadel Writer/Director/Co-Producer Shaka Zulu Enterprises
Death of a Stranger Writer/Director/Co-Producer NBC
Artze - Medizin ohne Gewissen Writer, Executive Producer ABC/ADR
The Age of The Medici Actor/Co-Writer Roberto Rossellini
Cartesius Actor/Co-Writer Roberto Rossellini
Nonni and Mani Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer Beta Film/ABC
The Biko Inquest Writer Albert Finney


Three Sisters Director National Theater, London
The Passion Play Director National Theater
A Long Days Journey Into Night Director New York Ensemble
A Streetcar Named Desire Director New York Ensemble
Romeo and Juliet Director Odeon Theater
Who Killed Kowalski? Writer/Director/Co-Producer New York Ensemble


  • University of Virginia, PhD Theology, Charlottesvile, Virginia
  • Johns Hopkins Univertsity, Doctor of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Grant University, Specialisation in Tropical Medicine, Bombay, India
  • Actors Studio, New York, 1990
  • Gregorianum, PhD in Theology, Rome, Italy
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Diploma in Directing & Acting, London, England
  • Cinecitta' , Diploma in Filmmaking, Rome, Italy
  • University of Berlin, Magister in Theology , Berlin, Germany
  • University of Vienna, Diploma in European History, Vienna, Austria
  • London School of Economics, Extra Courses in Linguistics and Anthropology, London, England


  • United Nations Anti-Apartheid Congress, Commedation for work against Apafrtheid, 1987
  • Premiere of Shaka Zulu: Egyptian Theater, Commedation: Sen. Feinstein, US Senate, 2002
  • Premiere of Shaka Zulu: Egyptian Theater, NAACP Award for Excellence, 2000
  • Premiere of Shaka Zulu: Egyptian Theater, Congressional Commendation from Diane Watson, 2002
  • Premiere of Shaka Zulu: Egyptian Theater, Commendation from County of Los Angeles, 2002
  • Opening of Shaka Zulu The Citadel, Commedation from Zulu MP Mangosuthu Buthelezi, 2002
  • Actors Against Apartheid , United Nations Commendation , 1987
  • Shanghai Film Festival, Best Feature Film (JUMP), 2007
  • Academy Awards, Best Foreign Film (THE GARDEN OF THE FINZI CONTINI), 1972
  • Image Award, Outstanding Motion Picture (CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY), 1996
  • Cambridge University, Commendation for Series of Lectures on Theology, 2003
  • Vatican, Rome, Papal Commendation for Ministry in India, 1994
  • Vatican, Rome, Papal "Placet" for Screenplay on Fatima, 1999


His production of _Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo (1979)_ (Just A Gigolo) was Marlene Dietrich's last movie. It was also the first time since WWII that she worked with an all-German crew (albeit in Paris' SFP Studios). The experience of working again with a German crew delighted her and made her cry with tears of joy and remembrance.

Professor in Comparative Theology

In 2002, for his work as the creator and writer of the Shaka Zulu Trilogy and for his work against Apartheid, he received a commendation from the United States Senate (Dianne Feinstein) and from the US House of Representatives (Diane Watson). Also for his work on Shaka Zulu and against Apartheid, he received commendations in 2000 from Kweisi Mfume of the NAACP and Mangosuthu Buthelezi (Prime Minister of the Zulu Nation).

Author's note on the "Shaka Zulu" Trilogy: Contrary to what some may think, he did not write the series based on the writings of Francis George Farewell. His trilogy was based on his own novel Shaka Zulu (1985). In this novel, he literally used all the oral tradition he garnered from the Zulu people (having lived there for many, many months) and refined it, adding an international transcultural flavor to the story. In the final product, almost 50% of all the facts are not history, but the fruit of his imagimation honed by a great understanding and love for the Zulus. In that respect one can say that Shaka is factually a "true story" inasmuch as it was the truth he felt while he was writing it. Indeed, when he was awarded a commendation by the Zulu Prime Minister Buthelezi, he mentioned how exciting it was for the future of South Africa that the story of Shaka should be conceived and created by a non-Zulu and non-South African. Having been a member of the ANC (when it was still outlawed), he felt that during the filming of Shaka some sort of control should be exercised on the South African Apartheid production (contrary to what many think, Shaka was almost entirely financed and produced by SABC). So he sued the Apartheid government and received a restraining order in Vienna. According to this order, every page of the script had to be signed by all parties (in and out of South Africa). This guaranteed that the script that was shot was indeed the script he had conceived. It was important to him that no propaganda could be added to the piece that could not be used to further the goal of Apartheid. His story of Shaka must be told with the best interests of Africa and the Africans in mind. If not, it would just be another way of raping this proud and wonderful land.

The SHAKA ZULU miniseries has been the most repeatedly screened miniseries ever shown on syndicated television in the United States. By 1992 it had been seen by over 350 million viewers. Bu 2002, 750, million. The series dislodged John Marshall's "The Hunters" and the later The Gods Must Be Crazy and its follow-ups as the prime shaper of American perceptions of "tribal" history in southern Africa. The series even achieved cult status. The three miniseries of the Shaka Zulu Trilogy are based on Joshua Sinclair's own novel "Shaka Zulu", itself based on the oral tradition of the Zulu people.

Brief Biography

Joshua Sinclair is an eclectic personality. A medical doctor specializing in tropical diseases, he has worked in India with Mother Teresa (Calcutta) and Sister Rosa (Bombay), as well as in various parts of Africa. He is also a professor in comparative theology. Since his acquired professions are obviously "non-profit", he has made a living as a best-selling novelist and a film and television writer, actor, producer and director.

Dr. Sinclair currently teaches as a professor in Filmmaking, Comparative Theology and Biblical Anthropology at the London School of Economics, Webster University and New York University.

Literary Publications

Shaka Zulu (1987)
The Shroud (1988)
The Hunt & Sacrifice (1990)
Windows on God (1990)
Buddhism (1991)
Knowing & Believing (1991)
Free Will (1995)
Shaka Zulu, The Aftermath (1997)
Jesus & Anti-Semitism (1999)
Does God Exist? (1999)
The Hero's Journey In Myth (2001)
The Man of the Rift (2002)

Music Lyrics

Wrote the lyrics to "Who" - Theme from SHAKA ZULU // Wrote the lyrics Theme from JUMP

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